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the love story of Salim Anarkali Colors TV serial story

the love story of Salim Anarkali Colors TV serial story
the love story of Salim Anarkali Colors TV serial story

Salim Anarkali history and Colors TV serial story

The love story of Salim Anarkali is immortalized in the pages of history in many different ways. Some say this is true, some call it the imagination of the great creator. Similarly another love couple in history jodha akbar love story are also popular. Salim Anarkali’s Prem Mein is an immortal saga of many forms of love and a painful ending. How did Salim fall in love with Anarkali and how did Salim rebel against Badshah-e-Hindi for a kaneez? What was the truth of this? The following are mentioned in detail:

love story of salim anarkali [Salim Anarkali story]

Salim was the son of Badshah-e-Hindi Akbar and Harka Bai. He was stubborn since childhood. Akbar did not like his antics at all, due to which Akbar sent Salim with Foz, so that he could learn discipline and go ahead to become capable of taking over the throne of Emperor-e-Hindi. In this way, since childhood, the relationship between father and son was not good. Salim had always been insulting the words of his father, due to which he had to stay away from his loved ones for 14 years, perhaps that is why he did not have much attachment to his family.

After some time Salim was called back and a celebration was held in Lahore to celebrate his arrival. Mujra (a type of dance form) was to be held in this celebration, for which Nadira was called. Nadira was a Kaneez i.e. a dancer, whose beauty was made on sight. No one’s eyes were taken away from her beauty. Nadira’s beauty was as beautiful as her dance. Seeing his style and skill, Akbar gave him the name “Anarkali”. Anarkali means beautiful blooming flower.

Anarkali also performed his art in that celebration of Lahore and on that day Salim saw Anarkali for the first time and seeing her beauty and simplicity, he fell in love with her and started falling in love with her. He expressed his love to Anarkali. Anarkali understood that there can be no love relationship between a cousin and the prince, so she tried her best to distance herself from Salim, but in front of Salim’s love, Anarkali also became helpless and gave her heart to Salim. Both of them started meeting secretly, but one day Akbar came to know about this and called Salim and told him clearly that he would not allow any Kaneez to become Mallika on the throne of India and hence Salim forgot Anarkali. Go and stop meeting him. But Salim’s love was not so weak. He revolted against Badshah-e-Hindi. Akbar had also announced death sentence to Anarkali, for which she was being searched everywhere. But Salim’s loyalist had hidden Anarkali somewhere far away from Lahore.

Seeing Akbar’s intentions, Salim formed his army and declared war against Akbar, but Salim was defeated in front of Akbar’s huge army. Akbar’s sword could not punish Salim at Jung-e-Maidan and he was taken captive and brought to the meeting. In the meeting, Akbar told Salim that if he handed over Anarkali, he would release her. There was no meaning for his life in front of Salim’s love and he decided to embrace death and refused to give it to Anarkali. Abandoning the son’s attachment, Akbar pronounced the sentence-e-death for Salim in a packed meeting.

On the other hand, when Anarkali came to know about this, she handed herself over to Akbar and asked Salim to be freed. Then Akbar sentenced Anarkali to death in the form of a death sentence and asked her the last wish. Anarkali said that she wants to spend one night with Salim as Malika-e-Hindustan, as Salim had promised her that he would make her Malika-e-Hindustan and she wants to fulfill that promise of Salim before she dies. . Akbar fulfills his last wish and asks him to leave Salim unconscious and leave with the soldiers in the morning. Anarkali does the same, after spending a night with Salim, she gives herself to the soldiers. And according to the punishment, he is selected in the wall. This time in history is considered to be 1599, when Anarkali died.

Even this story ends, but according to some people, Anarkali’s mother named Noor Khan Argan, was pleased by her dance and promised her that she can ask for whatever she wants. When Noor did not ask for anything from Akbar, but seeing the death of her daughter, she remembered that word and she asked Akbar for the life of her daughter Anarkali. Then it is said that in order to fulfill his promise, Akbar sends Anarkali out of the blacksmith through a tunnel and takes a promise from her that she will never meet the prince Salim and thus Salim and Anarkali are separated from each other. But their love story becomes immortal in golden words in date (history).

Anarkali’s Tomb [Tomb of Anarkali]

There is no fact about whether Anarkali was alive or not, but at present, there is Anarkali’s tomb in the same place where Anarkali was selected in the wall in Louhar, Pakistan, which was built in 1600 by Salim in memory of Anarkali. Even today this place is seen as the memory of Anarkali and there is a market which is set up for women. In that market, goods related to women are sold.

General Knowledge based on Salim Anarkali:

This is a very important page in history, some of the main characters of Salim’s brief introduction are as follows:

1 Name Salim
2 Full Name Mirza Noor-ud-din Bag Mohammad Khan Salim
3 custom name Jahangir
4 birth and death 31 August 1569 and 28 October 1627
5 Reign 1605 to 1627
6 father’s name Akbar
7 Mother’s name Harka Bai or Jodha Bai (Mariam-uz-Zamani)
8 Religion Sunni Islam

Some of the brief introduction of Anarkali are as follows:

1 Name anarkali
2 Full Name Sharif-un-Nissa and Nadira Begum
3 custom name anarkali
4 death 1599
7 Mother’s name Noor Khan Argan
8 Religion Islam
9 Heritage Anarkali’s tomb was built in the year 1600 in Louhar

The story of Salim Anarkali is a beautiful story of love, so many films were made on it on the film world and it was also staged as a serial on the small screen.

Which was the film based on the love story of Salim- Anarkali? [Salim Anarkali Movie]

  1. Loves of Mughal Prince : This film was made in 1927, which was produced by Prafulla Roy. This was the first film that was made on the love of Salim Anarkali. In this film, Anarkali’s character was played by Sita Devi and Salim’s character was played by Sawan Singh.
  2. Anarkali: This film was made in 1953, produced by Nandlal Jaswantlal, in which Bina Roy played Anarkali and Pradeep Kumar played Salim.
  3. Mughal-e-Azam : This film came on screen in 1960 and it kept its place in the theaters for many years. It was the most expensive film of that time. And in the same way, it has remained in the hearts of the audience till date. Anarkali’s character in the movie Mughal-e-Azam Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Madhubala and Salim’s character Bollywood tragedy man Dilip Kumar had performed. Along with these two characters, the character of Akbar, played by Prithvi Raj Kapoor, is also remembered till date. The songs of the film also became very popular, among them even today “Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya” is hummed.

Salim – Anarkali’s love What are the TV serials based on? [Salim Anarkali TV Serial, Cast Name]

Dastan-e-Mohabbat: Salim-Anarkali : This is a big show airing on Colors, it is directed by Nikhil Sinha. Its sets are gorgeous and very beautiful. The story of Anarkali and Salim’s love has been shown in detail in this serial. Shahir Sheikh is playing the role of Salim in this serial. And Sonarika Bhadoria has appeared in the role of Anarkali.

character’s real name character name
Shahbaz Khan Akbar
Gurdeep Kohli jodha bai
Aruna Irani Hamida Begum Banu
Shruti Alfaaz anarkali ki khaala
Nayesha Khanna Sharif-ur-Nisha (Small Anarkali)
Uzair Chhota Salim

Many writers have dressed Salim Anarkali’s love story with their own imaginary thinking. There is not much evidence of this love or not in history, but Anarkali’s tomb gives evidence of their existence in Lahore, so many stories are heard around this tomb.

According to many books like this [Books On Salim Anarkali]

  • The first time that Anarkali was written, her name was William Finch, who came to India 3 years after Salim took over as Jahangir. However, the story of Finch seems to be the most controversial opinion of the love story of Anarkali and Salim. According to him, among the many wives of Akbar, there were relations with Salim of Immaquat Kella or Pomegranate Kernel, as soon as Akbar realized that, Akbar got him elected in the living wall and Salim got Anarkali’s tomb built for him.
  • investigation-e-chishtia It was written by Noor Ahmad Chishti in 1860. Anarkali was Akbar’s favorite maidservant. Due to which the other two wives of Akbar were burnt. When Akbar went to the battle of Deccan, Anarkali fell ill and died at that time. When Akbar returned, he ordered to build a tomb in the memory of Anarkali.
  • date-e-lahore It was also written by Syed Abdul Latif, that Anarkali lived in Akbar’s harem, in which only Akbar’s wives or his slaves could live. Akbar becomes suspicious of the Salim-Anarkali relationship and therefore gets Anarkali selected in the living wall. After which Jahangir built a mausoleum for Anarkali, on which he wrote expressing his love – “If I can see my love only once, I will be grateful to Allah till the doom”.
  • Another historian of the 18th century has given a completely different opinion regarding the tomb, according to him, this tomb was built in the memory of Jahangir’s wife Saheb Jamal in the middle of the pomegranate garden, who was Jahangir’s beloved wife. With the passage of time her original name disappeared and due to the pomegranate orchards nearby, she was named Anarkali.
  • Other Story: There was also a rumor in the streets of Lahore, that Anarkali was also liked by Akbar because Anarkali was proficient in poetry, literature and music and these areas were also of interest to Akbar. Anarkali reached Akbar’s harem and became Akbar’s favorite. Once in the glass room, Akbar saw Anarkali giving a smile to Prince Salim. He suspected a connection between Salim and his slave Anarkali. And Akbar got Anarkali elected in the wall alive, Salim could not save her, but after assuming power, he built a tomb in his memory in Lahore.

In this way the story of Anarkali and Salim is heard in many ways. Dramas, films and TV serials made on this great love story have been quite a favourite. Many stories are buried in the depths of history, which are thus reaching the common man through the field of entertainment and novels.

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