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What is Muharram Tajiya history and story of Karbala 2022

What is Muharram Tajiya history and story of Karbala 2022
What is Muharram Tajiya history and story of Karbala 2022

What is Muharram Tajiya History and Story of Karbala 2022 (Muharram festival History, Karbala Story, Shayari, Day Of Ashura date)

Muharram is considered to be the festival of martyrdom, its importance is very high in Islamic religion. This is the first month of the Islamic calendar, it is celebrated with full devotion as the martyrdom of the servants of Allah. This holy month is considered to be the holy month after Ramadan. Even in Islam, four months are considered great. Many Muslims also fast during the days of Muharram.

Why is the day of Muharram and Ashura celebrated? (Why celebrate Muharram or Day Of Ashura)

This Muharram is the first month of Hijri Samvat. It is celebrated as the martyrdom given to the martyr. For 10 days of this month, the sufferings of Imam Hussain, the heir of the Prophet Muhammad, are mourned, but later it is celebrated as a celebration of martyrdom in battle and it is expressed by decorating it. These ten days are called Day of Ashura  in Islam .

When is Muharram celebrated ( Muharram festival or Day Of Ashura 2022 Date)

The ten days of Muharram are celebrated as Ashura. This entire month is celebrated as martyrdom and fasting is important on these days. In the year 2022, Muharram will be celebrated on 9th August.

History of Muharram and Story of Karbala

It is a painful story, but it can be seen as an example of bravery.

This time was 60 Hijri. Karbala was known as Syria. There Yazid wanted to become the emperor of Islam, for which he started spreading fear among the people. He tortured everyone to make them slaves in front of him. Yazid wanted his status over the whole of Arabia, but in front of his dictator, Imam Hussain, the heir of Hazrat Muhammad, and his brothers did not kneel down and fought fiercely. Imam Hussein was going from Medina to Iraq to protect the children. Only then did Yazid attack them. That place was a deep desert, in which there was only one river for water, on which Yazid had stationed his soldiers. Nevertheless, the Imam and his brothers fought resolutely. They were about 72, who had chewed gram under the teeth of 8000 soldiers. Gave such a fight that even the enemies started praising him. But they could not win, they all had come to be sacrificed. Pain, Despite suffering, he accepted to fight even after being hungry and thirsty and this fight lasted from Muharram 2 to 6, on the last day Imam put all his companions to sleep in the grave, but himself kept fighting till the end. Yazid had no idea left and it became impossible for him to kill the Imam. On the tenth day of Muharram, when the Imam was offering Namaz, the enemies killed him by deceit. In this way Yazid was able to kill the Imam, but even after dying with courage, the Imam deserved victory and was called a martyr. Even after winning the Takhto Taj, this battle was a big defeat for Yazid. But even after dying with courage, the Imam was entitled to victory and was called a martyr. Even after winning the Takhto Taj, this battle was a big defeat for Yazid. But even after dying with courage, the Imam was entitled to victory and was called a martyr. Even after winning the Takhto Taj, this battle was a big defeat for Yazid.

From that day till today, the month of Muharram is remembered as the martyrdom of the martyr.

what is muharram

The message of Muharram is peace and peace. War gives blood. It only asks for sacrifice, but Muharram also gives the message of not kneeling for religion and truth. The end of the fight gives trouble, so this day gives the message of peace and peace.

How to Celebrate Muharram (Muharram Festival Celebration)

  • It is considered as the month of Pakistan. This day is celebrated with enthusiasm by all the followers of Islamic religion.
  • Fasting is also kept in this ten days. These are called Ashura.
  • Many people do not fast for the whole 10 days. Fasting is kept on the first and last day.
  • It is called the month of worship. According to Hazrat Muhammad, keeping fast on these days destroys the bad deeds done. Allah has mercy. Sins are forgiven.

What is Muharram Tazia (Muharram Tazia History)

It is made from bamboo, it is decorated like jhakis. In this, the tomb of Imam Hussain is made and goes to be buried with pride. This is called paying tribute to the martyrs, mourning is also celebrated in this, but the martyrs are remembered with pride.

This tajiya is taken out on the eleventh day after ten days of Muharram, in which a fair is decorated. All Islamic people participate in this and the story of the sacrifice of ancestors is told to the people through Tajis. So that knowing the story of passion and courage, they can feel the difference on their ancestors.

Muharram Shayari

The martyrdom of Karbala became Islam,
blood was shed but the flight of spirits was shown. ,


Imam’s spirit was awakened, Islam was awakened , his duty to Allah was taught to the people


The scene of the bloodshed on the land of Karbala was full of pain and sorrow, but the brave souls got the name of martyr.


Do not shake found that the maihar the Lord won even though he cowardly war has killed Bakhof at the rate of Maula was the real true prophet


Remember in Muharram the sacrifice that was taught, the true meaning is not Islamic, he taught the real life by cutting his head with courage.


When is Muharram in 2022?

9 August

When is Muharram celebrated?

First month of Hijri Samvat

What kind of festival is Muharram?

It is celebrated as the day of martyrdom.

What do people do in Muharram?

On this day Tazias come out, along with rides also come out.

How many days is the festival of Muharram?

10 days

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