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Overwatch Tier List (All Characters Ranked)

Characters Details S Tier


As a supportive hero who can be left alone in the battle, it’s no wonder Zenyatta is at this level. It has a high DPS and a simple front tool that even beginners can easily master. All the metadata Zenyatta needs from you. Plus, it’s fun to hit their balls.


Mcree’s ability to take out enemies regardless of distance puts him at the top of the list. Whether he’s pulling his magazine up close to the tank or firing a headshot over the map, Mcree takes the damage it takes to bring him closer to the triumphant taste. If you learn how to use the right file, you should have a YouTube Video Delete Group in no time. Just hit the list!


Zarya has seen a lot of flexibility in her love of gamers. From practically invisible to the necessary selection. In this episode, he finally seems to have found his balance. The best meta-hero is that because of his divine destiny when it comes to crowd control and combo power, no one can match him.


We can’t describe how happy we are with the latest steel from our favorite Reinhardt tank. With the entire strategy in place, Reinhardt was no longer popular with elite Overwatch gamers due to the sensations he had acquired in recent episodes. Fortunately, the game seems to be getting revenge for Reinhardt, especially with its high HP and DPS behind the last clip. It’s the most common destination right now, including Zarya.


When the meta talked about large cattle tanks, Reaper was there. It can cut HP like a buttered knife. But with the meta-change, his damage power will be reduced as he has to defeat the younger heroes. With all of the great DPS heroes, it’s hard to make Reaper that special. However, when you have Reinhardt or Orisa to be executed, you know which to choose. Plus, life-changing is an acceptable skill that you can rely on.


Lucio can be the creator of the difference between victory and defeat. His tool kit is great for helping your team and annoying the opposing team. If you lead everyone with their final skill, you can enter any type of defense. Although the communication and communication required for push made him choose the situation. Only if your enemy is playing Empire Defense Style.

Section with more character details


One of the heroes who have been with Overwatch since the beginning, Mercy has always been a great pick when it comes to healing. It can provide all of the healing the team needs or increase the damage. Being able to bring back a hero who has recently passed away will always be a long road. The reason he’s not at the top tier is that he doesn’t have a large defensive tank in this meta, which puts him at higher risk for enemy hijackers. Plus, his DPS is all the way down.


Moments ago, the Baptists were in dire need of nerve. You did very well. Because of his suffering, the field of amazing immortality and healing, the Baptist is an incredible choice for many, if not all, players today. To make matters worse, its destructive power and resilience have recently been disrupted. A double wound on a Baptist can explain why he is part of that slave.


If you are the type who likes to play competitively, you should follow Moira’s healing abilities. He has excellent mobility and short cold spaces, which makes him one of the most popular low-level actors. To get the most out of what Moira has to offer, it’s best to choose it along with other add-ons like Ana and Mercy.

Wrecking Ball 

Of course, wrecking ball should be on that list. We all have a love-hate relationship with Wrecking-Ball. If he’s on our team and knows what he’s doing, we love the chaos he’s creating, the real threat, even when he’s on the enemy’s side.


The echo’s rapid movement, combined with its massive damage, can be used in many ways to surprise – blast your enemies from unexpected quarters. Her small character model makes her hard to beat, especially when she’s unknowingly flying through the air. The only deceptive thing about the Echo, however, is its ultimate ability. You must have a game plan in place before you can choose Echo. That said, you need to know which hero you want to copy. So when choosing an echo, pay attention to your team composition.

Follow up

Tracer could be an extremely tough hero to become king, but it was undeniable that if he learned to use his powers, he could be an unstoppable killing machine. When playing against the lovely Tracer, it sometimes seems that the enemy has an extra hero on their side. The DPS it offers, combined with its mobility (let’s face it, the voice works again) makes Traracer the best choice for the best Overwatch hero. Download and run boyz.

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