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Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti History and Anmol Vachan 2021


Who was Maharaja Agrasen, birth anniversary, history, biography and priceless words (Agrasen Maharaj Biography, Jayanti, History, Quotes, sons, birth In Hindi)

Maharaj Agrasen is said to be the father of Agarwal i.e. Vaishya society. Agrasen ji was born in a Kshatriya community. At that time, animals were sacrificed in the form of sacrifice, which Agrasen Maharaj did not like and because of this he accepted Vaishya religion by abandoning Kshatriya religion. According to the opinion of Kul Devi Laxmi ji, he originated the Aggarwal society, thus he is considered to be the birth god of Agrawal society. He established the kingdom of merchants. It was settled in the northern part, which was named Agroha. Eighteen gotras were born for the Agrawal society, by their eighteen sons, through eighteen yagyas in the company of sages.

Agrasen Maharaj Jayanti

Maharaja Agrasen Biography and History

Agrasen was the eldest son of King Vallabh Sen. It is said that he was born in the last phase of Dwapar Yuga, when Ram used to be the kingdom, that is, the king used to work in the interest of the subjects, he was the servant of the country. All these principles were also of King Agrasen, due to which he became immortal in history. The name of their city was Pratapnagar. Later he established a city called Agroha. He had attachment to humans as well as animals and animals, due to which he termed the sacrifice of animals in yagyas as wrong and renounced his Kshatriya religion and established Vaishya religion, thus he became the birth giver of Agrawal society. In his city of Agroha, all human beings were safe with money and food. He was famous like a beloved king. they mahabharat war I fought in favor of Pandavas.

He was married to Nagraj Kanya Madhavi. Madhavi was a very beautiful girl. Swayambar was kept for them, in which King Indra also participated, but the girl chose Agrasen, due to which King Indra felt humiliated and created a famine situation in Pratap Nagar, due to which King Agrasen attacked Indra Dev. attacked. Agrasen Maharaj’s position was better in this war. Thus their victory seemed certain, but the gods together with Narada Muni ended the enmity between Indra and Agrasen.

Maharaja Agrasen National Award

Agrasen Maharaj gave a new direction to the society on the strength of his ideas and hard work. Because of him, everyone understood the importance of socialism and business. For this reason, on 24 September 1976, the Government of India got the figure of Maharaj Agrasen on a 25 paise ticket as a mark of respect. The Indian government took over the ship in 1995, which was named Agrasen.

Even today there is Agrasen’s stepwell in Delhi, in which facts related to him have been kept.

How Agroha Dham was established (Agroha Dham Haryana):

Maharaj Agrasen Pratap was the king of the city. The state was running happily. Taking the desire of prosperity, Agrasen devoted his mind to penance, after which Mata Lakshmi appeared to him and she inspired Agrasen to form a Vaishya caste with a new ideology and to create a new kingdom, after which King Agrasen and Queen Madhavi completed Traveled the country and established the kingdom of Agroha according to his understanding. Initially it was named Agreyagan, which changed to Agroha. Today this place comes under Haryana state. There is a grand temple of Lakshmi Mata here.

From the establishment of this culture, the attitude of business developed in the society. It was Raja Agrasen who established socialism, due to which the sense of unity developed among the people. Along with this, the spirit of cooperation was developed, which improved the standard of living.

How Agrawal Samaj originated:

King Agrasen gave birth to the Vaishya caste, but 18 yagyas were performed to organize it and on the basis of them, Gautras were made.

Agrasen Maharaj had 18 sons. Those 18 sons were given the resolution of Yagya, which was fulfilled by 18 sages. On the basis of these sages, the gotra was born, which formed the grand Agrawal society with 18 gotras.

Agrasen Maharaj Gotra –

gotra god guru (sage)
Aaron indramal atri/aurva
Bansal diffraction Vishist/Watts
Bindal Vrindadev Yavasa or Vasistha
Bhandal vasudev Bharadwaj
hold/deren dhavandev wander or wander
Garg/Gargeya pushpadeva Gargacharya or Garga
Goyal/Goel/Goenka balled gautam or gobhil
Goan/Gangal Godhar Purohit or Gautam
Jindal jatra sangh Jupiter or Gemini
Kansal Manipal kaushik
crushed karanchand Kush or Kashyap
Madhukul/Mudgal madhavsen Ashwalyan/Mudgal
Fortunate amritsen Mudrugal / Mandavya
Mittal minister Vishwamitra/Maitreya
Nangal/Nagal nersev Kaudalya/Nagendra
single sindhupati Shringi/Shandila
taal Tarachand Sakal/Taitreya
tingal tambolkarna Shandiliya/Tandy

At the time of this yagya, when there was talk of animal sacrifice in 18 Rave Yagya, King Agrasen opposed it. Thus animal sacrifice was stopped in the last yagya.

This Vaish society thus formed created avenues for earning money and till date this caste is known for trade.

Agrasen Maharaj Last Time:

After establishing a safe state, King Agrasen handed over this task to his eldest son Vibhu. And he himself went into the forest. He ruled for almost 100 years. Due to his justice, kindness, hard work and activity, he was given a place equal to a God in the pages of history. Bhartendu Harishchandra wrote many books on them. After studying their policies, knowledge was taken from them.

He created democracy, socialism, economic policies and explained its importance. On 29 September 1976, his kingdom Agroha was made a religious dham. Agrasen ji’s temple was also built here, which was established on the day of Vasant Panchami in 1969. It is called the pilgrimage of Agrawal Samaj.

Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated as the biggest festival in Agarwal society. The whole society gathers together and celebrates this birth anniversary in different ways.

When is Agrasen Jayanti celebrated? (Agrasen Jayanti 2021 Date)

Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada means Agrasen Jayanti on the first day of Navratri are celebrated. Grand events are organized on this day and worship is done according to the law.

In this year 2021, this birth anniversary is 7 October. will be celebrated.

Jains, Maheshwaris, Khandelwals etc. also come along with Agarwal Samaj under Vaish Samaj, all of them also celebrate this festival with great pomp. The whole society gathers and celebrates this birth anniversary. Maha rallies are taken out on this day. The celebrations start fifteen days before Agrasen Jayanti. Many theatrical plays and competitions are organized in the society. Many events are organized for children. This festival is done together with the whole society. That is its main purpose.

Agrasen Maharaj Anmol Vachan (Agrasen Maharaj Quotes)

  • Just as we get to heaven after death, we have to make such a life that we can say that we were in heaven before death.
  • I prefer to watch a bird fly by instead of aiming for an arrow.
  • When we walk on a horse, Agrasen says to the child that we owe them
  • Beliefs tradition in love of animals by prohibiting animal sacrifice created a new society
  • It is a symbol of diligence, there are lessons in their nature, such a tradition has been created, the same rituals are going on till date.
  • By becoming a father and father, he created a new society, because of his thoughts, today the Vaishya caste has saved

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