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Meera’s verses / couplets meaning, birth anniversary and life introduction


Meera Bai Ke Pad or Dohe Meaning Jeevani, Jayanti In Hindi

In the life of Meera Bai, who was absorbed in Krishna devotion, no one had any place other than devotion. The only goal of Meera’s life was to remember her Krishna, to love him, to say happiness and sorrow to him. He had accepted his everything to Shri Krishna.

When is Meera Bai Jayanti celebrated? (Meera Bai Jayanti)

Meera Bai is considered to be born on the full moon day of Ashwin, it is called Meera Jayanti. This was a fierce Krishna devotee, whom Krishna himself used to protect. This festival is celebrated on Sharad Purnima. Maha Raas Day on Sharad Purnima are also called. On this day the world praises the pastimes of Shri Krishna. Meera’s name is not there in Krishna devotion, it is not possible. Meera Bai’s compositions describe the character of Shri Krishna, the heart of the listener becomes emotional.

In 2021, Mira Bai Jayanti will be celebrated on 20 October.

Meera Bai Jeevan Parichay:

No. Point Mira Bai biography
1 Birth 1504 Jodhpur Kurki Village
2 death 1557
3 Husband bhojraj
4 Teacher Sant Ravidas
5 Composition Padavali of Meerambai, verses of Raga Sorath, Raga Govind, Geet Govind Tika, Myra of Narsi

There are many stories related to the life of Meera which you must have heard or read. One such story has been written here.

Meera Bai Story

Meera Bai was always engrossed in devotion to Krishna. He was married to Maharana Bhojraj. Even after marriage, Krishna devotion was paramount in Meera’s life. His behavior was not liked by his in-laws at all. He used to harass Meera in various ways that she should give up devotion to Krishna. But Meera never listened.

Meera had to do all the household chores. Once Meera had to go to the satsang, but she could not leave the house. Only then Lord Krishna came in the form of Meera and started doing all the household chores and Meera went for Krishna devotion and got absorbed in devotion in such a way that her life was absorbed in God. Other people cremated his dead body. And on the other hand Lord Krishna became Meera and engaged in the work of his house. Seeing this, Mother Rukmani got worried and started pleading in front of Krishna that Oh Lord! What have I forgotten that you left me and came here. Then Krishna asked Mata Rukmani to go to the crematorium and bring all the ashes of Meera and bring them back to life. Only then can I leave here. Mother said – How will I understand which bones belong to Meera. Shri Krishna replied – Collect all those bones from the bone from which you will hear my name. Mata Rukmani did the same. The name of the Lord contained in Meera’s conscience was being heard in each and every bone of her. Collecting those ashes, the mother bathed him with nectar and donated his life. After this Lord Krishna could return to his abode.

There was so much power in Meera’s devotion that God himself did small household chores for her.

Meera Bai Ke Pad Dohe

Meera Bai Ke Pad or Dohe Meaning In Hindi

The only form of devotion is love. Just the way of showing this love is different. Many do it with worship, satsang and charity, and many do it in the form of hymns, couplets describing the pastimes of the Lord’s life. Meera’s devotion is absorbed in her hymns.

Manmohan Kanha Vinti Karoon Din Rain
way to my nain
Now it is Daras Dedo Kunj Bihari
Manwa is restless
neh ki dori tum sang jori
Won’t let go of us
Hey Murli Dhar Krishna Murari
a little rest
My Nain till the way……..

I mharon supanma
If you listen

Meera is requesting Lord Krishna in her hymn that O Krishna! I am looking your way day and night. My eyes are restless to see you, my mind is also eager to see you. You come and give me darshan only then I will get peace.

==================================================== ================================

  1. Meera’s post

vote cloud come re
Do not bring messages to Hari tortoise
dadur peacock papiha said
Koel Sabad Sunave Re
black lightning flashes
Birhina Ati Darpaye Re
Feet of Man Re Persi Hari
Listen to the feet of Parsi Hari


The clouds are thundering, but they do not bring any message of green. In the rainy season, the peacock has spread its wings and the cuckoo is also singing in a melodious voice. And in the darkness of black clouds, the heart is crying with the sound of lightning. The fire of hatred is increasing. The mind is just thirsty for the sight of Hari.

==================================================== ==============================

  1. Meera’s post

I mharo supanma parnare deenanath
Bridegroom Shri Brijnath went to Chappan Kota
Supanma Toran Bandhya Ri Supanma Gaya Hand
Supanma found an immovable honeymoon because of me
Mira Ro Giridhar Ni Pyari Purab Janam Ro Haad
Matwaro Badal Aayo Re
If you listen, the clouds will come.

  • Meera ke pada dohe hindi meaning
    Meera says that in her dream, Shri Krishna came as the bridegroom king. The pylon was tied in the dream, which was broken by Dinanath. In the dream, Meera touched Krishna’s feet and became happy.

==================================================== ==============================

  1. Meera’s post

Feet of Man Re Persi Hari
good luck soft lotus soft
triple flare
Whose feet, Dhruva, Atal, keep your refuge
Jin Charan Brahman Bheedyo Nakh Shikha Head Holder
Jin Charan Prabhu Persi Linhe Curry Gautam Karan
Jin Charan Fani Nag Nathyo Gop Leela Karan
Jin Charan Gobardhan Dharyo Proud Madhav Haran
Maid Meera Lal Giridhar Agam Taran Taran
Meera Magan Bhai
Listen to Meera Maganbhai

  • Meera ke pada dohe hindi meaning
    Meera’s mind is always absorbed in the feet of Krishna. Such Krishna whose mind is cool. At whose feet are the poles. At whose feet is the whole universe, the earth is. At whose feet are the remaining serpents. Who had taken away the cow dung money. The mind of this maid Meera is engaged in the feet of the same Hari, her pastimes.

==================================================== ================================

  1. Meera’s post

Payo ji, I got Ram Ratan Dhan..

Keep the object amolic di my Satguru Kirpa Kari. Pay ji I…
Janam Janam’s capital was found in the world. Pay ji I…
He is not a thief, nor is he a thief. Pay ji I…
Sat ki boat Khevatiya Satguru come to the ocean of Bhavsagar. Pay ji I…
Lord of Meera Giridhar Nagar Harsha Harsha Jas Gayo. Pay ji I…

  • Meera ke pada dohe hindi meaning

Meera has acquired a supernatural wealth named Ran. Which has been given by his Guru Ravidas ji. By getting this one name, he has got the wealth of many births and the love of all. Huh. It is such wealth which shows the way to salvation. After receiving this name i.e. Shri Krishna, Meera happily sang his praises.

==================================================== ==============================

  1. Meera’s post

Me, Girdhar Gopal, no one else.

Go head peacock crown my husband slept||

  • Meera ke pada dohe hindi meaning

Meera says – I am only Shri Krishna, who lifted the mountain on his finger and got the name Girdhar. Apart from that, I do not consider anyone as my own. On whose head is the crown of peacock feathers, he is my husband.

==================================================== ==================================================== ===

  1. Meera’s post

Tat mata bharat brothers, neither of you nor anyone.

Chadi dai kulki kan kahan kaha kare hai koi||

  • Meera ke pada dohe hindi meaning

I have neither father, nor mother, nor any brother, but I have Girdhar Gopal.

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