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Narendra Modi’s biography and Latest News


Narendra modi Biography

Narendra Modi ji is such a personality, which is famous everywhere in the country or abroad. Modi ji is working as the 15th Prime Minister of our country. In the general elections of 2014 and again in 2019, Modi ji together with the Bharatiya Janata Party achieved a historic victory. As if Modi wave has come in the whole country, most of the Indians have full faith in Modi ji that he will give them a bright future. After independence, he became the first Prime Minister of India to achieve such a victory. For the second time in a row, Modi ji has come to power with absolute majority. From before to becoming the Prime Minister, he did many important works for the development of India. Although Modi ji has also been found embroiled in many controversies, but his policies have always been praised.

narendra Modi biography 

Introduction Points Introduction
Full Name Narendra Damodardas Modi
Other Name Modi ji, Namo
Profession politician
Political Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Birth Date September 17, 1950
Age 68 years
Birth Place Vadnagar, Bombay State (currently Gujarat), India
Nationality Indian
Hometown Vadnagar, Gujarat, India
Religion Hindu
Caste Modh Ghanchi (OBC)
Blood Group A+
Address 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi
Marital Status married
Educational Qualification BA and MA in Political Science
राशि (Zodiac Sign / Sun Sign) Virgo
कद (Height) 5 foot 7 inches
वजन (Weight) 75 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Salary as Prime Minister of India 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees per month plus other allowance
Net Worth 2.28 crores
Car Collection There is no car register in his name

Early life birth of Narendra Modi ji

Narendra Modi ji was born in a small town Vadnagar in Mehsana district of Gujarat state. It was in Bombay when he was born, but now it is located in Gujarat. The financial condition of Narendra Modi’s family was not good, his father was a street trader, who had struggled a lot to feed his family. Modi ji’s mother is a housewife. Modi ji also sold tea with his brothers in the railway station and then in the bus terminal to support his family as a child. Modi ji had faced many difficulties and obstacles in his childhood days, but with the strength of his character and courage, he converted all the challenges into opportunities. In this way, his early life was quite a struggle.

Introduction of Narendra Modi’s family

Father’s Name Late Shri Damodar Das Moolchand Modi
Mother’s Name diamond ben
Brothers Name Soma Modi, Amrit Modi, Prahlad Modi, Pankaj Modi,
Sister’s Name Vasanti Ben Hasmukh Lal Modi
Wife’s Name Jashoda Ben Chimanlal Modi
children is not

Narendra Modi’s family, age, caste (Family, age, caste, wife)

Modi ji’s family is from Modh-Ghanchi-Teli community, which belongs to the Other Backward Classes category by the Government of India. Narendra Modi ji is the third child of his parents. Modi’s elder brother Soma Modi is currently 75 years old, he has been an officer of the Health Department. His other elder brother Amrit Modi is a machine operator, whose age is 72 years. After this, Modi ji has 2 younger brothers, one Prahlad Modi who is 62 years old, he runs a shop in Ahmedabad, and the other Pankaj Modi, who is working as a clerk in the information department in Gandhinagar.

Narendra Modi ji’s marriage – According to the traditions of the Ghanchi community, Modi ji was married at the age of 18 to Jashoda Ben Chimanlal in 1968. According to the reports, it has been said that Modi ji was not divorced from his wife, but still, they both got separated from each other. Modi Ji’s wife Jashoda Ben used to work as a teacher in a government school in Gujarat, which is now retired. Everyone wants to know how many children Narendra Modi ji has, let us tell you that Modi does not have any children. They separated after a few days of marriage. Where is the house of Narendra Modi ji, the answer is that now in Delhi, whose name is Panchavati, he is a resident of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi’s Education and Starting Career

  • Narendra Modi ji’s early education was completed from the local school of Vadnagar, he had completed his higher secondary education there till 1967. After that he left his home due to poor financial condition of his family, and then he traveled all over India to discover different cultures.
  • For this, Modi ji visited places like Rishikesh and Himalaya located in North India. He returned to India after 2 years of touring parts of the North East. In this way, after completing his schooling, Modi did not do his further studies for a few years.
  • Then Modi ji enrolled for his higher education in Delhi University in India in 1978 and then in Gujarat University in Ahmedabad. There he did his graduation and post-graduation respectively in political science.

Once a teacher of Modi ji told that Modi ji was normal in studies, but he used to spend most of his time in the library. His art of debate was excellent.

Narendra Modi’s Starting Political Career

  • After his college studies, Modi joined the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and went to Ahmedabad as a full-time campaigner to join the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu nationalist political party.
  • During the National Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1975-77 , the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was banned. Due to which Modi ji was forced to go underground at that time and used to travel in disguise to avoid arrest.
  • Modi ji was very active against the Emergency. They used various tactics, including distribution of pamphlets, to oppose the government at that time. This brought to the fore his managerial, organizational and leadership skills.
  • After this Narendra Modi joined politics as a political worker. He was entrusted with the task of writing in the RSS.
  • In 1985, Modi ji thought of joining the Bharatiya Janata Party i.e. BJP party through RSS. In 1987, Narendra Modi completely joined the BJP, and for the first time he helped organize the BJP’s campaign in the Ahmedabad municipal election, in which the BJP won.

Narendra Modi’s Political Career

  • After joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1987, Narendra Modi rose rapidly through the ranks, as he was a very intelligent person. He promoted privatization of businesses, small government and Hindu values. In the same year, he was elected as the General Secretary of the Gujarat branch of the party.
  • Modi’s abilities were recognized within the party after LK Advani helped conduct the Ayodhya Rath Yatra in 1990 , which became his first national-level political act.
  • After that, there was Ekta Yatra of Murli Manohar Joshi in 1991-92. Modi played a major role in consolidating the BJP’s presence in Gujarat after the Gujarat Assembly elections in 1990.
  • In the 1995 elections, the party won 121 seats, which led to the formation of the BJP government in Gujarat for the first time. The party remained in power for a brief period, which ended in September 1996.
  • In 1995, Modi was elected BJP’s national secretary to handle the activities in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, and he shifted to New Delhi.
  • In 1998, when the internal leadership dispute was going on in the BJP, Modi ji paved the way for BJP’s election victory during that time, which successfully helped in resolving the disputes.
  • After this, in the same year, Modi ji was appointed as the General Secretary. He was working in this post till 2001. During that time Modi ji was credited for successfully carrying out the responsibility of bringing back the party organization in various states.

Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat (Narendra Modi As a Chief Minister of Gujarat)

  • Narendra Modi contested the Legislative Assembly elections for the first time in 2001, and won one of the 2 seats in Rajkot. After which he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Actually Keshubhai Patel’s health had deteriorated at that time and on the other hand BJP lost some assembly seats in the state by-election. After which the national leadership of BJP was handed over to Modi ji from the hands of Keshubhai Patel and he was given the charge as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • On 7 October 2001, Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After this his victory one after the other became certain.
  • Firstly he won the by-election for ‘Second Constituency’ of Rajkot on 24 February 2002. He defeated Ashwin Mehta of Congress by 14,728 votes.

Narendra Modi got clean chit in 2002 Gujarat riots ( 2002 Gujarat riots)

Three days after Narendra Modi won the by-election, a huge incident of communal violence took place in Gujarat, as a result of which 58 people were killed. Because at that time a train full of hundreds of passengers, mostly Hindu passengers, was set on fire near Godhra. This incident happened in protest of the Muslims due to this incident. Due to which it spread all over Gujarat. And communal riots started in Gujarat. About 900 to 2,000 people lost their lives in this riot.

During that time there was a government of Modi ji in the state, due to which he was accused of spreading this riot. Due to the allegations leveled against Modi, the pressure on him had increased from all sides, due to which he had to resign from his Chief Minister’s post. That’s why Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time was only for a few months. Then in 2009, the Supreme Court formed a team related to it, which was formed to investigate the matter. The name of this team was SIT. After thorough investigation, this team presented a report in the Supreme Court in 2010, in which Modi ji was given a green signal in this matter. However, in 2013, the investigation team was accused of hiding the evidence found against Modi.           

as Chief Minister for the second time

When Modi ji got a clean chit from the court, he was again appointed as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After Modi ji became the Chief Minister of Gujarat again, he started working for the development of the state. This also brought a lot of changes in the state. He built technology and financial parks in the state of Gujarat. In 2007, Modi ji signed real estate investment deals worth Rs 6,600 billion in Gujarat at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. After this, in July this year, Narendra Modi had completed 2,063 consecutive days as Chief Minister, due to which he held the record of holding the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat for the most days.

as Chief Minister for the third time 

This record of Modi ji continued even further, in the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, Modi ji won again and he became the Chief Minister there for the third time. During this tenure, Modi ji paid more attention to the economic development in the state, and also focused on privatization. He encouraged his policies to shape India as a global manufacturing epicenter. During this tenure of Modi ji as the Chief Minister, there was a great increase in the agricultural growth rate in Gujarat. Its growth was so much, that it became a very developing state as compared to other states of India. Modi ji arranged for the supply of electricity in rural areas, which helped in increasing agriculture. Between 2011 and 2012, Modi ji started Sadbhavna / Goodwill Mission in Gujarat. Which was started to reach out to the Muslim community in the state.

as Chief Minister for the fourth time

In 2012, Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister ended for the third time. And this year again assembly elections were held in Gujarat. And like every year, this year also Modi ji won and appointed him to take over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the fourth time.

That’s why Modi ji was given the credit for bringing prosperity and development in the state. Due to this, Modi ji had made his mark as an able ruler during that time as the head of the Gujarat government. He is also credited for the rapid growth of the state’s economy. Apart from this, Modi ji was placed at the forefront of his and his party’s electoral performance, because he was not only the most talented leader of the party, but also had talent as a candidate for Prime Minister. However, some people believed that the state is not on a very good rank in the development, education, nutrition and poverty alleviation of the people. But still people liked him because of his actions and his policies.

Role of Narendra Modi in General Election 2014 (Narendra Modi’s Role in General Election 2014)

  • In June, a year after Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the fourth time, he was made the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party. And in this way he appeared as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister in the general election to be held in 2014. Due to which Modi ji had to give up his post of Chief Minister of Gujarat. However, during that time some members of BJP along with Lal Krishna Advani had opposed this thing. But still Modi ji had won both Varanasi and Vadodara seats during that time. And in the coming general elections, he had made his place as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister.
  • During this election, Modi ji held about 437 election rallies all over the country, in these rallies, Modi ji kept many issues in front of the public, due to which the public got influenced and voted for BJP. Then the victory of BJP in the 2014 general election became a historic victory. This year BJP won 282 seats out of 534 on the basis of absolute majority. And in this way Narendra Modi ji became a new face as the Prime Minister of India .

Narendra Modi as Prime Minister (Narendra Modi As a Prime Minister)

Narendra Modi ji Prime Minister for the first time

After winning the post of Prime Minister, on 26 May 2014, Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister and in this way he became the 14th Prime Minister of the country. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, people started having high expectations from him. As Prime Minister, Modi ji did many development works in India. He encouraged foreign businesses to invest in India. Modi ji implemented various rules, permits and inspections, so that the business can grow more and easily. Modi ji spent less on social welfare programs, and focused more on healthcare. Apart from this, Modi ji also did many things to encourage Hindutva, defence, environment and education.

Narendra Modi ji Prime Minister for the second time

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the glory of Modi ji was again shadowed. Modi revolution left other parties far behind. Narendra Modi ji got an unprecedented victory by getting 303 seats with absolute majority. This is the first time in the history of India that a leader has won such a big victory with absolute majority for the second time in a row. The people of India have chosen their own Prime Minister this time, and everyone has shown full faith in Modi ji. Call it Modi wave or Modi revolution, this time these Lok Sabha elections of India dominated the whole world. Modi’s applause was all around. The public was very happy with the work of Narendra Modi ji for the last five years, due to which the public wanted to give him one more chance. People have high hopes from Modi ji for an advanced India. Modi ji also said “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas = victorious India”. Modi ji called this victory the fruit of hard work of BJP workers.

Modi ji is starting the next innings as the Prime Minister, we hope that like last time he will live up to the expectations of the entire countrymen, and will take India to new heights.

Important schemes launched by Narendra Modi ji (Narendra Modi Famous Schemes)

During the tenure of 2014 till now, Modi ji started many important schemes and initiatives. The information about some of which is as follows –

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan : – This campaign is a large-scale campaign launched in India, under which lakhs of toilets were constructed in the country and in rural areas.
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana : – This scheme was started to open accounts in the banks of the farmers of the country. Under which the accounts of the farmers were opened free of cost and the assistance given to the farmers was deposited in their bank account.
  • Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana :- Under this scheme, LPG gas cylinders were given to the women of poor families while giving them respect.
  • Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana : – Under this scheme, crops can be irrigated well and agricultural work can get a better direction. That’s why this plan was started.
  • Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana : – In this scheme, farmers were provided insurance for the crop. So that if their crops get damaged due to natural calamities, then they can get insurance money.
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana : – Under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, the facility of training the youth was given for the development of their skills.
  • Make in India : – After coming to power, Prime Minister Modi did some very important campaigns, one of them was the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Under which work was done for their development by encouraging the manufacturing sector.
  • Garib Kalyan Yojana :- Under this scheme, work was done for the welfare of the poor and providing them better facilities.
  • Sukanya Samridhi Yojana : – The objective of the Prime Minister to start this scheme was to provide financial assistance to small girls for their empowerment.
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana : – Under this scheme, financial assistance was provided to the poor to build their own house on the basis of installments.
  • Digital India Program :- Prime Minister started this program and inspired to digitize the economy in the country. Along with this, he also appealed to the people to use digital technology.

In this way, Narendra Modi ji has run many other important schemes and campaigns like Namami Gange, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana , Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Stand Up India etc., which were completely for the development of the country. .

Main tasks of Narendra Modi ji

Modi ji took many important decisions as both the Chief Minister and Prime Minister of Gujarat, and some of the decisions taken during his tenure are as follows –

  • Groundwater Conservation Project:- During his rule as Chief Minister of Gujarat, the government supported the construction of groundwater conservation project. This helped in the cultivation of Bt cotton, which could be irrigated by tap wells. Thus Gujarat became the largest producer of Bt cotton.
  • Demonetisation: – During the tenure of the Prime Minister, Modi ji took a very important decision like demonetisation. Under which Modi ji stopped the old notes of 500 and 1000 and in its place issued new notes of 2000 and 500. This was a historic decision taken by Modi ji.
  • GST – Narendra Modi has since Notbandi were worn all the taxes in the country, insert them together and belongs to the Tax GST applied ie Goods and Services Tax.
  • Surgical Strike: – After the Uri attack in 2016, Prime Minister Modi decided to conduct a surgical strike with the Indian Army to teach a lesson to Pakistan .
  • Air Strike – After this, after the Pulwama attack in February in the year 2019, he gave a free hand to all the security forces of the country to take any kind of action against Pakistan, which was a very big announcement. After this an air strike was done by the Air Force in February itself .

Apart from the above mentioned main works, there are some other works coming in the account of Prime Minister like the beginning of ‘ International Yoga Day ‘, construction of ‘Statue of Liberty’ in Gujarat, construction of National War Memorial etc.

Apart from this, Modi ji has also played an important role in works like bringing bullet train to India in collaboration with foreign investments . Along with all this, Modi ji has also shown great resolve to strengthen relations with neighboring countries and improve relations with other countries of the world.

Narendra Modi’s Awards and Achievements

Narendra Modi has achieved the following achievements in his life so far –

  • In a survey conducted by India Today Magazine in 2007, Modi ji was named as the best Chief Minister of the country.
  • In 2009, he was honored by FD Magazine as the Asian winner of the FDI Personality of the Year award.
  • After this, the photo of Modi ji was printed on the cover page of Times Asian edition released in March 2012.
  • In 2014, Modi’s name was ranked 15th in the list of the most powerful people in the world in Forbes Magazine. In the same year, Modi’s name was also listed among the 100 most powerful people in the world by the Times of India.
  • In 2015, Modi was named among the 13th most influential people in the world in Bloomberg Market Magazine. And also he was named as the second most followed politician among the 30 most influential people on Twitter and Facebook in the Internet list released by Time magazine this year.
  • In 2014 and 2016 Modi ji’s name was announced as the winner of reader survey of Time magazine.
  • In the year 2016 itself, on the 3rd of April, Modi ji was given Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian award on the orders of Abdulaziz-Al-Saud. And on June 4, Afghanistan’s highest civilian award was given on the state order of Ghazi Amir Amanullah Khan.
  • In the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 also, Modi’s name was included in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. And in 2015, 2016 and 2018 Forbes Magazine was included in the 9 most powerful people in the world.
  • On 10 February 2018, he was honored with the ‘Grand Collar of the State of Palestine’, Palestine’s highest civilian award for foreign dignitaries.
  • On September 27, 2018, Narendra Modi was presented with the Champions of Earth Award, the United Nation’s highest environmental honour, and the award was also presented to 5 other individuals and organizations who have led the International Solar Alliance. And took a pledge to eliminate the use of plastic by 2022.
  • In the year 2018 itself, on 24 October, Modi has been awarded the Seoul Peace Prize for his contribution to promoting international cooperation and global economic development.
  • This year on February 22, 2019, Modi ji received the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize 2018. And at the same time, Modi ji’s name has also been nominated for this year’s ‘ Nobel Peace Prize ‘ for launching the world’s largest healthcare scheme .

In this way, Modi ji has made a lot of achievements in his name from becoming the Chief Minister to his tenure as the Prime Minister and will continue to do so.

Narendra Modi in Controversy and Criticisms (Narendra Modi in Controversy)

  • The Gujarat riots in 2002 was the biggest controversy of Modi’s career, under which critics said that Modi was the mastermind behind instigating this riot.
  • In 2002, Teesta Setalvad blamed Modi ji for the murder of her husband in Gulberg Society.
  • Narendra Modi ji’s name also came for Ishrat Jahan’s fake encounter. He was held responsible for this.
  • Narendra Modi’s marital status was also criticized by critics.
  • In the Gujarat riots, since Modi’s name was coming up, his visa was canceled by the United States.
  • In 2015, Narendra Modi wore a suit worth Rs 10 lakh, in which his name was written ‘Narendra Modi’. For this, he was criticized a lot by critics.
  • On 10 August 2018, it happened for the first time in the Indian Parliament that any remarks of the Prime Minister were omitted from the records of the Rajya Sabha. After the election of Harivansh Rai Narayan Singh as the Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha, in his speech congratulating Harivansh, PM Modi said that the election was between ‘two hari’.

Narendra Modi ji working in Corona period

Last year, Corona knocked in India, which started creating its orgy all over the world. Meanwhile, Modi ji did a great job. He imposed a complete lockdown in the country in time in the month of March. People were asked to stay at home. So that the chain of corona virus can be broken. During this, Modi ji also tried to increase the morale of the people as well as doctors, health workers and policemen etc. He gave tasks to the people like playing the plate and lighting the lamps, due to which people got together and supported them. There was a lockdown in the country for about 2 months, then it was gradually opened. The poor of the country had to face a lot of trouble due to the lockdown being imposed for 2 months, but the Modi government provided them relief by running various schemes. Modi ji inspired people to become self-reliant. For this also he made plans.

While Modi ji was boosting the morale of the people and providing them relief to eliminate Corona in his country, on the other hand people from different neighboring countries are also requesting him for help, then Modi ji also gave them relief. stood by. Corona vaccine was being prepared in America. Modi ji also coordinated with them and brought the vaccine to India. However, while supporting the companies making vaccines in India itself, Modi also approved them to make the corona vaccine. There are 3 types of corona vaccine available in India today. This year the second wave of Corona knocked, this wave proved to be much more dangerous than the first wave. In this too, he tried to speed up the process of vaccination to help people. According to the central government, the process of vaccination will be completed across India by December.

Narendra Modi ji latest news

Talking about the latest news related to Modi ji, let us tell you that Modi ji’s rating i.e. fan following had increased a lot last year, but his followers have decreased during the second wave of Corona. People are considering him responsible for the spread of the second wave of the corona, people say that Modi ji did not make any preparations to stop the second wave of corona. But people should not deny that Modi ji did the work of accelerating the process of vaccination in India. Along with this, a new drug of Corona was also made in India, which was approved and supported by Modi ji. Due to this, the patients of corona will be cured within a week, on the other hand people will not get corona by getting the vaccine.

Apart from this, the Modi government also ordered Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow some guidelines to prevent various crimes being done through social media, tampering with people’s data security and wrong messages spreading in the country . And if they do not believe in them, then they were also asked to close this platform in India. Let us tell you that last year Modi ji had banned over 200 Chinese apps in India as well.

Likes and Dislikes of Narendra Modi

Food Habit Vegetarian
Hobbies in literature, doing yoga and reading
Favorite Politician Syama Prasad Mukherjee and Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Favorite Leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda

Narendra Modi’s Books

Books written on Narendra Modi Author Books written by Narendra Modi ji
Narendra Modi – A Political Biography andy marino light beam
Centerstage: Inside the Narendra Modi Model of Governance Uday Mahurkar abode of love
Modi: Making of a Prime Minister: Leadership, Governance and Performance Vivian Fernandes Prematirtha
The Man of the Moment: Narendra Modi MV Kamath and Kalindi Randeri Kelve Te Kelavani
The NaMo Story: A Political Life kingshuk snake witnessing
Narendra Modi: The Gamechanger Sudesh Verma social harmony

Interesting facts of Narendra Modi ji

  • As a child, Modi wanted to join the Indian Army, and he also tried to join Sainik School. But due to poor financial condition, he could not take admission in Sainik School.
  • At the age of 17, Modi ji had left his home and he went to travel to different parts of India.
  • Prime Minister Modi did not share his official residence with any of his family members.
  • He did a 3-month course on Image Management and Public Relations in the United States.
  • Modi ji respected Swami Vivekananda ji a lot, he was his great follower.
  • After Barack Obama , Narendra Modi is the second most followed leader in the world on Twitter, he has more than 12 million followers. Modi ji and Barack Obama are also very good friends.
  • In 2010, when Narendra Modi was serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Gujarat had emerged as the second best state in the world.
  • Modi ji did not take a single day’s leave during his 13-year tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • Narendra Modi is active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, due to which he is considered as India’s most techno-loving leader.
  • Modi ji always signs in Hindi language, whether it is a casual occasion or an official document.
  • In 2016, a wax statue of Modi ji has been made at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London.
  • Narendra Modi ji is actually very religious, and he fasts for 9 whole days every year during Navratri, even if he is traveling.
  • Modi ji sleeps only 5 hours or less in a day.
  • Modi ji is known to be very stylish in his dressing. She loves traditional Indian dress.

Narendra Modi’s thoughts (Narendra Modi Quotes)

  • Once we decide that we have to do something, we can go miles ahead.
  • We all have both good and bad qualities, people who focus on the good qualities are those people who are successful.
  • With a gun you can make the earth red, but if you have plows you can make the earth green.
  • Everyone has the power to dream. But dreams should be converted into resolutions. Never let an idea die.
  • India is a young country, a country with such a large percentage has the potential to change the fate of not only India but the whole world.
  • After the success of Mars mission, no one can question the youth of India. Everything is indigenous.

Narendra Modi ji is such a personality of our country that people can never forget. In the general elections of the year 2019, Modi ji is again appearing as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. We hope that once again Modi ji becomes the Prime Minister of the country and takes the country towards development.


Q: What is the full name of Narendra Modi?

Ans: Narendra Damodardas Modi

Q: When is the birth of Narendra Modi?

Ans: 17 September 1950

Q: What is the birthplace of Narendra Modi?

Ans: Vadnagar Mumbai State Present Gujarat

Q: What is the caste of Narendra Modi?

Ans: Mod Ghachi, OBC

Q: What is the name of the mother and father of Narendra Modi

Ans: Mother Hiraben, Father Late Shri Damodardas Moolchand Modi

Q: What is the name of the brother and sister of Narendra Modi?

Ans: Som Modi
Amrit Modi
Prahlad Modi
Pankaj Modi
Vasantiben Hasmukhlal Modi

Q: What is the name of Narendra Modi’s wife?

Ans: Jashodaben

Q: When was Narendra Modi married?

Years: 1968

Q: When did Narendra Modi become the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time?

Years: 2001

Q: On which day did Narendra Modi take oath as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time?

Ans: 7 October 2001

Q: When did Narendra Modi become Prime Minister for the first time?

Years: 2014

Q: On which day did Narendra Modi take oath as the Prime Minister for the first time?

Ans: 26 May 2014

Q: How many seats did BJP get in the first election of Narendra Modi?

Years: 282


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