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List of Flower Plants to grow in December

Best 20 Trees grow in small spaces
Best 20 Trees grow in small spaces

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the names of flowers that bloom in the month of November, here we are going to tell you the list of those plants which do good flowering in the month of November.

If you want to make your home garden green and want to plant nice beautiful flowers in mildly cold weather, and you do not know which plants do good flowering in the month of November, then you must read this article till the end. Read on because here you will know which flowers bloom in mild winter.

Names of flowers that bloom in the month of December


Aster is a flower of the same genus as Marigold, the actual name of the school is Asteraceae. It is a perennial flower, its flowers are small in size, and usually, red pink purple blue yellow color flower blooms in it. The leaves of its plants are light green in color and are pointed and thin and long in shape.


The scientific name of floss flower is Ageratum houstonianum, its flower colors are pink blue white and red, you can plant this plant from the middle. The size of its flowers is small and flowers come in bunches. Its plant needs fertile soil to grow well.

Paper flower

You can plant paper flowers only from seeds, usually, its flowers are white, pink, and red in color. These flowers need light fertile soil and need water twice a day.

Godetia (Godetia)

Godetia flowers flower well, especially in the month of November, their scientific name is Clarkia amoena. The colors of its flowers are red pink and white. You can plant it from seeds only. Godetia’s flowers are like a copy in appearance but its flowers come in bunches. Plant them in fertile soil only and water them twice, as well as keep them in the sun.

Snapdragon (Pratinsa)

In India it is called the Pratinsa flower, generally, its flowers are yellow in color and very delicate. If you plant its plant from seed in the month of November, then it flowers till the month of April but this needs to be taken care of.

Cinneria (Cinneria)

The flowers of cineraria are very different to see because their color makes them different from other flowers. Its flowers bloom only in the cold season, so it should be planted in the month of November.

Calendula (Calendula)

The calendula plant is similar to the marigold plant and belongs to the marigold species. In this also you can see red yellow flowers blooming. Two flowers bloom next to each flower in its plant. This plant needs fertile soil and daily water to grow.

Adenium (Adenium)

Adenium is also known as the desert rose. It flowers in winter, so it is planted in the month of October, in which you get pink red white flowers. If you want, you can also apply it by cutting. It is very easy to take care of this plant and its flowers look very beautiful.

Allysum (Alyssum)

Alyssum is a flowering plant in the Brassicaceae family and is also known as the carpet flower. The maximum flowering in this plant is from the month of November to the month of April. White violet yellow pink flowers bloom in its plants.

Din ka Raja (King of the day)

The day king flower is also known as Day-blooming Jasmine, Day-blooming Jasmine, and Day-blooming Cestrum. This flower is a native of the West Indies, its flower grows in bushy plants like jasmine flowers. This plant is called the king of the day because the flowers blooming in it are very fragrant in the morning. The flowers in this plant are white in color and very small in size.

Bougainville (bougainvillea)

Bougainvillea flowers play on thorny vines, with the plant flowering in the months of spring. This plant gives flowers in many colors according to the vine species, it has white red pink, and yellow flowers. This plant sheds its leaves in the autumn season, you can plant this plant very easily in your garden and there is no need to take much care.

Plumeria (Plumeria)

The plumeria flower is known as Ksheer Champa, this flower belongs to the Magnoliaceae family. It is a perennial flower, its flower has 5 petals and it blooms white. Its flower is also used to make different medicines and it is also called Gulchin flower.

Passion flower (Krishna Kamal)

The scientific name of Krishna Kamal is Passiflora spp, this flower is also known as passion flower. It is a perennial creeper and blooms as a vine. Purple and light red flowers bloom in its plant. Its flowers are also used to make medicines.


Pansy flowers look very beautiful, if you do not plant them in the month of October, then you will not be able to plant them for the whole year because these plants do not grow in the middle of time. This plant should be planted in good soil with compost so that it flowers well. The size of the flower is small but it blooms in double shaded color which looks very beautiful.

Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe)

Kalanchoe plant is planted by both seed and cutting methods, but if you want to plant it from seed, then plant it in the month of September and if you want to plant it from cutting, then wait till October. The size of its flowers is small and its flowers play in bunches. Many colored flowers bloom in it such as red, yellow, orange, pink, white, etc.

How did you like this information, do tell us by commenting, and stay connected. plants and gardens, thank you.

Happy Gardening.

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