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PM Modi Launches e-RUPI Digital Platform 2021, Payment Mobile App


PM Modi launch e-RUPI Digital Platform 2021, what is it, benefits, how to use, payment Mobile App, Download, Banks, Voucher (e-RUPI Digital Platform) (Benefit, Uses, Mobile Application, Download, Bank List, Voucher)

After the arrival of Prime Minister Modi, the country has started on the digital path, due to which everything is slowly changing into digital form. In this digital revolution, preparations have been made to add another new platform, which has been announced today at 4:00 pm by Shri Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video conferencing. Yes, a digital payment platform has been prepared which has been created in collaboration with the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and National Health Authority of India. It is going to be a platform that will be completely digital and will be used for digital payments.

pm modi launch e-RUPI digital platform

e-RUPI Digital Platform 2021

e-RUPI launch details

Name e-RUPI digital platform
launch date August 2021
launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
launch medium through video conferencing
beneficiary citizens of india
the profit A new payment platform has been created

On Sunday, it was informed by Prime Minister Modi’s account through Twitter that the E-RUPI digital platform will be launched on 2nd August at 4:30 pm, many benefits of which will be passed on to the consumers.

What is e-RUPI

Recently a digital platform has been launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Das Modi named E-rupi Digital Platform. It is a means through which cashless and contactless digital payments can be made. Simply put, e-rupees will be issued through all banks under this digital platform. It is a voucher which is completely based on QR code or SMS string which can be used through mobile.

Use of e-RUPI

Some of the main uses of this digital platform are as follows:-

  • With the help of this platform, the payment to the service provider can be done only after the completion of the transaction.
  • The payment through this digital platform will be prepaid in nature with no middle man required.
  • This platform will also be used to serve the schemes issued by the government which are covered under Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana such as Mother and Child Development Welfare Scheme etc. for related assistance.
  • Apart from this, people in the private sector can also avail these vouchers in their programs related to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility.
  • This will be an initiative through which leak proof revolutionary delivery of welfare services can be done.

e-RUPI Digital Platform Objectives

The main objective of the digital payment platform released in the country is to develop a cashless and contactless payment system. With the help of this digital platform, citizens can process payments anywhere without any difficulty. This platform is completely secure for payment which can be completely made using qr-code and sms string based vouchers which are received by users through mobile. After the launch of this platform, the consumer does not even need any card or digital payment application or internet banking access for payment, so this platform has become very easy and secure.

Banks included in e-RUPI digital platform

name of banks app
Union Bank of India No
state Bank of India YONO SBI Merchant
Punjab National Bank PNB Merchant Pay
Kotakbank No
indian bank No
indusind bank No
ICICI Bank Bharat Pay and Pinelabs
HDFC bank hdfc business app
Canara Bank No
Bank Of Baroda Bhim Baroda Merchant Pay
axis Bank on India

e-RUPI digital platform Properties

Some of the main benefits of the upcoming digital platform have been told by the Prime Minister through Twitter’s account, we are going to tell you here:-

  • E-RUPI is all set to become a new cashless and contact list platform for digital payments.
  • Will work to completely digitally connect both the service provider and the service taker.
  • All the information of the consumers will be leak proof. Various services will be kept completely confidential on this application.
  • This digital platform is designed in the form of QR code or SMS Prince based e-voucher which will be delivered to the beneficiaries through mobile.
  • With the help of this digital platform, service providers will be able to use vouchers without having to access cards, or digital payment applications and internet banking.
  • This digital platform will work to connect e-RUPI service organizers in a completely digital manner without any physical interface.
  • The easiest way would be to pay for the exchange of services.
  • This digital platform will be prepaid in nature, due to which no one else will be able to use it except the person using it.
  • It will be a digital platform under which information about all government services like Ayushman Bharat, all schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertilizer subsidy, as well as maternity and child welfare schemes and TV eradication programs and medicine and health related schemes will also be provided. and will also be able to get all kinds of financial benefits that accrue in them.
  • This digital platform can also be used in the form of vouchers by the private sector for employee welfare and corporate social responsibility programmes.

Benefits of e-RUPI

Some of the main advantages of this digital platform are as follows:-

Benefits for Consumers :-

The entire payment process under this digital platform will be contactless with a two-stage process to be followed. There will be no need for any digital payment application and bank account to make payment through this platform. Also, the consumer will not be required to share any of his personal details, due to which complete confidentiality will be maintained in this digital platform.

Benefits for hospitals:

Some prepaid vouchers have also been created under the digital platform whose payment process is completely secure. Vouchers can be used easily by following a few steps, thereby eliminating the need to handle cash in hospitals. Contactless and easy payments can be ensured with the help of vouchers received under the digital platform. The platform makes the payment process completely easy and secure with the help of a verification code.

Benefits for Corporate :-

Vouchers can be generated and distributed through this digital platform for the betterment of employees working in any corporate sector. This work will be completely contactless. Through this platform, only that person will get the voucher in whose name the voucher will be issued and that person will be able to use that voucher.

e-RUPI mobile app download

To make the digital platform even easier, e-rupi mobile application has also been launched, the simple process to download is given below:-

  • The E-rupi application can be downloaded to any Android phone or Apple phone with the help of Google Play Store.
  • By going to play store you have to type e-rupi digital payment.
  • On clicking the shirt button, a list of applications will appear in front of you, out of which click on the first option.
  • After clicking click on Install button after which ARUPI Digital Payment Mobile Application will be downloaded in your phone.

e-RUPI Official Website

To take the e-RUPI digital platform to the people, the government has launched a official website By visiting which you can get complete information and other details about this entire digital platform.

Soon this digital platform, which is coming in the middle of everyone, is going to be very beneficial for the citizens, some of the benefits of which we have told you. When you use all the other benefits, then you will get complete information about it. At the time of its launch, Prime Minister Modi has also tried to make complete information available to the people.


Q: What is e-RUPI?

Ans: A digital platform issued by the Government of India through which cashless and contactless payments can be done.

Q: What will be the interface of e-RUPI?

Ans: It will not have any physical interface, it will work completely through digital medium.

Q: Where will the main use of e-RUPI be?

Ans: It will be used in direct bank transfer under all schemes coming under schemes like Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Yojana, Fertilizer Subsidy etc. issued by the Government of India.

Q: Can the e-RUPI digital platform be used through the application as well?

Ans: Yes

Q: On which platform e-RUPI is developed?

Ans: on UPI platform

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