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KR Narayan Biography | KR Narayanan biography in hindi


KR Narayanan (Kocheril Raman Narayanan) biography in hindi The biography of KR Narayan is considered very influential, he was a hardworking person, who worked hard and achieved success in adversity. KR Narayan was born in a very poor Dalit family, he worked hard for his studies and work. KR Narayan was the tenth President of the country. Who was the first Dalit and Malayali President.

Of. R. Narayan’s biography ( KR Narayanan biography in hindi )


Kocheril Raman Narayan Birth, Education and Family –

serial number life introduction point KR Narayan Biography
1. Full Name Kocheril Raman Narayan
2. Birth 27 October 1920
3. birth place Perumthonam Uzhavoor Village, District Travancore, Kerala
4. Parents Punnathuraveethi Pappiyamma, Kocheril Raman Vidyar
5. Wife Usha Narayan (1951)
6. political party Indian National Congress
7. death 9 November 2005 (New Delhi)

Kocheril Raman Narayan was the first Dalit and Malayali President of independent India. He was born on 27 October 1920 in a small village Perumthonam Uzhavoor, Travancore in Kerala. Although he was born on 4 February 1920, but when his uncle went to school for his admission, due to not knowing the exact date, he got it written on 27 October 1920, since then it was considered official. KR Narayan belonged to a very poor family. They belonged to the Parwan caste, according to which they had to feed themselves by breaking coconuts. His father’s name was Kocheril Raman Vidyar and mother’s name was Punnathuravithi Pappiyamma.

KR Narayan’s father had studied Indian system of medicine and Ayurveda deeply, he had a good understanding of it, due to which everyone respected him very much. KR Narayanan had seven siblings and he was number four. He had an elder sister Gauri Homeopathy. Despite being poor, his father always gave priority to education.

KR Narayan had his early education in 1927 at the Lower Primary School in Uzhavoor. At that time there was no proper means of commuting, due to which he had to walk 15 km daily for education. KR Narayan ji’s father did not even have enough amount to pay the education fee for his children to get admission in the school, due to which the child Narayan always had to stand outside his class and take education. KR Narayan did not even have money to buy books, he used to copy books from his friends. From 1931 – 1935, KR Narayan attended Our Lady of Lourde School. In 1937, KR Narayan passed his matriculation examination from St. Mary’s High School. With the help of scholarship, KR Narayan ji passed the intermediate examination C.M.S. of Kottayam. School completed in 1940. In 1943, he did BA (hons) and MA in English literature from Travancore University. He is the first Dalit who completed his degree in first class.

KR Narayan Career

In 1944-45, KR Narayan worked as a journalist in The Hindu and The Times of India. During this, on 10 April 1945, he Mahatma Gandhi G’s interview was also taken. KR Narayan ji always had a desire to study abroad, but his financial condition did not allow him. Scholarship was also not provided at that time, so KR Narayan ji wrote a letter to JRD Tata asking for help. Tata helped him and he went to the London School of Economics to study political science.

In 1948 he returned to India and his professor Lasky gave him Jawaharlal Nehru introduced to. Nehruji got him an IFS job, then KR Narayan went to Burma in 1949. During this, in 1954, he also gave education to children at the Delhi School of Economics. After his tenure as IFS ended in 1978, he was the Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University from 1979 to 1980. After this, in 1980 the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi G made him the Indian ambassador of America from 1980 to 84.

KR Narayan Political Journey –

At the behest of Indiraji, he entered politics in 1984 and won three consecutive Lok Sabha In the elections, Ottapalal (Kerala) reached the Lok Sabha after winning from the Congress seat. KR Narayan in 1985 Rajiv Gandhi was included in the Central Cabinet of the Government. He handled the work related to planning, science, foreign affairs and technology. When the Congress was out of power in 1989, KR Narayan used to look after his work as an opposition MP. But when the Congress came back to power in 1991, Narayan ji was not included in the cabinet.

President Shankar Dayal Sharma During Ji’s tenure, KR Narayan was made the Vice President in 1992. On 17 July 1997, Narayan ji was made the President. He unanimously won the presidency. During the President’s tenure, he did a lot of work for the Dalits, minorities and the poor. KR Narayan’s term ended in 2002.

KR Narayanan death

He died on 9 November 2005 at the Army Research and Referral Hospital, New Delhi due to pneumonia. His mausoleum was built next to the Shanti Van of Jawaharlal Nehru in Delhi, which is called Ekta Sthal.

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