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Biography of Mahadevi Verma in Detail


Mahadevi Verma one of the Hindi literature great poet and a well-known writer She is considered one of the most talented poets of Hindi.

Mahadevi Varma is the main pillar of the Chhayavadi era in Hindi literature. Jai Shankar Prasad, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala and Sumitra Nandan Pant With is considered important pillar. Along with being a great poet, she is also known as a great prose writer in the Hindi literary world.

The great poet Suryakant Tripathi Nirala gave him “Saraswati of the huge temple of Hindi” said. She has also been called modern Mira because in her poems the pain of being separated from a lover and its separation and pain have been described very emotionally.

Mahadevi Verma ji was not only a famous poetess and a well-known writer, she was also a great social reformer. She laid special emphasis on the empowerment of women and promoted women’s education a lot. Mahadevi Verma ji had taken many important and revolutionary steps to get women their rights in the society and to get proper respect and respect. Mahadevi Verma

Life introduction:

Early life and family

Mahadevi Verma was born on 26 March 1907 in Farukhabad (Uttar Pradesh) on the day of Holi in a very prosperous family. After about 200 years or seven generations in this family, a daughter was born as Mahadevi ji. Therefore, there was no place for the happiness of his Baba Govind Prasad Verma. Considering her as the goddess of the house, her name is Mahadevi. Kept.

Mahadevi Verma’s parents’ name was Hemrani Devi and Babu Govind Prasad Verma. His father Shri Govind Prasad Verma ji was a teacher in a school and his mother Hemrani Devi was a woman engrossed in worship, who was interested in Veda Purana and music.

Mahadevi Verma had a younger sister Shyama Devi (Smt. Shyama Devi Saxena wife- Dr. Baburam Saxena, former Head of Department and Vice Chancellor Allahabad University) and two younger brothers Jagmohan Verma and Manmohan Verma respectively.

While Mahadevi Verma and Jagmohan Verma were very calm and serious in nature, Shymadevi and Manmohan Verma were very playful, mischievous and stubborn.

From infancy, Mahadevi Varma had a feeling of compassion and pity for all living beings in her heart. While doing them in the cold, the puppies were also taken care of. She used to take care of animals and birds and spend her days playing with them. This was the reason that after completing her studies, she wanted to become a nun by taking Buddhist initiation in 1929, but after coming in contact with Mahatma Gandhi, she got engaged in social service.

He also had a passion for painting since childhood. She used to fulfill this hobby by carving pictures on the earth with coal etc. The pain, compassion, pain, rebellion, philosophies and spirituality in his personality and the fluid, subtle and tender feelings he has expressed in his poetry, the seed of all these had fallen in this state, which later sprouted and flourished continuously. Keep happening

Education of Mahadevi Verma:

Mahadevi Verma’s education started at the age of 5 from Mission School in Indore in 1912 and at the same time, the education of Sanskrit, English, Music and Painting was given by the teachers at home. In 1916, education was suspended for some days due to marriage. After marriage, Mahadevi ji took admission in the Krasthwet College Allahabad (now Prayagraj) in Bai Ka Bagh in 1919 and started living in the college hostel. The brilliance of Mahadevi ji’s talent starts from here.

In 1921, Mahadevi ji passed the eighth standard and got the first position in the state. The development of his poetry journey also started at this time and from here. She started writing poetry at the age of seven and by 1925, when she passed her matriculation, she had become famous as a successful poetess. His poems were published in various magazines.

Influenced by the Hindi teacher in the school, he wrote some poems in Brajbhasha as well. Then, influenced by the poetry of the then Khariboli, he started writing poetry in Khariboli and Rola and Hargitika verses. At the same time, taking a compassionate story heard from the mother, he also wrote a block poem in a hundred verses. A few days later, his works began to be published in the then newspapers and magazines.

In student life, she often wrote poems on national and social awakening, she herself has said about her poems of that time: “Was written to be lost in the atmosphere of the school. With his completion, the infancy of my poetry also ended. Even before passing the matriculation examination, he started writing such poems, in which the feeling of mass in the individual and the feeling of subtle consciousness in the gross has been expressed. Most of the poems in his first collection of poetry ‘Nihar’ belong to that time.

Marriage and Married Life of Mahadevi Verma:

When Mahadevi Verma was only 9 years old, in the year 1916, her Baba Shri Banke Vihari married her to Shri Swaroop Narayan Verma, a resident of Nabav Ganj town near Bareilly, who was a student of class X at that time.

Mahadevi ji was married at an age when she did not even understand the meaning of marriage. Well the date of marriage has been fixed. When the procession came, she ran outside and stood in the midst of everyone and started watching the procession. When asked to keep a fast, he ate a lot of sweets sitting in the sweet room. While sleeping at night, Nine took her rounds in her lap and when she opened her eyes in the morning, she saw a knot in the cloth, she opened it and ran away. Mahadevi Verma

Mahadevi Verma could never accept the relationship between husband and wife. The reason remains a mystery even today. Critics and scholars have made various speculations in their own way.

According to Ganga Prasad Pandey- “Only the in-laws know the riot that Mahadevi ji created after reaching her in-laws’ house… Crying just crying. The festivities of the new girl daughter-in-law’s reception faded away and a panic broke out in the house. As a result, the father-in-law returned him the very next day.

After the death of the father, Shri Swaroop Narayan Verma stayed with his father-in-law for some time, but seeing the attitude of the daughter, his babu ji got Mr. Verma admitted to Lucknow Medical College and made arrangements to stay in the boarding house there. Gave it. Even when Mahadevi Verma started studying in Allahabad, her husband Shri Swaroop Narayan Verma used to come there to meet her, but Mahadevi Verma remained indifferent. He had developed an aversion towards married life. Despite all this there was no enmity with Shri Swaroop Narayan Verma. As a normal man and woman, their relationship remained cordial. There was occasional correspondence between the two. Occasionally, Mr. Verma also used to visit him in Allahabad. There is also a noteworthy fact that Shri Verma did not remarry even at the behest of Mahadevi ji. The life of Mahadevi ji was the life of a sanyini. He wore white clothes all his life, slept on the throne and never looked in the mirror. After the death of her husband in 1966, Mahadevi Verma started living permanently in Allahabad.


Mahadevi Verma started her career by teaching. After doing MA in Sanskrit from Allahabad University in 1932, she founded Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth with the aim of spreading women’s education and started working as its principal. She remained the principal of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth till the last time.

At the same time he published the monthly magazine moon Unpaid editing done. He was married as a child but he lived his whole life as an unmarried. He died on 11 September 1987 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Talented poet and prose writer Mahadevi Varma was an accomplished painter and creative translator, apart from being proficient in literature and music. He has the distinction of receiving all the important awards of Hindi literature.

She earned a lot of fame as the most popular female litterateur of the last century. She is also included in the 50 most successful women of India. Poet Subhadra Kumari Chauhan was his childhood friend.

Mahadevi Verma did not write stories like this, but she has written some wonderful memoirs, sketches, and essays. Mahadevi Verma also did many works as a female social reformer. She was the first to start the Mahila Kavi Sammelan. India’s first women’s poet conference was completed under the chairmanship of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan in Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth with the combination of Mahadevi ji.

Mahadevi Varma has portrayed pain and feelings in her poems. His famous poetry collections are Neehar, Rashmi, Neerja, and Sandhyageet. Mahadevi Verma has also contributed in prose literature. Movies from the past, lines of memory, episodes of the series, Path Ke Saathi and My Family are his main prose literature.

Mahadevi Varma was greatly influenced by Buddhism. He had seen the time before independence and also after independence. Mahadevi ji had also contributed by participating in the freedom struggle.

social life:

Mahadevi Varma was very talented and also famous, so she was recognized by all the writers and politicians of that time. She was also influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. He was friends with Subhadra Kumari Chauhan in college.. Subhadra Kumari Chauhan would hold Mahadevi ji’s hand and take her in the midst of the sakhis and say- “Listen, she writes poetry too.”

Works (compositions) of Mahadevi Varma:

Mahadevi ji was a woman of serious nature but the number of people who met her was very large. On Rakshabandhan, Holi and his birthday, his house used to be crowded. His brother-sister relationship with Suryakant Tripathi Nirala is world famous.

Famous litterateur Gopikrishna Gopesh was also among those who tied Rakhi to him. She also used to tie Rakhi to Sumitranandan Pant and Sumitranandan Pant would also tie Rakhi to her. Thus he started a new practice of equality of men and women. She considered Rakhi as a symbol of affection and not of protection.

The name of Ganga Prasad Pandey is prominent in the families to which she was associated as a guardian, whose granddaughter she herself had donated. Ramji Pandey, the son of Ganga Prasad Pandey, did a great service to Mahadevi Verma in her last days. Apart from this, he had intimate relations with almost all the litterateurs and acquaintances of Allahabad.

Poetry Collection:

Mahadevi Varma wrote the following poetry collections:

  1. Nihar (1930)
  2. Rashmi (1931)
  3. Neerja (1934)
  4. Sandhyageet (1936)
  5. Deepshikha (1942)
  6. Saptaparna (translated-1959)
  7. First Dimension (1974)
  8. Agnirekha (1990)

Prose Literature:

The following are the works composed by Mahadevi Varma in prose literature:

Sketch – Movies of the Past (1941) and Lines of Memory (1943)

Memoirs – Path Ke Saathi (1956) and My Family (1972 and Memoirs (1983))

Compilation of selected speeches – Speech (1974)

Essay – Series of Episodes (1942), Critical Prose (1942), Literary’s Faith and Other Essays (1962), Sankalita (1969)

Fine Essay – Kashanda (1956)

Stories – Gillu

Collection of memoirs, sketches and essays – Himalaya (1963)

children’s literature:

The following are the children’s literature written by Mahadevi Varma:

1. Thakurji is naive

2. today we will buy flame

Apart from this, Mahadevi Verma ji has published a women’s special magazine. “Moon” Also handled the editing work of

Honors and Awards:

1. Mahadevi Verma became a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council in 1942 after independence. He was decorated with the title of Padma Bhushan for his literary service in 1956.

2. Mahadevi Verma ji was decorated with “Jnanpith Award” for her Yama poetry compilation.

3. 1988, posthumously, the Government of India honored him with the title of Padma Vibhushan.

4. In 1991, in his honour, the government also issued a Rs 2 duet ticket with poet Jaishankar Prasad.


MA from Allahabad University in 1932. After doing this, a new era of fame of Mahadevi Verma started. Mahadevi wanted to become a Buddhist nun because of her deep devotional affection for Lord Buddha and suffering from the depression of her child marriage.

But after some time, due to the contact and inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi, his mind turned towards social work. After this she took over the post of Principal of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth and edited Chand for free. It was in Prayag that he met Rabindranath Tagore and started ‘Meera Jayanti’ here. Also attended the reception of Japanese poet Yon Naguchi in Calcutta and visited Gurudev at Shantiniketan.

Yayavari’s wish traveled to Badrinath on foot and built a cottage named ‘Meera Mandir’ at Ramgarh, Nainital. One such occasion also came that he edited the Buddha issue of Vishwavani and established the ‘Literary Parliament’. Organized ‘All India Sahitya Sammelan’ to connect Indian creators and laid the foundation stone of ‘Vani Mandir’ with President Rajendra Prasad.

After attaining independence, accompanied by Ilachandra Joshi and Dinkar ji made a literary journey to the south. Taking poems from Nirala’s poetic works, ‘Sahityakar Sansad’ published a collection of poetry under the title Apara. Published and edited the mouthpiece of ‘Sahityakar Sansad’ along with Ilachandra Joshi.

Established the theater institute ‘Rangvani’ in Prayag and inaugurated by the famous Marathi playwright Mama Varerkar. A play based on the life of Bharatendu was staged on this occasion. In 1954, she was elected a member of the Sahitya Akademi established in Delhi and was honored with this award in 1981. In this way, the entire tenure of Mahadevi was devoted to the service of the nation and the national language.


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