NOC Full Form – What is the Full Form of NOC in Banking?


Loans play a vital role in bridge the financial gaps of an individual. Either a person takes a personal loan or some other loan to fulfill his financial needs. But after repaying the loan with full interest, the bank issued a certificate that is known as NOC. So, do you know the NOC full form? If no, then you are at the right place. The full form of NOC is a No Objection Certificate usually issued by the banks when there are no restrictions or debt liability towards the customer. This certificate clearly states that the customer doesn’t have any debt towards the bank and he has cleared his entire loan. This certificate is a legal document that can be used by the customers to take further loans.


Features of NOC

  • No Objection Certificate can be used as a piece of evidence in a court of law.
  • You can take further loans with the help of an NOC.
  • NOC helps to maintain a good credit score.
  • It will also help you to raise your market value.
  • The banks will also offer you another loan if it finds that you are a trustworthy and honest customer.
  • NOC is an important legal document that clearly certifies that you don’t have any liability towards the bank or any institutions.
  • NOC nullifies all the objections of the party towards the customer.

Parties Issues NOC

  • Banks- NOCs are usually issued when all the liabilities of the customers are cleared.
  • Colleges-NOCs are issued when the student has paid the asked college fee.
  • Companies- NOCs are issued when the employee is resigning and fulfilled all the resignation criteria.

Format of NOC

To Whom It May concern, 

This is to certify that Mr. ABC, resident of XYZ, has taken a loan from our bank. He has paid all the EMIs and cleared the loan in full. He doesn’t hold any liability towards the bank and there is no debt on him  

We certify further that Mr. ABC interposes no objection to the XXX of the aforementioned loan. 

This NOC is issued on the day of ABC and is evidence of the clearance of his dues. 



Need for NOC

You will need an NOC whenever you are applying for any other loan or if you are taking admission to another college. If you are a student and taking admission in another college then the college will ask for the NOC that is issued by your previous college. Similarly, if you are applying for any loan then the bank will ask for the NOC that was issued by the previous bank for the previous loan.


So, now you know the importance of an NOC and you are also aware of the NOC Full Form. The NOC stands for No Objection Certificate and it can be issued in any sector. The company, bank, and college usually ask for NOC that is issued by the previous company, bank, or college.


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