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Realme Buds Air Iconic Cover introduced for Realme Buds Air

Realme Buds Air Iconic Cover introduced for Realme Buds Air
Realme Buds Air Iconic Cover introduced for Realme Buds Air

A special Realme Buds Air Iconic Cover introduced for Realme Buds Air

Realme keeps launching its device from time to time. At the same time, users blindly trust the products of Realme. The company was also working with its Buds Air Iconic Cover for quite some time, although the company did not share any information about them.

  Let us know, the company has introduced its new fully wireless earbuds Realme Buds Air Iconic Cover to the world. At the same time, the company has also revealed its price. The company earlier this month announced the launch of Classic Blue Color Earbuds Caring Case with 10,000mAh Power Bank. Both products will be on sale in the Indian market for a limited time.

Buds Air Iconic Cover

Realme will launch its Buds Air Iconic Cover case with a price of Rs 399. At the same time, Realme Buds Air will be made available for sale on January 28 at 12.30 pm. Talking about color, they have been launched in the iconic color Black, White, Yellow and Classic Blue. You can buy these cases through Realme’s official website and Flipkart.

will be surprised to know that the iconic cover has been introduced with the design of the Realme logo “R”. With which you can easily fit the air buds of Reality in these cases. The most important thing is that even if the case falls, your air buds will be safe and will not break or exit. These stunning cases of Reality have been prepared with durable material.

Realme Buds Air Price

At the same time, the company talked about wireless earbuds Realme Buds Air, you can launch them with a price of Rs 3,999. These earbuds of the company also offer 17 hours of playback on a single charge. Talking about some of its special features, it has touch gesture technology which makes it extremely special.
Through this touch gesture technology of these earbuds, you can play music by tabbing twice in it. Along with this, you can touch it again and pause. If the song is playing and you want to skip it, then you have to tap 3 times. Apart from this, you can answer any incoming call only by double tapping it. In addition to its special features, if you press and hold it for two seconds, then you can activate any other voice assistant including Google Assistant or Siri.

Apart from this, if you turn both earbuds together, then its gaming mode will be turned on. In this way, this Realme Buds Air of Reality has a lot of special things and now the company has launched a separate cover bag specially for this earbuds, which you can keep your earbuds safe by purchasing.

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