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What is a plotter and its types


do you know that what is plotter? We use Printers to print small pictures. Which all of you must have seen in your homes, offices and even in shops.

But when it comes to print of large size, such as the structure of a building, blue print of a bridge or dam, then you cannot use a normal printer in these places. The device used here is called Plotter.

These plotters are a type of special output device that can be used for large graphs, large designs. Used to print hard copy. for example construction maps, engineering drawings, architectural plans and business charts.

You can either install these plotter machines according to your peripheral component. Can be added to a computer system or run as a standalone device with its own internal processor.

so if you plotter If you want to get complete information about this, then you have to read this article what is plotter machine Will have to read completely. So without delay let’s move forward.

What is Plotter

Plotter Kya Hai
plotter diagram

A plotter is actually a printer which is designed To print vector graphics. Instead of printing individual dots on the paper, plotters draw continuous lines. This makes the plotter ideal for doing architectural blueprints, engineering designs, and other CAD drawings.

These plotters are a type of graphics printer that use ink pens to draw images. In this, the pens often move on the surface of the paper. Wherein these plotters are used Also for vector graphics format.

Who invented the plotter?

Invention of the first plotter Remington-Rand by Sun 1953 Happened in. It was actually a conjunction UNIVAC computer With, which was being used to create technical drawings.

How does the plotter work?

If you want to understand how plotter machines work, then you need to know about its two main types, which are: flatbed plotters And drum plotters.

Flatbed plotters A system is used in this where the paper is kept fixed, and the plotter moves the pen up and down and left and right also, it does this to draw the required marks on the paper.

Drum plotters In this, the pen is moved up and down, and the drum is simultaneously rotated to move the paper left and right. This enables drum plotters to have a smaller footprint as compared to the final paper size.

More than one pen can also be used in plotters, which allows it to draw different colors.

definition of plotter

a plotter such a computer Hardware device which is very similar to printer and it is used to print vector graphics.

Here, in place of toner, plotters use a pen, pencil, marker, or other writing tool to draw multiple, continuous lines over the paper, rather than a series of dots like a traditional printer would. Is.

There was a time when it was used a lot computer-aided design (CAD) But now the use of these devices has reduced a bit because wide-format printers are being used in their place.

Plotters are used to make hard copies of schematics as well as for other similar applications.

Types of Plotter

How many types of platters are there? Although there are many types of plotter printers, but here we are also going to talk about some important plotter types in Hindi.

Drum Plotter

This type of plotter has a drum. The paper on which the design has to be done is kept in the drum. Here this drum is able to rotate in both directions. Plotters have more than one pen and penholders. Where these holders are mounted drum surface in the perpendicular direction of.

The pens located in the holder can be easily moved from left to right and from right to left. This graph plotting program controls the movement of pen and drum.

Drum plotters (also called roller plotters) spin the paper back and forth one by one. cylindrical drum In, the ink pens move left and right.

By combining these two directions, lines can be drawn in any direction.

Flatbed Plotter

These plotters are used to do complex designs, graphs, charts. To these flatbed plotter Can also be placed above the table. There is a pen and a holder in this plotter.

In this pen can easily draw characters of many different sizes. There can also be more than one pen and pen holding mechanism in these. The ink of each pen is of a different color. Having different colors helps in producing a document of multicolor design.

It also has plotting area are variable. as it varies A4 From 21’*52 till.
Flatbed plotters have a large horizontal surface where the paper is placed. Here a traveling bar draws lines over the paper as it moves across the surface. In flatbed plotters the pen moves across the x and y axes of the page.

It can easily draw many designs such as Cars, Ships, Airplanes, Shoes and Dress designs, Road and Highway designs etc.

Roller Plotter

Here in a roller plotter, the paper moves through the plotter. machine drawing prints to.

Inkjet Plotter

Here in this inkjet plotter, it sprays small droplets of ink into the paper to create the image. This is a very popular choice for advertising agencies and graphic designers, as inkjet plotters are generally used for larger outputs, such as banners and billboards, large roadside signs, etc.

these two thermal Or piezoelectric models are available.

Where Thermal inkjet plotters heat is used to spray ink droplets, while piezoelectric uses plotters charged crystals To apply the ink. Inkjet plotters typically print graphics of better quality than any other plotter types.

Cutting Plotter

This cutting plotter is a large scale cutting device that produces ready-cut mylar or vinyl lettering and graphics. in this Automated plotter knives Cuts the sheets of material which are in the flat surface area of ​​the plotter, along with making some such designs which are attached in the nearby computer.

use them in sign making, billboard advertising and vehicle graphics Happens mostly. These devices provide very high speed and precision, which is very difficult to achieve with the traditional method.

What is the Printing Size of Plotter?

Most drum and flatbed plotters have very large output sizes as compared to standard inkjet and laser printers.

For example, a typical inkjet printer create Documents that are up to 8.5 inches wide. Whereas a drum plotter produces documents which are about 44 inches wide.

Whereas the length of the document printed by a Drum Plotter is only up to the size of the paper. Whereas those documents which are printed by flatbed plotters, their length and width are constrained till the printing surface only.

NOTE Where pen plotters are still used, wide-format inkjet printers are being used in place of most models.

Printer vs Plotter

Most of us know that plotters are actually only one type of printers. Where we use printers to take printout or hard copy from computers.

At the same time, we use Plotter to make large size graphics, in which a pen and pen holder are used to print vector graphics in paper.

What is the difference between Printer and Plotter?

1. Plotters are actually a sub-category of printers.

2. We can consider all plotters as printers, but we cannot call all printers as plotters.

3. Using Plotters line images Used to draw, while printers are used to draw images through dots.

4. A plotter holds a pen and draws lines, whereas printers laser technology make use of.

5. We can use a plotter to draw very large images as in architecture, whereas we cannot use printers for very large images.

S.No. PLOTTER Printer
1 It reads files in files such as DWG, CDR, Al and other vector formats. It reads files in BMP, PDF and JPG TIFF formats.
2 It is a device that draws pictures on a page with the help of commands given through a computer. It is a device that brings images and text on a page with the help of commands given through a network.
3 it’s expensive . It is less expensive as compared to plotters.
4 It can draw continuous lines. It cannot draw continuous lines.
5 It works slowly. It works at high speed.
6 Its software includes Adobe Illustrator, Corel, Flexi and CAD included. Its software includes Photoshop and any other image-editing program.
7 It gives the output in the same format as a vector graphic. It gives the output file data in a format like bitmap or pixel.
8 Examples are drum plotter, flatbed plotter, pen plotter, electrostatic plotter, inkjet plotter. Examples are Laser Printer, Solid Ink Printer, LED Printer, Business Inkjet Printer, Home Inkjet Printer, 3D Printer.

use of plotter

Now let’s know about the applications of plotters. What is the use of plotter?

1. They are used for building Architectural plan Happens to make.

2. These CAD applications It is also used a lot, so that the mechanical components of the aircraft can be easily designed.

3. Together they are also used in many engineering applications.

What are the Advantages of Plotters?

Now let us know what are the advantages of plotters.

1. Plotters easily large sheets While they can work in paper, they also maintain their high resolution.

2. These can be printed in many different types of flat materials in which Includes plywood, aluminum, sheet steel, cardboard, and plastic.

3. Plotters are allowed there same pattern to draw a thousand times that too without any image degradation Of.

What are the disadvantages of plotters?

Now let us know what are the disadvantages of plotters.

1. Plotters size is very gets bigger If we compare it with a traditional printer then.

2. Plotters too many expensive are compared to a traditional printer.

What is Modern Plotter Technology?

Pen plotters, due to their slow speeds and complex mechanisms, have become redundant due to advancements in printing technologies.

Inkjet technology is an ideal replacement as it has a small self-contained print head that allows it to easily move across paper, allowing manufacturers to produce wide format plotters with large paper sizes. can print in .

Microchip and memory advances enable them to perform plotters, more processing onboard, as well as faster printing. high resolutions with, and with high levels of accuracy.

Whereas in pen plotters where only line art could be printed, there is a big advantage of inkjet technology that it can print excellent photo quality graphics, as well as increase the versatility of the plotter.

Is a plotter an output device?

Yes, the plotter is an output device.

Why is a plotter used?

using plotter on paper graphical output is used to print.

what did you learn today

I hope you like this article of mine What is Plotter Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about the types of plotters so that they can be used on any other sites or sites. There is no need to search in the context of that article in the internet. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

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