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How to rectify wrong information in covid vaccine certificate


How to rectify wrong information in covid vaccine certificate, verification, correction process, name, age, gender, date of birth, spelling mistake, mobile number [How to Correct Covid Vaccine Certificate in Hindi] (Correct Name, Age, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Spelling Mistake)

You must be aware that when we get a vaccine under the Kovid Vaccination Program, we get a certificate. This certificate is proof that your vaccination has been completed. But many times there are some mistakes in that certificate like name, date of birth, age, gender etc. And many more, which we need to correct because now it has become a document which can be used in future. Let us tell you the special thing that in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate, we can correct our wrong information by editing ourselves. In this article, we will tell you how to correct the mistakes made in the covid vaccine certificate, as well as we will also give you information about what mistakes are happening in the covid vaccine certificate and which mistakes can be corrected. can |

how to correct covid vaccine certificate in hindi

covid vaccine certificate correction process in

What are the mistakes in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate?

When we get the Kovid vaccine under the Kovid Vaccine Program, we get a certificate. Recently, it is being seen that some mistakes are coming out in this certificate, which we need to correct, those mistakes can be of the following types.

  • Having a wrong name or spelling mistake after getting the Kovid-19 vaccine,
  • misprinting of gender of man or woman,
  • Missing the date of birth of the person vaccinated
  • mobile number etc.

What can be corrected in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate

Let us tell you that now a person can change his/her wrongly printed name, date of birth, mobile number and gender in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate by himself. However you can only do this once. Also, you cannot edit or correct any information other than your name, your gender and your date of birth in the certificate of the Kovid Vaccine Program. That is why when you make corrections in the certificate of your covid vaccine program, make sure that the information you are filling is absolutely correct, because you will not get more than one chance.

Correction Process in Kovid Vaccine Certificate

The process of making corrections in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate is very easy and you can do it online with the help of your smartphone or laptop while sitting at home. For this you have to see this. You can improve your Kovid Vaccine Certificate by following these steps. However, let us tell you again that, you can do this correction only once, so make sure to cross-check the information you have filled.

  • To make corrections in the Kovid Vaccine Certificate, first you have to go to the official website, because you must have registered yourself on this website.
  • After reaching the website, you will see the option of ‘Register / Sign in Self’ at the top, you have to click on it.
  • After this you will be asked to enter your mobile number. When you enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number from this website, which you have to enter.
  • After entering the OTP, in the further process you will see the option of Raise an Issue on the right side of your mobile number, you have to click on it
  • After this you will see the option of what is the issue. You have to click on the option with correction in certificate by clicking on it.
  • After this a page will open in front of you, in which your personal information will be there. From that you can change your name, your birth date or your gender. From this, whatever information you want to change, fill it correctly and then click on the continue button.
  • After this, in the further process, once you cross-check whether the information you have filled is correct according to you or not. If everything is correct, then click on submit button. By doing just that, your work is done.

how to verify covid vaccine certificate

After completion of the vaccination of Kovid-19, people are given a certificate as proof of vaccination, and let us tell you that a secure QR code is given inside it to protect the vaccination certificate from any kind of fraud. , using which you can verify your Kovid-19 vaccine certificate. For this follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all go to the official website of Cowin app.
  2. After reaching the website, click on the sign in self option and after that enter your mobile number and login by entering the OTP received on the mobile number.
  3. After login, you will see a Verify option, click on it.
  4. After this click on the option with scan QR code. After clicking on it, you will see a notification on your screen to activate the camera of your device, continue.
  5. After this scan the QR code. After the scanning process is complete, you will see a message of certificate successfully verified, in which you will see your name, your age, your gender, your ID, your dose date. If your certificate is not correct, then you will see the message of certificate invalid.

In this way, by doing this process, you can get the certificate of your Kovid Vaccination Program verified. Although let us tell you that, many people share their Kovid-19 certificate on social media, you should not do this at all because the Indian government has forbidden to do so, and this is also causing a lot of fraud. .

In this article, we told you how you can change your name, date of birth and your gender in your COVID-19 vaccine certificate. Apart from this, we also provided you information about how to get the Kovid-19 vaccination certificate verified. If you have any query related to this article, then you can ask your question through comment box. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


Q: How many times correction can be done in Kovid Vaccine Certificate?

Ans: Only once.

Q: What corrections can the Kovid Vaccine Certificate do?

Ans: In this you can change only your name, your date of birth and your gender. Apart from this, you cannot make any kind of connection in it.

Q: What to do for editing or correction in Kovid Vaccine Certificate?

Ans: For this you go to the official website of Cowin and fill all the information correctly. For more details follow the above procedure.

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