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No More Phobia: Heroines Gave Up Their PPE Kits – Gulte

by Sudhir kumar

After Centre eased restricting on domestic travel, air travel is back into action with many celebs and high profile businessmen taking flights almost daily. Looks like, the phobia of coronavirus that was there at the beginning of the pandemic has started to wane. These pictures of hot heroines are proof of that.

When Rakul Preet Singh has first boarded a flight to Mumbai from her home in Delhi, she apparently jumped into a full-body covering PPE suit. But now, she’s back to her sexy casual outfits at the airport, as she is breaking the internet with her simple skinny jeans and tee-shirt looks. Adah Sharma who is a big fan of PPE outfits has spoken a lot about them when she first took a flight to Hyderabad after the lockdown. But now, she is flashing her shining outfits where her ravishing looks are attracting people in masks for a quick selfie.

Same is the case with actress Pooja Hegde who has recently stepped into Hyderabad. Her piping hot look at the airport with a fancy mask caught the attention of paparazzi as well as other tourists. Though some fresh travellers like Nabha Natesh and Praneetha Subhash are seen wearing fully body PPE suits and double face masks, the likes of Keerthi Suresh are no more panicking as they are turning up in a casual dress and a simple mask.

Coming to our heroes, while Mohan Babu got dressed up in a PPE for his first travel post lockdown, the likes of Naga Chaitanya and Ram Pothineni slipped into casual tee-shirt and jeans, putting up an N95 mask. More or less, this explains that the panic and fear surrounding Covid-19 is easing down, but lets hope the safety precautions are not forgotten by celebs as they will be motivating common people too.

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