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Properties and benefits of papaya Papaya Gun Benefits in hindi


Papaya gun and benefits (Fayde) in hindi

Papaya is a yellow colored fruit rich in vitamins A and B. It is used for food as well as for skin care. Vegetable tikkis are made from raw papaya. Rather, ripe papaya is eaten as a fruit, as well as it is also used to make juices, jellies, jams. Many people also use papaya as a face pack. Although Hawaiian and Mexican papayas are very famous, but Indian papayas are very tasty to eat. The taste of different varieties of papaya is also different.

Nutrients present in papaya –

Nutrients Quantity
potassium 182 mg
Carbohydrate 11 g
Sugar 8 g
protein 0.5 g
Vitamin A 19%
Vitamin C 101%
fiber 1.7 g

Papaya is very beneficial for health. 1 to 2 grams of protein, 98 calories, 70 mg of iron, and fiber are also abundant in 100 grams of papaya. Papaya is also very beneficial for the stomach, it also helps in digesting food. If raw papaya is cut and put in non-veg, then it gets cooked quickly.

Benefits Papaya Papita Gun Fayde In Hindi

Papaya is a very beneficial fruit. But eating it fresh is more useful. It does not remain fresh for a long time after breaking from the tree, so it should be used soon. Papaya fruit is found under its leaves. If a person plants a papaya tree, then that tree soon becomes capable of giving fruit in 2 to 3 years.

  • Yellow colored fruit papaya anus removes stomach problems like constipation, dyspepsia.
  • Papaya is very beneficial if a person has jaundice.
  • Papaya contains a salt substance which helps in digestion of food.
  • It is also used to beautify the face. Applying papaya on the face does not cause acne on the face and it also reduces facial freckles.
  • Papaya is also used by many people as a natural bleach.
  • Papaya is also beneficial for the eyes, it is rich in vitamin A, due to which there is no salt disease at night, as well as the light of the eyes also increases.
  • Papaya is also beneficial for the teeth, if blood comes from the teeth, then papaya is also beneficial in that.
  • Papaya is also beneficial in piles disease, if eating papaya does not cause constipation, then it is also beneficial in piles disease.
  • For those who are dieting, papaya is the arrow of Ram. Many people who are dieting include papaya in their diet.
  • Papaya is available for 12 months in a year, it is useful both as a fruit and as a vegetable.
  • Papaya is also used to make jams and jellies.

Other Benefits of Papaya

  • Reduce cholesterol Eating papaya reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol is the main cause of heart attack. If you want to reduce cholesterol then start eating papaya. Symptoms and treatment of high cholesterol Read about here.
  • Increase immunity – Eating papaya strengthens the immune system. Due to which the disease does not take effect quickly in your body. It contains vitamin C, which prevents diseases.
  • For gout patient- Eating papaya strengthens the bones, it provides great relief to the arthritis patient. home remedy for gout Read here.
  • Monthly trouble- Women and girls get a lot of relief from eating papaya in their monthly problems. It contains an enzyme named Papin, which reduces pain and discomfort in the body at that time.
  • reduce stress- Eating papaya changes the hormones in the body, and it calms you down in times of stress, anger.
  • Cancer – The deadly disease cancer can also be avoided by eating papaya.
  • For hair Papaya is good for the skin as well as the hair. By applying papaya paste in the hair, the hair becomes thicker. with this Russian trouble goes away.

It is for your benefit, bring it into your life so that you can get good health cheaply. If you like it then comment.


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