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Why Narak Chaturdashi is called Choti Deepawali? Choti Diwali Kavita


hell chaturdashi To chhoti diwali Why called and how to believe (Why called Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali Kavita in hindi)

Narak Chaturdashi is also known by many people as Choti Deepawali and every year Narak Chaturdashi Kartik Amavasya Arrives a day before. This day is of great importance in Hinduism and on the day of Narak Chaturdashi, people do various types of worship.

Information related to Narak Chaturdashi of the year 2020-

When is Narak Chaturdashi in the year 2020 13 November
what day Friday
By whom is this festival celebrated? Hindus
abhyanga bath time 04:15 am to 05:29 am
Other names for Narak Chaturdashi chhoti diwali, Roop Chaturdashi, Kali Chaudas and Roop Chaudas
Chhoti Diwali Narak Chaturdashi

Why Diwali is celebrated: Know why the biggest festival of India is celebrated

Naraka Chaturdashi ( Narak Chaturdashi )

On the day of Roop Chaudas, Abhyanga Snan is performed and Yama Devta is worshipped. This year Narak Chaturdashi is coming on the 6th of November. And the auspicious time to take bath on this day is from 4:15 to 5:29 in the morning.

Significance of Narak ChaturdashiImportance of Narak Chaturdashi )

hell chaturdashi There are many importance associated with the day and it is said that on this day it is beneficial to wake up before the sun rises and take abhyanga bath and those who take bath on this day attain heaven as well as its Beauty also increases. Apart from this, by worshiping Yamraj ji in the evening on this day, premature death is also averted.

Why is Narak Chaturdashi celebrated?Why Narak Chaturdashi Is Celebrated)

Story 1: Lord Krishna killed Narakasura

  • There are many stories behind celebrating the festival of Naraka Chaturdashi and one of these stories is of Lord Krishna and Narakasura.
  • According to our Puranas, Narakasura used to be the son of Mother Earth and he had created terror on the earth. Lord Indra had requested Lord Vishnu to protect the people from this demon and Lord Vishnu had promised Indra Dev that he would take the incarnation of Krishna and kill it.
  • At the same time, when Lord Vishnu had incarnated as Krishna on earth, he killed it while fulfilling his promise and got thousands of women released from its captivity. At the same time, Krishna ji got married on the day of Narak Chaturdashi, to give respect to these women in the society, after which people lit lamps in their homes on this day.

Story 2: Narakasura was killed at the hands of Krishna’s wife

Apart from the above mentioned story, there is another story related to the killing of Narakasura and it is said that Narakasura got a boon from Brahma ji, that he can be killed only by a woman. Due to which it was killed by Krishna ji with the hands of his wife Satyabhama.

Story 3: Narakasura was killed by Maa Kali

According to another legend, this demon was killed at the hands of Maa Kali and hence this day is celebrated as Kali Chaudas by the people of West Bengal.

Story 4: Heaven meets place

According to the belief, there used to be a king named Ratideva, who used to do a lot of virtuous work. At the same time, Yamraj came to them to take this king to hell. On the other hand, when Rantidev came to know about Yamraj being taken to Hell, he was shocked and the king told Yamraj that he has never done any wrong thing, then why is he being sent to Hell.

On the other hand, in response to this question of Rantidev Raja, Yamraj told him that once he had sent a hungry priest from his house on an empty stomach, due to which he would go to hell. However, Rantidev requested Yamraj to ask for one more life and Yamraj accepted his request and donated his life. After receiving the gift of life, Maharaj met the sage saint and asked him for a remedy related to not going to hell. At the same time, the saintly saint had advised the Maharaja to fast on the day of Narak Chaturdashi and feed the hungry priest, so that he can avoid going to hell.

Why is it called Narak Chaturdashi?

The day when Lord Narakasura was killed was Chaturdashi Tithi and hence this day is called ‘Naraka Chaudas’. On the other hand, it comes on the first day of Deepawali, so it is also called Chhoti Deepawali.

How is Narak Chaturdashi celebrated? festival of

  • Abhyanga bath is done on this day and before taking this bath, Chirchiri leaves are put in the bathing water and then bath is done with things like oil, sandalwood and rubbish.
  • On this day in southern India, people wake up early and after taking a holy bath, make a paste of kumkum and oil and apply it on their forehead. While some communities of Tamil Nadu state also worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day. On the other hand, people of West Bengal worship Maa Kali after taking bath on this day.
  • There is also a custom of plucking bitter fruits on this day and it is said that breaking this fruit symbolizes the defeat of Narakasura.

Importance of sesame oil and lamp (Importance Of Till And Deepdan)

According to the belief, after worshiping in the evening on this day, lamps should be donated and lamps should be lit at home and those who do this on this day reduce their sins.

chhoti diwali hindi poem

This is the king of festivals
celebrated for five days
today is our chhoti diwali
Tells the story of Narkachodas
Narakasura was a demon
was that mighty eater
The ruler who made Indra the victory
His terror was all around
when the crisis comes
god save us
This time Krishna’s Leela went on
Laughing killed Narakasura
Ever since this day was celebrated
Who till today is called Narka Chodas

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