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Mysterious stories and serials of Vikram Betaal


1 Suryamal and his wife’s dilemma first story In the first episode, Vikram meets Betaal and narrates the story of Betaal, in which Suryamal is married to a beautiful girl. After some time the robbers attack Suryamal’s village. Suryamal and his friend die while fighting. Due to which Suryamal’s wife prays to Mother Durga, then Mother Durga gives her husband a boon to live. Out of happiness, Suryamal’s wife ties her husband’s head to the torso of her husband’s friend and he comes back to life. Question Betal asks who is the husband of her daughter now, whose head is Suryamal or her friend whose torso is? Answer Vikramaditya says – The whole body is governed by the brain, which is the head of Suryamal, thus Suryamal will be her husband. 2. King Rupsen and his protector Veeravar Story In the kingdom of King Roopsen, there was a powerful man named Veeravar. Due to his power, he was made the protector of the king, he used to take nine weights of gold daily for this work. One day, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, tells him that there is a demon in a cave, who is about to rise and will eat the king and his family to satisfy his hunger. Veervar is the protector of the king, so he decides to give up his life and himself goes to the cave with his family. When the king comes to know about this, he feels guilty that in the presence of him, how can he sacrifice anyone and he also comes to the cave. Only then Goddess Lakshmi appears there and says that it was a test. Of heroic whether he really performs the duty or is only a protector for wealth. But heroic chooses his duty. Question Betal has questioned that who is the greatest sage, Raja Rupsen or Veervar? Answer The king said – Veervar sacrificed but it was his duty, because he also takes its money, but here the great sacrifice belongs to the king, who agreed to give his life. 2 love story of king yashodhan Story King Yashodhana was a very kind and justice loving king. His people loved him very much. Once the rich merchant of the city thought that he would marry his daughter to King Yashodhana and he sent a marriage proposal. The king sent his courtiers to know about the girl. When the courtiers inquired, they came to know that the girl is very beautiful and well-mannered. Only then a city dweller told the courtiers that if you marry the king to such a beautiful girl, then his attention will be diverted from the kingdom, then the courtiers told the king that the girl is not good. King Yashodhana said no to the proposal. After some time the marriage of that girl is fixed with a minister of the king, both of them start liking each other. Only then one day the king sees those girls in the garden and is impressed by her beauty and asks the courtiers to send proposals for marriage to her home. When the minister comes to know about this, he breaks his marriage and preparations for the king’s marriage begin, but before the marriage, the king comes to know about the truth, then he gets the minister and that girl married in the same pavilion. . Question Whose sacrifice was greater between Yashodhana and the minister? answer Vikramaditya says – The minister’s sacrifice was big in these two because he sacrifices his love while the king was only in love with beauty. 3 three marriage proposals and one sonprabha Story There is a girl named Sonprabha who has to get married, for which her father, mother and brother are looking for marriageable groom. Only then when a demon threatens to take away Sonprabha, the family gets scared. One day when Sonprabha’s father goes for business, he is attacked by robbers, then a powerful man saves his life. Then Sonprabha’s father, impressed by the youth’s power, proposes the daughter’s marriage to him and he agrees. At the same time Sonprabha’s mother meets a poet and being impressed by him, she proposes marriage in front of him as well. is also accepted. Now all three come to meet Sonprabha, now Sonprabha has to decide whom she will marry. Then he takes away Sonprabha, the demon of the city. Then the three youths decide to save Sonprabha. The poet comes to know where the demons are, with the help of the plane of the three engineer, and the powerful man who was there fights with the demon and saves Sonprabha. Now there is a dilemma in front of Sonprabha that whom should she choose as her bride? Question Whom should Sonprabha marry? warrior or poet or engineer Answer The king replies – Sonprabha should marry a warrior because he is powerful who will always protect him. 4 Story of Padmavati and Prince Virajmukti Story Prince Virajmukti is a handsome young man, he is friends with the son of his Diwan. One day both of them go for a walk in the forest, then the eyes of Virajmukti fall on a girl, she gets lost in her beauty and asks her her name, address and who is her father. Touch the hands with the ears and see the teeth. Virajmukti does not understand at first and he asks his friend, then that friend says that her name is Padmavati, she is a resident of Kanpur and her father is Dentis. Virajmukti wants to marry Padmavati, but the king of Kanpur also wants to marry her, then Virajmukti gets very angry. When his friend gives him advice and he tells a thief to steal Padmavati’s jewelry and takes the jewelry to the king of Kanpur and says that I have a relationship with whoever these ornaments belong to. Hearing this, the king ends the marriage proposal and Virajmukti and Padmavati get married. Question Betal asks: Who is the most sinner among these two? Answer The king says – both are sinners, but more sinners are free from death because he wished that his friend had just advised his friend. 5 Rich girl accepts thief as husband Story King Veerketu was the king of Ayodhya. He is very upset because a thief has spread terror in the state. Then the king himself decides to catch the thief. And at the same time a beautiful girl named Manna meets a handsome young man and falls in love with him. That young man is the thief whom the king is looking for. Many relationships came for Manna, but she never liked anyone, but she was very fond of this young man. After some time the king meets a thief in the city, the king has disguised himself, so the thief does not recognize him. The king and the thief become friends and when the thief tells him that he also wanted to join the army of the state, but due to corrupt ministers he could not be recruited. The king understands the whole thing further and catches that thief. Action is taken against that thief. Manna’s father stands by the thief’s side and supports him. Manna is also standing with the thief. After listening to all the things, the king forgives the thief and frees him as well as joins the army, hearing this the thief cries and then laughs. Question The thief cries first and then laughs, why is that? Answer The thief cries because he thinks he will die and will never be able to repay the favor to Manna and her father. Laughs because he can’t believe that Manna liked him leaving so many young men. 6 Whom did the princess marry? Story When a princess goes to visit her kingdom, she meets a person who can talk to birds, the princess is very happy with him and invites him to the palace to teach this art. Later, she meets a weaver who weaves very beautiful clothes and is very famous, she is also happy with him. Then she falls ill on the way, then a doctor cures her, she is also happy with him and says that she also wants to serve people like this doctor. When she returns to the palace, she is attacked by the enemy, then a warrior saves her, she is also very happy with him. After coming to the palace, the king announces the marriage of the princess and invites all the worthy relations to come. Question Who should choose Raj Kumari, the one who talks to the bird, the weaver, the doctor or the warrior Answer The princess should choose the warrior because he will always protect her, everyone else will have only a moment’s love. 7 Gunakar’s unsuccessful penance Story Gunakar’s father dies and all the wealth is lost in gambling, due to which he is thrown out of his house, then he finds a saint who can achieve whatever he wants by his penance, then Gunakar teaches that saint Speaks. The saint agrees and says that you will learn this in two steps. Gunkar completes the first phase and if he starts missing home, then he goes to meet everyone, then he comes and completes the second phase. But the multiplier does not get power. Question Why did Gunakar’s penance not succeed? Answer Gunkar did not do penance carefully, so he did not get success. 8 prince and bird 9 Nagin’s Revenge 10 greedy apoorva 11 Dagadu’s dream 12 Satyadev’s Justice 13 love story of four princes 14 Sukesh’s love story and the duty of King Dharamveer 15 King Vallabh and the minister’s dilemma 16 lover of princess chandraprabha 17 mighty boy 18 Which is the real father? 19 prince and three sisters 20 husband, chaur and lover 21 three passionate brothers 22 Raja Chandrasen and his servant 23 immortal love 24 gopu’s gambling test 25 Raj Kumar Anandsen Feeling

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