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Morarji Desai Biography and History | Morarji Desai biography and history in hindi


Morarji Desai biography and history in hindi

He became the fourth Prime Minister of India. His tenure started after Indira Gandhi, which was from 1977-1979, it was the first Prime Minister, who was not of Congress but of Janata Dal. He thought of setting the path of peace to improve the Indo-Pak relations going on in 1971. He is the only Indian who was awarded the “Bharat Ratna” of India and “Nishan-e-Pakistan” of Pakistan, the highest honor of both the countries.

Morarji Desai Biography and History

serial number life introduction point Morarji Desai Biography
1. Full Name Morarji Ranchhodji Desai
2. Birth 29 February 1896
3. birth place Bhadeli Village, Gujarat
4. Wife Gujaraben (1911)
5. Children 1 son
6. death 10 April 1995 (Delhi)
7. political party Janata Dal
Morarji Desai

Desai was born on 29 February 1896 in Valsad district of Bhadeli village. His family was a Brahmin, who was of a very conservative nature. Desai’s father was working as a teacher. His early education took place in Sant Bhusar Singh High School, further college education was completed by Desai ji from Wilson College in Mumbai. His family life went through many difficulties, he had 8 siblings, of which Desai ji was the eldest. Being a big family, Desai’s family had to go through financial troubles. Troubled by all these things, Desai ji’s father had committed suicide, due to which Desai ji was very upset, this time was difficult for his entire family. But he did not become weak in front of the situation but became stronger. In 1911, at the age of 16, he got married to Gujraben.

The beginning of Morarji’s career (Morarji desai career)-

After graduation, Desai passed the civil examination. Started civil service in 1918, worked as Deputy Collector for 12 years. Desai was a very ordinary student in student life, but he had mastered the debate competition. He received many awards in debates. Desai ji while working in the post of Deputy Collector in Gujarat Mahatma Gandhi G and Bal Gangadhar Tilak Came in contact with, after meeting whom he was very impressed with them. Desai ji’s nature was very different, the dire circumstances of the house had made him very harsh. This also affected his government job and he was also called a stubborn leader in Congress.

Morarji desai freedom fighter

Leaving government job in 1929 India’s freedom struggle took part in and took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement. In 1930, Desai went to jail thrice during the freedom struggle. In 1931, he got an important place in the Indian National Congress. Seeing his dedication towards his work, he was made the President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress in 1937. After this he formed the Indian Youth Congress in Gujarat. to Desai Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel made the president of this youth congress. He was also the Revenue and Home Minister. Desai ji was a staunch Gandhian leader and a person of high character. He opposed the indecent portrayal in films at that time. In 1937, he was appointed Minister of Revenue, Agriculture and Forest Department. Satyagraha Movement by Mahatma Gandhi He was sent to jail due to his participation in the war, from where Desai was freed in October 1941. in 1942 Quit India Movement He was arrested again for this, then Desai ji came out in 1945.

Morarji desai political career

In Bombay in 1946, he was made the Minister of Taxes and Home Minister. In 1952, he was made the Chief Minister of Bombay. In 1952, the people of Gujarati language on Bombay and in 1956, people of Marathi language made movements to gain their dominance. Desai ji strongly condemned and opposed this linguistic movement by the people of Mumbai. At this time the situation had worsened, which Desai controlled in three days. On 14 November 1956, Morarji Desai was made Union Cabinet Minister in the field of commerce and industry. He took over the economy from 22 March 1957. He was called to Delhi for this influenced work of Morarji Desai. There was a lot of difference between his views and the views of the party.

in 1964 Jawaharlal Nehru Mr. After the death of Indira Gandhi When Morarji Desai took power, he got the place of Deputy Prime Minister. He was unhappy with this, as Desai ji felt that he could have achieved more. Relations between Indira Gandhi and Desai were not good. There was a lot of debate between the two about something, due to which the self-esteem of Desai ji was deeply hurt, the ideological differences increased so much that in 1969 the Congress party split into two.

Morarji relinquished the post of Deputy Prime Minister. The politics of bitter words started running between Morarji Desai and Indira. Morarji took over the reins of the opposition party and contested elections again in 1971. Desai filed a petition against Indira, under which Indira Gandhi was asked to stay away from elections. Desai ji from Surat in Gujarat Lok Sabha Elections won for the seat. He was made the leader of the Janata Party in Parliament. After this, as a result of the 1977 elections, the Janata Party got a majority and for the first time in the country, a non-Congress government took power. Moraji Desai was made the Prime Minister on 24 March 1977. Morarji Desai very wisely improved Indo-Pak relations, as well as he After the 1962 war with China Efforts were also made to improve political relations with him. Morarji Desai under his leadership during emergency Made, changed many laws and at the same time made such rules, so that in future, the situation of emergency does not come in front of any government.

Desai ji could not serve India for long days by staying in Prime Minister D, in 1979. Charan Singh Withdrew support from the Janata Party and Morarji Desai had to step down from his post. Along with this, he also retired from politics. Morarji Desai was the first person who became the Prime Minister at the age of 81, his record still stands.

Morarji desai death

Morarji Desai used to live in Mumbai after leaving politics, Inta died on 10 April 1995, he was then 99 years old.

Morarji Desai Awards –

  • In 1990, he was awarded the Nishan-e-Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan.
  • In 1991, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest honor.

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