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PM MITRA Yojana: Lakhs will get employment, know how


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To promote the textile industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed the Mitra scheme to the Union Cabinet, which has been accepted by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. Now 7 Mega Integrated Textile Region and Apparel Park will be celebrated under this scheme. Not only will the goods be produced in this park, but all the work related to its packaging to advertisement will be done. Under this scheme, the government has prepared a budget of Rs 4,445 crore. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about PM Mudra Yojana.

PM MITRA Yojana in Hindi

PM MITRA Scheme 2021

scheme name PM Mitra Scheme
launched October, 2021
who launched the central government
plan budget Rs 4,445 crore
Objective of the plan Production of clothes on a large scale and creating employment opportunities
total employment around 21 lakhs
Which state will benefit to all the states of the country
official website Here Click do
helpline number NA

What is PM MITRA Yojana

PM Mitra Yojana is one such latest scheme released by Narendra Modi, under which large textile parks will be set up in the country, textiles will be produced in this park. Along with this, all the works related to the textile industry will be done in the park. Both Central and State will make this park together. PM Mitra scheme will work in public partnership mode.

Ten states have shown their interest in setting up this textile park. Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana will now work as a part of this scheme after the Union Cabinet accepts this proposal to build a textile park.

PM MITRA Yojana Objective

The objective of PM Mitra Yojana is to promote the textile industry on a large scale. Under this scheme, not only will the production of clothes be made but its supply will also be increased. Employment opportunities will also be created under this scheme. The government believes that after the scheme is fully implemented, more than seven lakh people will be provided direct employment opportunities. And more than 14 lakh people will get direct employment.

PM Mitra Scheme Budget (PM MITRA Yojana Budget)

Under the PM Mitra scheme, the center will spend Rs 500 crore for green field park and Rs 200 crore for brownfield park. Apart from this, a factory for manufacturing of garments will also be set up soon and Rs 300 crore will be spent for setting up the factory.

PM Mitra Yojana Textile Park Facility

In the textile park you will also be provided with incubation center and plug and play facility, developed factory site, roads, electricity, water and waste water system, common processing house and other facilities like design centre, testing centre. Not only this, workers hostel and housing, logistics park, warehousing, medical facilities will also be provided in this textile park. Manufacturing work will be done in 50% part of this textile park, utility work in 20% part and development work in 10% part.

Under this scheme, the fabric will be cut, made, dyed in that park which will be all at one place. The best and costliest equipment in the world will be used under this scheme to produce the cloth. When this scheme is fully implemented, a complete range of clothing production will be created.

PM MITRA Yojana Benefit

Under PM Mudra Yojana, the government is not only increasing the production of clothes but is also trying to strengthen the economic system of our country. Under this scheme implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people will get such benefits –

  • Under this scheme, large textile parks will be established, which will increase the textile industry in India, which will improve the country’s economic system.
  • The common citizen will get the biggest benefit of this scheme because people will be needed to work in the companies which will be established under this scheme. Due to which lakhs of people will get employment. Under this scheme, the government is thinking of giving jobs to more than 21 lakh people.
  • After the implementation of this scheme properly, when large-scale production of clothing will be done in India, then India will also be able to compete with other countries in the field of textile production.
  • Due to the production of cloth on such a large scale in the country, every village and cities of the country will benefit from it, as well as the lifestyle of the people will also improve.


Q: Who implemented the PM Mitra scheme?

Ans: Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Q: Which type of park will be set up under PM Mitra Yojana?

Ans: Textile Park!

Q: What is the budget of PM Mitra Scheme?

Ans: Rs 4,445 crore

Q: How many people will get work under PM Mitra Scheme?

Ans: Under this scheme, 21 lakh people will get employment, 7 lakh people will get direct employment and 14 lakh people will get indirect employment.

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