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Book Summary:

The main objective of the book is to provide the readers with a thorough understanding of topics included in the syllabus of Mathematics for engineering students.

NP bali engineering mathematics 1,2,3,4 PDF with Solution

NP Bali PublisherLaxmi Publications
Author:NP Bali and Dr. Manish Goyal
Number of Pages1552
EditionNinth Edition
Available Available in all digital devices

Table of Contents:

  1. Complex Numbers
  2. Theory of Equations and Curve Fitting
  3. Determinants and Matrics
  4. Analytical Solid Geometry
  5. Partial Differentiation
  6. Multiple Integrals
  7. Vector Algebra
  8. Vector Calculus
  9. Infinite Series
  10. Fourier Series
  11. Differential Equations of First Order
  12. Applications of Differential Equations of First Order
  13. Linar Differential Equations
  14. Applications of Linear Differential Equations
  15. Special Functions and Series Solution of Differential Equations
  16. Partial Differential Equations
  17. Applications of Partial Differential Equations
  18. The Laplace Transforms
  19. Functions of a Complex Variable
  20. Integral Transforms
  21. Statistics and Probability
  22. Finite Differences and Numerical Methods
  23. Z-Transforms
  24. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
  25. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
  26. Curvilinear Co-ordinates
  27. Tensor Analysis
  28. Virtual Work Appendices

Higher Engineering Mathematics 3 by NP Bali
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PDF File Size: 28MB

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Shortly, we are adding np bali engineering mathematics 3 solutions here as well. Comment below if you want engineering mathematics np bali semester 3 pdf or any other book.

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