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Mahashivratri Vrat Katha | When is it, Worship, Significance

What is the story of offering water to Shiva from Kavad?
What is the story of offering water to Shiva from Kavad?

Annual, monthly, and weekly festivals have importance in Hindus. The worship of Bholenath is considered to be the most important. In weekly festivals, Mondays are dedicated to Bholenath. In the monthly festivals, fasting and worship of Shivaratri is important. Among the annual festivals, festivals like Maha Shivratri, Shravan month, Hartalika Teej, etc. have special importance. The time of worship of Lord Shiva is Pradosh Kaal. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to worship Lord Shiva at the time of relation with day and night. Worshiping any fast of Shiva ji is appropriate during the “Pradosh period”.

Mahashivratri Auspicious Time (Shivratri Shubh Tithi)

Masi Shivratri is celebrated every month on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha. In this, devotees worship and fast according to their belief during Pradosh period.

When is the auspicious time in Monthly Shivratri 2022 (Masik Shivratri 2022 Dates)

date MonthDayShivratri
1JanuarySaturdayMonthly Shivratri
30JanuarySundayMonthly Shivratri
1MarchTuesdayMaha Shivratri
30MarchWednesdayMonthly Shivratri
29AprilFridayMonthly Shivratri
28MaySaturdayMonthly Shivratri
27JuneMonday _Monthly Shivratri
26JulyTuesdayMonthly Shivratri
25AugustThursdayMonthly Shivratri
24SeptemberSaturdayMonthly Shivratri
23OctoberSundayMonthly Shivratri
22NovemberTuesdayMonthly Shivratri
21DecemberWednesdayMonthly Shivratri

When is Maha Shivratri celebrated, when is it in 2022 (Maha Shivratri 2022 Dates):

Maha Shivratri is celebrated every year on the Chaturdashi of Falgun Krishna Paksha. Maha Shivratri has a lot of importance. It is done by most people. In 2022, Maha Shivratri will be celebrated on 1st March.

Shivratri / Maha Shivratri Vrat and Worship Method (Shivratri / Maha Shivratri Vrat Puja Vidhi):

  • Shiva is worshiped at the time of meeting of day and night in Pradosh period.
  • Food is not taken during fasting. Fruits are served both the times.
  • Rudrabhishek has a lot of importance in Shiva worship. Many people perform Rudrabhishek together with all the family members on the day of Shivratri.
  • There is also more importance of lighting a lamp on Shivratri, for Shivratri, after lighting a special type of light, Shiva is meditated in front of it.
  • In the text of Shiva, Shiva Purana, Shiva Panchakshara, Shiva Stuti, Shiva Ashtak, Shiva Chalisa, Shiva Rudrashtak , Shiva’s shlokas , weapon names are recited.  
  • Om is meditated for the meditation of Shiva. The pronunciation of is considered very important.
  • To know Shiva Puja in detail, “Shiv Puja Vidhi” . ,
  • The pronunciation of Om Namah Shivaya is also considered very important. The word Om is made up of two words Oo and Am. Sitting in a meditative posture, chanting Om gives mental peace. The mind is focused. The importance of Om is highest in all three religions, Hindu, Buddhist and Jain.
  • The most favorite month of Shiva is of Shravan  .

Shiv Rudrabhishek Mahatva:

Shiva Rudrabhishek has a lot of importance throughout the month of Shravan. In this, after chanting the name of Shiva, Shiva is bathed with reverence with various types of liquid substances, it is called Shiva Rudrabhishek.

he description of Shiva Rudrabhishek has been given in Yajurveda, but it is difficult to follow it completely, therefore it is considered appropriate to perform the method of Abhishek along with the pronunciation of Shiva.

Ingredients for Rudrabhishek (Rudrabhishek Samagri):

3milk (cow’s milk)
6mustard oil
7holy river water
8sugarcane juice
11Gulal, Abir
12Flowers of Datura, Fruits, Flowers of Acao, Bel leaves

They bathe the Shima Lingam with all the liquids. Om Namah Shiyav is chanted while taking bath. Rudrabhishek is done together with the family. Shiva should always be worshiped together with all the family members.

Shivratri Story 1 (Shivratri Vrat Katha 1) :

Once due to the anger of Lord Shiva, the whole earth was in a state of being burnt to ashes. At that time Mata Parvati prayed to Lord Shiva to pacify him. Pleased with his prayer, Shiva’s anger is pacified. Since then, worship is done on the day of Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha. This is called Shiva Ratri Vrat. All kinds of miseries end with the fasting of Shiva Ratri. Shivaratri fast is observed for getting children, for getting rid of diseases.

Shivratri Story 2 :

Once there is a difference of opinion between Lord Vishnu and Brahma ji. There is a dispute between the two about which of the two is the best. Then Shiva ji appears as a pillar of fire and tells Vishnu ji and Brahma ji that I cannot see any end of this pillar of light. Then Vishnu ji and Brahma ji realize their mistake. And they apologize to Shiva for their mistake. In this way it is said that the ego of man ends with the fasting of Shiva Ratri. Man awakens the same feeling towards all things. Human beings get away from many types of disorders.

Shivaratri fast and worship have great importance in Hindu religion, it is considered one of the big fasts. Shiva is worshiped in all the temples. The twelve Jyotirlingas have a lot of importance.

Names of Twelve Jyotirlingas (Barah Jyotirling Ke Naam)

  1. Somnath Jyotirlinga in Saurashtra (Gujarat)
  2. Mallikarjun Jyotirlinga in Srisailam
  3. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
  4. Omkareshwar Jyotirling in Madhya Pradesh Khandwa
  5. Parli Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga (Maharashtra)
  6. Nageshwar Jyotirling
  7. Kedarnath Jyotirling
  8. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga (Maharashtra)
  9. Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga
  10. Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga
  11. Visheshwar Jyotirlinga
  12. Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga

Q: When is Mahashivratri?

Ans: On the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Falgun month

Q: When is Mahashivratri in 2022?

Ans: 1st March

Q: Why is the festival of Mahashivratri celebrated?

Ans: It is said that on this day Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva got married.

Q: What fast is observed on Mahashivratri?

Ans: Yes absolutely

Q: What is the story of Mahashivratri fast?

Ans: We have given this to you in this article.

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