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Information about Pakistani terrorist Ali Babar Patra


Pakistani Terrorist Ali Babar Patra Information, Age in Hindi

On Tuesday, Indian security forces carried out a major operation against the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. In which the Indian Army has caught 2 terrorists. One of whom died, whose name was Qari Anaj, his age was 33 years. And the other has got a medal alive. Whose name is Ali Babar Patra. Whose age is only 19 years. Who is a minor boy. In this article we are going to tell you about this terrorist.

pakistani terrorist ali babar patra in hindi

Pakistani Terrorist Ali Babar Patra

Full Name Ali Babar Patra
Work Pakistani army
Birth 2002
Ages 19 years
the nationality Indian

Who is Ali Babar Patra

Ali Babar Patra hails from the Okra district of Pakistan, which is located near South Lahore. Who has been caught alive by the search team of Indian security forces today from Uri sector of Kashmir and arrested. And he has surrendered himself. And according to that, Pakistani terrorists had a plan to attack in Uri sector of Kashmir.

what happened in uri sector

Indian security forces had received the news that Pakistani terrorists were going to conduct some big attack in Uri sector. Let us tell you that earlier in the year 2016, at the same time Pakistani terrorists attacked the Uri base camp. This attack was carried out by terrorist groups of Jaish-e-Mohammed. In which 19 of our soldiers were martyred. And 4 terrorists were also killed during those times. And now exactly 5 years later, at the same time, Pakistani terrorists were again trying to carry out a big attack in the Uri sector. But the Indian Army did not allow his wishes to be fulfilled. As soon as the Indian Army got the news, they sent their search team there. He carried out this operation successfully. Search team caught 2 terrorists in Uri sector. Out of which one has been killed by the army army. And the other was asked to surrender, who surrendered himself after obeying him.

Connection with Ajmal Kasab

Let us tell you that the district of which Ali Babar Patra belonged, that is, Okra district. There was also terrorist Ajmal Kasab, a resident of Faridkot, a village in that district, who was caught in the 2011 Mumbai attack. During that also another terrorist Noor Elahi was with him who was killed.

Are terrorists born from Pakistan’s okra?

The main reason for raising this question is the lack of employment in the Okra region of Pakistan. The people there do not have work, so the minor people of Pakistan are caught and brainwashed by the terrorist groups, and then they are prepared to spread terror in India. And these people obey them to earn money. And then do the work of carrying out various terrorist attacks.

In this way, a terrorist named Ali Babar Patra of Pakistan has been caught by the Indian Army. And he has also exposed the conspiracy being done by Pakistan.


Q: Who is Ali Babar Patra?

Ans: Pakistani terrorists

Q: Where is Ali Babar Patra from?

Ans: of Okra district of Pakistan.

Q: How old is Ali Babar Patra?

Ans: 19 years

Q: Where did the Indian army catch Ali Babar Patra?

Ans: In Uri sector of Kashmir.

Q: What was Pakistan’s plan?

Ans: There was a plan to repeat the manner in which the Uri settled camp was attacked in 2016.

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