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prithviraj chauhan story history biography| Prithviraj Chauhan history in hindi


Prithviraj Chauhan History Story Descendants Sanyogita Love Story Jayanti (Birth, Death, Descendants) (Prithviraj Chauhan history in hindi),

Prithviraj Chauhan is a very unforgettable name in Indian history. Born in the Chauhan dynasty, Prithviraj was also the last Hindu ruler. At the age of just 11, he took over the rule of Delhi and Ajmer after the death of his father and had spread it to many limits, but in the end he became a victim of politics and lost his princely state, but after his defeat no Hindu The ruler could not fulfill their deficiency. Prithviraj was also known as Rai Pithora. Prithviraj Chauhan was a skilled warrior since childhood, he had learned many virtues of war. He had practiced Shabdhedi Baan Vidya since his childhood.

History Story Biography of Prithviraj Chauhan

Birth of Prithviraj Chauhan:

Prithviraj Chauhan, the great ruler of the earth, was born in 1149. Prithviraj was the son of Maharaja Someshwar of Ajmer and Kapuri Devi. Prithviraj was born after 12 years of his parents’ marriage. This became a cause of uproar in the state and conspiracies were being hatched about his death in the state from the time of his birth, but he went on escaping. But at the age of 11, Prithviraj’s father had lost his head, even after that he performed his duties well and continued to expand his kingdom by defeating other kings.

Prithviraj’s childhood friend Chandbardai was no less than a brother to him. Chandbardai was the son of the daughter of Anangpal, the ruler of the Tomar dynasty. Chandbardai later became the ruler of Delhi and he built Pithorgarh with the help of Prithviraj Chauhan, which is still present in Delhi by the name of Old Fort.

Prithvi Raj Chauhan

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Prithviraj Chauhan and his succession to Delhi:

Maharani Kapuridevi of Ajmer was a returned child of her father Angpal. Therefore, the biggest problem in front of him was, who would handle his rule after his death. He expressed his desire to make his daughter-in-law his successor in front of his daughter and son-in-law and after the consent of both, declared Prince Prithviraj as his successor. After the death of Maharaja Angpal in 1166, Prithviraj Chauhan was crowned the throne of Delhi and he was entrusted with the charge of Delhi.

Story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Princess Sanyogita of Kannoj

The love of Prithviraj Chauhan and his queen Sanyogita is still unforgettable in the history of Rajasthan. Both of them were fascinated in each other’s love without seeing each other only by seeing the pictures. The same Sanyogita’s father Jaychandra was jealous with Prithviraj, so the subject of his daughter’s marriage to Prithviraj Chauhan was not a far-fetched thing to think about. Jayachandra only kept looking for an opportunity to humiliate Prithviraj, he got this opportunity in his daughter’s swayamvara. King Jayachandra organized the swayamvara of his daughter Sanyogita. For this he invited kings from all over the country, except Prithviraj Chauhan. In order to humiliate Prithviraj, he himself placed the idol of Prithviraj in the place of the gatekeeper. But in this swayamvara, Prithviraj abducted him in a gathering with the desire of Sanyogita and brought him away to his state. And the marriage of both the size of Delhi took place in a complete manner. After this the enmity between King Jaichand and Prithviraj increased even more.

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Someshwar Chauhan


Kapoori Devi



Life span

43 Year


from Gauri

Prithviraj’s huge army:

Prithviraj’s army was very huge, in which there were 3 lakh soldiers and 300 elephants. It is said that his army was very well organized, due to this reason he won many wars and went on expanding his kingdom. But in the end, due to the lack of skilled horse riders and the betrayal of Jayachandra and the lack of cooperation of other Rajput kings, he lost the second war to Muhammad Ghori.

Prithviraj and Gauri’s first war:

Prithviraj Chauhan was always conscious about the expansion of his kingdom and this time he had chosen Punjab for his expansion. At this time the whole of Punjab was ruled by Muhammad Shabuddin Ghori, he used to rule his kingdom from Bathinda in Punjab itself. It was impossible to rule Punjab without fighting Gauri, so for this purpose, Prithviraj attacked Gauri with his huge army. In this war, Prithviraj first conquered Hansi, Saraswati and Sirhind. But in the meantime there was a rebellion in Anhilwara and Prithviraj had to go there and his army lost its command and lost the fort of Sirhind again. Now when Prithviraj returned from Anhilwara, he got rid of the sixes of the enemies. Only those soldiers survived in the war, who fled from the field, Muhammad Ghori also became half-dead in this war, but one of his soldiers, realizing his condition, put him on a horse and took him to his palace and got him treated. Thus this war remained fruitless. This war took place near the Sirhind Fort at a place called Tarain, hence it is also called the Battle of Tarain. In this war, Prithviraj earned a wealth of about 7 crores, which he distributed among his soldiers.

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Second World War of Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan:

After the kidnapping of his daughter Sanyogita, King Jayachandra grew bitter for Prithviraj and made Prithviraj his enemy. He also started instigating other Rajput kings against Prithviraj. When he came to know about the war between Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj, he stood with Muhammad Ghori against Prithviraj. Together they attacked Prithviraj Chauhan again after 2 years in 1192. This war also took place in the Terai plain. During this war, when Prithviraj’s friend Chandbardai sought help from other Rajput kings, he also refused their help due to the incident in Sanyogita’s self. In such a situation, Prithviraj Chauhan studied alone and he faced Gauri’s army through his 3 lakh soldiers. Because Gauri’s army had good horses, they surrounded Prithviraj’s army from all sides. In such a situation, they could neither study further nor move backward. And the traitorous soldiers of Jayachandra killed the Rajput soldiers and Prithviraj was defeated. After the war, Prithviraj and his friend Chandbardai were taken prisoner. Raja Jayachandra also got the result of his betrayal and he was also killed. Now the whole of Punjab, Delhi, Ajmer and Kannoj was ruled by Gauri, after this no Rajput ruler could prove his valor by bringing his rule to India.

Prithviraj Chauhan death:

After the war with Gauri, Prithviraj was taken captive and taken to his kingdom. There he was tortured and Prithviraj’s eyes were lit by hot iron rods, due to which he lost the light of his eyes. When Prithviraj was asked the last wish before his death, he expressed his desire to use the words of his friend Chandbardai in a packed meeting. And in the same way, using the couplet spoken by Chandbardai, he killed Gauri in a crowded meeting. After this, both of them ended each other’s life to avoid their misfortune. And when Sanyogita heard this news, she too ended her life.

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Through this article, we have tried to reach you some important parts of the life of Prithviraj Chauhan. By the way, wherever the life of Prithviraj Chauhan has been described, there is a slight difference. Like some places it has been told that Prithviraj had a total of 18 wars with Muhammad Ghori, out of which Prithviraj was victorious in 17. If you have any different information related to this, then definitely write us in the comment box.


Prithviraj Chauhan was the king of which place?

Prithviraj Chauhan was a Kshatriya king who ruled a large empire in the 11th century from 1178–92. They ruled in North Ajmer and Delhi.

When and where was Prithviraj Chauhan born?

Prithviraj Chauhan was born in the year 1166 in Gujarat.

How did Prithviraj Chauhan die?

After the war, Prithviraj was taken captive to his kingdom, but he died during torture.

What happened to Sanyogita after the death of Prithviraj?

It is said that after the death of Prithviraj, Sanyogita had captured the Red Fort. Means he gave his life by jumping into a pool of hot fire.

What was the contribution of Prithviraj Chauhan in Indian history?

This was a great Hindu Rajput king, who always stood as a powerful king against the Mughals. Their rule was spread from north to many places in India.

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