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Munshi Premchand biography


Biography of Munshi Premchand Munshi Premchand biography quotes in hindi

Hindi is one of the most beautiful languages. Hindi is such a subject that everyone adopts, that is, it becomes very easy for easy and very difficult for difficult. Hindi was going to be given a new look, a new identity every day, its writers were its writers. Among them, there was a great image of Munshi Premchand, he was rich in such a talented personality, who changed the course of Hindi subject. He was a writer who changed with the times and gave a modern form to Hindi literature. Munshi Premchand gave such a literature to simple, easy Hindi, which people can never forget. Facing very difficult situations, he left his indelible mark in a beautiful subject like Hindi. Munshi Premchand was not only a writer of Hindi, but also a great writer, playwright, novelist, was rich in versatility.

prem chand

Biography of the novel Emperor Munshi Premchand (Munshi Premchand biography in hindi)

Subject information
Name Munshi Premchand
Full Name Dhanpat Rai
Birth 31 July 1880
place of birth He was born in Lamhi village of Varanasi.
death 8 October 1936
Father ajaib rai
Mother Anandi Devi
Language Hindi and Urdu
the nationality Hindustani
major works embezzlement, embezzlement

Next we will describe Munshi Premchand ji’s beautiful personality and complete life.

  • Life introduction
  • Education
  • Marriage
  • modus operandi
  • names of major works
  • key statement

Munshi Premchand Jeevani Biography

On 31 July 1880, in Lamhi, a small village in Banaras, where Premchand was born. Premchand ji was from a small and ordinary family. His grandfather Gur Sahai Rai, who was a patwari, and father Ajaib Rai, who was a post master. Since childhood, his life had gone through many struggles. When Premchand ji was just eight years old, his mother died of a serious illness.

At a very young age, due to the death of his mother, Premchand ji could not get the love of his parents since childhood. Due to government job, father was transferred to Gaurakpur and, after some time, father got married again. Stepmother never adopted Premchand ji completely. He had a different attachment towards Hindi since childhood. For which he himself started making efforts, and started it with a small novel. According to his interest, he used to read short novels. With this interest in reading, he started working at a book wholesaler.

By which he continued to fulfill his entire day, his hobby of reading books. Premchand ji was very simple and easy-going, kind-hearted. Never used to argue without talking to anyone, he was always ready to help others. He had great faith in God. In order to overcome the troubles of the house, in the beginning, with a lawyer, he got a job at a monthly salary of five rupees. Gradually he made himself proficient in every subject, which he got the benefit of going forward, got a good job. and was appointed as the principal of a missionary school. He fought every kind of struggle, laughing and finally, on 8 October 1936, took his last mother-in-law.

Munshi Premchand Education

Premchand’s early education began at the age of seven in a small madrasa in his own village, Lamhi. While staying in Madrasa, he acquired knowledge of Urdu and a little bit of English language along with Hindi.

While doing this, he gradually progressed his education on his own strength, and for further graduation, enrolled in a college in Banaras. Due to lack of money, he had to leave his studies in the middle. He had passed matriculation with great difficulties. But he did not give up on any stage of life, and studied again in 1919 and got the degree of BA.

Munshi Premchand marriage

Premchand ji was fighting the battle of luck since childhood. Never got the love and happiness of the family properly. Due to old customs, under pressure from his father, he got married at a very young age at the age of fifteen. This marriage of Premchand ji happened without his consent, without asking him, to a girl who was very quarrelsome in nature and was ugly. The father got married just after seeing the daughter of a rich family.

In a short time, father also died, the whole burden fell on Premchand ji. There came a time that, even after the job, he had to run the house by selling his valuable things at the time of need. At a very young age, the entire burden of the household fell on him alone. Due to this, he did not get along with Premchand’s first wife at all, due to which he divorced her. And after some time passed, second marriage of his choice, at the age of about twenty-five years, to a widowed woman. Premchand ji’s second marriage was very successful, after that, he got promotion day by day.

Munshi Premchand’s style of work

Premchand ji was active in his work since childhood. Despite many difficulties, he did not give up till the last moment. And kept doing something till the last moment, and left his invaluable writings not only in Hindi but also in Urdu.

  • After leaving Lamhi village, he lived in Kanpur for at least four years, where he met the editor of a magazine, and published many articles and stories. Meanwhile, many poems were also written for the freedom movement.
  • Gradually, his stories, poems, articles etc. started getting a lot of appreciation from the people. Due to which he was promoted, and was transferred to Gaurakpur. Here too, publications continued to come one after the other, in the meantime, he kept his active participation in the movements of Mahatma Gandhi by supporting him. Some of his novels were published in Hindi and some in Urdu.
  • After consulting his wife in 1921, he came to Banaras and decided to leave the government job. And paid attention to writing according to his interest. After a time, in order to bring a new change in his writing interest, he insisted on trying his luck in the cinema world, and he reached Mumbai and, also wrote the script of some films, but luck did not support and, that film Could not complete. Due to which Premchand ji had to bear the loss and, finally, he decided to leave Mumbai and, again, came back to Banaras. In this way in life, by making every effort and hard work, she tried till the last mother-in-law.

Name of the main compositions of Premchand ji (Munshi Premchand creations Name)

If seen, all the compositions of Munshi Premchand ji were prominent. No one can be addressed separately. And he wrote many kinds of compositions, which we have been reading in Hindi since childhood, just like this, many of his novels, dramas, poems, stories and articles have been given in Hindi literature. For example, Godan, embezzlement, shroud etc. have written countless works.

Alleged words and priceless words by Munshi Premchand (Munshi Premchand Quotes in hindi)

He was a person who, in his writings, used very clear and harsh languages. He wrote such statements in Hindi and other languages, which became a source of inspiration for the people. We are giving some of those statements below.

munshi premchand

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