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Pandora Paper Leak: What is Pandora Papers Leak, who is involved


pandora papers Groove What is Pandora Papers Leak News Names List Check in Hindi Sachin Tendulkar, Pakistan, UPSC

Some time ago today the Panama Papers created a lot of ruckus in the world. In which the names of many big personalities were revealed. One of which was former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. But at this time people are not talking about Panama Paper but Pandora Paper leak case. The name behind which is coming from former Pakistan cricket player and PM Imran Khan. Not only this, the names of more than 700 close friends of Imran Khan are coming out with him. Surprisingly, this list includes Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and big industrialists, such news has also been shared. In such a situation, you have to know how much life is in the news.

pandora paper leak

what is pandora papers Groove Pandora paper leak

The Pandora paper leak case has created a stir all over the world. That’s because about 11.9 million files have been leaked in it. In which all the things are recorded about ways to avoid tax, how to avoid property and money laundering. Which was discovered in a few months by 600 or more journalists from about 117 countries, along with this many big revelations were also made. In which the names of many people were revealed, including big personalities of both India and Pakistan. From Anil Ambani to Sachin Tendulkar, Imran Khan from Pakistan and people close to him.

Who is involved in Pandora paper leak Pandora paper leak name list

  • king of jordan
  • Presidents of Ukraine, Kenya and Ecuador
  • prime minister of czech republic
  • Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “Unofficial Propaganda Minister”
  • More than 130 billionaires from Russia, America, Turkey and other countries
  • Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar
  • industrialist anil ambani
  • Names of more than 700 Pakistanis
  • Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan
  • Pakistan’s Finance Minister Shaukat Tari, Water Resources Minister Moonis Elahi, Faisal Wawada, Industries Minister Khusro Bakhtiar and many others are involved.
  • Cine star Shakira and supermodel Claudia Schiffer

What the Pandora Pepus Leak Case Reveals

It is known from this case that, there were some people who helped in silencing the wealth of some rich and famous people around the world. So that he can easily do his business or other work and someone should also know about it. But this could not happen and the agencies after investigating and finally disclosed these companies.

Ruckus in Pakistan over Pandora paper case

The Pandora paper case proved to be a big matter for Pakistan, due to which there was a lot of ruckus there. As soon as ICIJ disclosed this matter on the media channel. A surprising atmosphere was created in every way. Because in this along with the disclosure of the case, the names of many people were also disclosed. Such as- Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, Water Resources Minister Moonis Elahi, MP Faisal Vavda, Industries and Production Minister Khusro Bakhtiyar etc. It is believed that his hand was involved in dealing with foreign companies.

Indians involved in Pandora case

According to a report, the names of more than 300 Indians have come to the fore in the Pandora case. Including big celebrities. According to the information, the name of Indian industrialist Anil Ambani has surfaced in this report, who had declared himself bankrupt in a UK court. According to the information received, he has 18 foreign companies. At the same time, the name of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was also added to it. He is said to have tried to sell his island property just three months after the Panama Papers leak. However, his lawyer believes that whatever investment Sachin has made from foreign companies is legitimate. The complete information of which is recorded in the documents with them.

Let us tell you that the investigation is going on continuously regarding this matter. In which there may be many more revelations. A report for which is being prepared. It may also happen that you come to know about many more new names in this case. The information of which was not shared with the investigation team earlier. In such a situation, the investigation will continue so that more revelations can be made about the Pandora paper leak case.


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