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What is Passage Indexing, and its benefits?

What is Passage Indexing, and its benefits?
What is Passage Indexing, and its benefits?

What is Passage Indexing, how to do it (new ranking algorithm)

Friends, even after doing SEO, your blog post is not showing at the top on Google’s search result page, do you know the reason for this? Do you know what is Passage Indexing and what are its benefits? No, then let me tell you about all these. Passage Indexing is very useful in getting the blog post of any website ranked at the top in Google’s search engine.

You will be surprised to know that 99% of bloggers do Passage Indexing of their blog. Because they know what is Passage Indexing and how useful it is for them.

If you also want to do Passage Indexing like these bloggers, then you have to first learn Passage Indexing. You will be able to understand better about Passage Indexing from this article of mine.

Friends, Google keeps on changing its search engine every day. It uses new algorithm every day, whose purpose is to give better results to its users . This time Google has introduced passage indexing.

I have provided all the information related to Passage Indexing in this article that what are the benefits of Passage Indexing, how to do Passage Indexing.

What is Passage Indexing?

Passage Indexing is very important for your blog post. Passage Indexing tells Google’s bots what is the topic in your blog post and which is the most important paragraph. Through Passage Indexing, users come to know how much your blog is going to be of use to them.

Earlier, whenever we wanted to read the answer by putting a query on Google, Google used to show us the most favorable answer in the next 10 posts , because Google always wants to give better results while giving less trouble to its users, that’s why they come every day. Keeps changing its algorithm.

Google has launched Passage Indexing in 2020. In simple words, Passage Indexing means indexing some specific passage in any paragraph of a blog post. Because Google knows very well that if its users If he gets the most correct answer in less time then his user will be very happy.

Look carefully at the given image, this is a screenshot in which I have put a query which is “reason of global warming”, for this Google has put the best 10 results in front of you

But the first result is showing google inside a box. As soon as you click on the link given in that box , you get to see the data as shown on the second image as if you are looking at another image yellow line is the answer to rising went query so friends do Passage Indexing that |

Through this, Google is showing its users the answer to the question asked by it by highlighting it . It is trying to give the best answer to its users at the first position .

Why has Google launched Passage Indexing?

Now you know what is Passage Indexing but do you know why Google has launched Passage Indexing? No, let me understand that Google is using Passage Indexing to give the correct answer to the question asked by its users in the least number of words.

Friends, you all know that nowadays Voice Search has increased a lot , as soon as a user does Voice Search, he gets his results very soon. Now Google also wants that the results found in Voice Search are through the machine itself. Users should be read and heard.

Like you see many types of applications in your mobile phone, through which if you ask a question, then the mobile phone itself gives you the answer. But how will a mobile answer you? You will get this answer from Google’s search engine and only the website working on this search engine will write that answer for you.

But when he placed a lot of article in front of Google and Google have much problem in finding the exact answer was Google for the launch of the Passage Indexing done |

The Google Frequently Asked Questions through or will before the Highlight or if there is machine read this answer, he simply exact wording of the questions asked in answer will give |

Benefits of Passage Indexing
1. Passage Indexing benefits a lot in SEO.
2. By doing Passage Indexing, the chance of your article being ranked in the search engine of google increases.
3. Passing Indexing makes your blog post different from other bloggers.
4. Passing Indexing increases your focus on your blog.

How does Passage Indexing Work?

Passage Indexing Is Knowing this now you want to know is very important how Passage Indexing works | Google Passage Indexing any present in the article to different-Indexing differently Passages offers |

Just like Google used to understand the title of an article and give a specific answer to the users. But Google now fully understands all the paragraphs from an article and gives it to its users by removing the most correct answer from it.

But at present, Google is facing a lot of problems due to such indexing. To solve the problem, Google has started using Canonical Tags . Which you can understand in the link given by me. can you

Due to highlighting the answer in Passage Indexing, it generates a new type of URL, which you can see in the given image.

Because of this, Google itself is generating many types of URLs for a particular article

How to do Passage Indexing?

So far you have learned what is Passage Indexing, what is the benefit of doing it, how does Passage Indexing work. Now I will tell you how to do Passage Indexing. Passage Indexing is a part of On Page SEO . Here I will give you some tips to do Passage Indexing which will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Choose Specific Keywords

You should choose specific keywords to make your Passage Indexing stand out from your competitors. With this, when Google’s bots come to your blog post, it is easy for them to understand your topic and they appear in your search engine by highlighting your Passage Indexing.

So that if a user searches a topic relative to your topic, he easily understands whether your article is of his use or not.

Use 150 to 250 Words For Paragraph

You do of Passage Indexing The thing to bear in mind the time you write 150 to 250 words to the | By the way, there is no limit of words to write Passage Indexing. But if you write your Passage Indexing in 150 to 250 words then it is considered better.

Make Fonts Typography

To make Passage Indexing even more attractive , fonts should be Bold , Underline , Italic , this will make your Passage look different from others and it will be beneficial that Google’s bots will give importance to your Passage Indexing.

No Grammatical Mistakes

Passage Indexing is a small but very important part of your entire blog post. So keep in mind that there should not be any grammatical mistakes in it. Users also do not get good impact.

In this way, Google is trying to give better results to its users by using Passage Indexing to meet the demands of the times to come.

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