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Ramvriksha Benipuri (Biography of Ramvriksha Benipuri)

ramvriksh benipuri
Ramvriksha Benipuri

Ramvriksha Benipuri in Hindi/ Ramvriksha Benipuri Biography / Ramvriksha Benipuri – biography, compositions and language style

questions to ask: Giving a literary introduction to Ramvriksha Benipuri, throw light on his language style. Or while mentioning the works of Ramvriksha Benipuri ji, tell the features of his language style.

Ramvriksha Benipuri is considered an active fighter of the Indian freedom struggle and one of the great writers of Hindi literature. He has displayed his talent in all the genres of writing like drama, story, essay, criticism, novel, memoir, sketch etc. He is credited for giving the drawing writing genre a prominent place in Hindi literature.

Brief Introduction

Full Name: Ramvriksha Benipuri
Birth: December 23, 1899
birth place: Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Death: September 9, 1968
Death Place: Bihar
Workplace: India
field of work: Literature, Politics, Freedom Fighters
Fame: Freedom fighter, journalist, litterateur, playwright, story writer, essayist, novelist, excellent sketch writer.
Citizenship: Indian
Other information: Ramvriksha Benipuri ji was elected a member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1957. Following the ideal of simple living and high thinking, he had done wonderful work in the field of social service along with literary practice.

Life introduction

Ramvriksha Benipuri was born in the year 1902 in Benipur village of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. His father Shri Kulwant Singh was a simple farmer. His parents died in his childhood and he was brought up under the care of his aunt. His early education took place in Benipur. Later, his education was also done in his maternal grandfather. Before passing the matriculation examination, he left his studies in 1920 and jumped into the non-cooperation movement started under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Later he passed the examination of Visharad from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Along with serving the nation, he continued to practice literature as well. His interest towards literature was awakened by the study of Ramcharitmanas. From the age of 15, he started writing in newspapers and magazines. As a result of the urge to serve the country and active participation in the Indian freedom struggle, he had to endure many years of imprisonment. He died in 1968 AD. Ramvriksha Benipuri in Hindi

The essays of Benipuri ji are memorable and emotional. The shadow of the intense sigh of a passionate heart is present in almost all his essays.
Whatever he has written, he has written freely. He was a political and social figure. Despite being in the middle of the Legislative Assembly conference, Kisan Sabha, national movement, foreign travel, language movement, etc., his literary personality gave many beautiful texts to Hindi literature. Most of his works have been written in jail but his political personality could not suppress his literary personality. Benipuri Si’s prose writing style is perfectly suited to the trend of Hindi, close to dialogue and easily brings the text into the consciousness of the readers.Ramvriksha Benipuri in Hindi

Benipuri ji has raised his pen on all prose genres like novel, drama, story, memoir, essay, sketch, etc. Following are some of his major texts:

Novel: in the land of husbands
Sketch: clay idol, red star
story: pyre flowers
drama: Ambapali, Mother of Sita, Ramrajya
Essay: Wheat and Rose, Vande Vani Vinayakou, Torch
Memoirs: Chains and Walls, Milestones
Trip Description: With wings on your feet, let’s fly
Biography: Maharana Pratap, Jayaprakash Narayan, Karl Marx
Criticism: Vidyapati Padavali, a comprehensible commentary of Bihari Satsai
Editing: Benipuri ji has edited many magazines, some of which are as follows:

  • Boy
  • Tarun Bharat
  • young boy
  • farmer friend
  • Karmaveer
  • prisoner
  • Yogi
  • public
  • Himalaya
  • new stream
  • chunnu munnu

linguistic features

Ramvriksha Benipuri ji is the author of the Shukla-poster era. In the prose literature of Benipuri ji, there is a clear tableau of deep feelings and high imaginations. There is grace in their language. Some regional words also come in their Khari dialect, but these provincial words do not present any disturbance in the flow of the language. them language wizard is believed. The popular words of Sanskrit, English and Urdu have been used in their language. Idioms and proverbs have also been used to make the language simple and effective.

variety of styles

In the compositions of Benipuri , there are philosophies of different styles according to the subject. There is variety in their style like Chitrapam style, some diary-style, some dramatic style. There is fluency and energy in his language, his sentences are short but the expressions captivate the readers.

Its language mainly reflects the following styles:

Descriptive: Benipuri ji has used this style in fiction and sketches. Descriptive style has also been used in biographies, memoirs, and travel characters. The language of this style is simple and understandable and the sentences are short.

affective: Benipuri ji has used emotional style in his fine essays. There is an abundance of expressions in this style, the language is figurative and heart-touching.

Critical: Benipuri ji has used this style in writing the commentary of Bihari Satsai and review of Vidyapati Padavali. Sentences in this style are long and similar words.

Symbolic: The symbolic style is mostly used by Benipuri in his fine essays. In this, emotions are expressed through symbols. Benipuri ji has used this style in his essay titled Wheat and Gulab.

Apart from this, he has also used figurative and pictorial styles.

Benipuri ji is a versatile writer. By adopting different genres of prose, he has done a vast amount of literary practice. His literary practice started with journalism. Both literature and patriotism have been his favorite subjects. Good examples of stories, novels, plays, sketches, memoirs, biography, travelogues, fine articles, etc. are found in his works.


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