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Know which is the oldest game in the world here


let’s know today which is the oldest sport in the world Recently the world’s largest sporting event has been concluded in which more than 100 countries participated for different games. Since many sports were included in this event, many people want to know which is the oldest game in the world. also had risen. New games were being discovered in different parts of the world and with time they spread all over the world, although there are some games which are on the verge of extinction but call it popularity or something like this game in our life. Which are popular as they get older.

which is the oldest sport in the world

Sports have become an important part of our life because it not only entertains, but playing sports also makes health. calls for. Between different games, the question always remains among the people that after all, which game was first played by humans, although even today people have different opinions in this, some figures go to race and some figures go towards wrestling. So let us explain it to you in easy language.

which is the oldest sport in the world

A large number of people believe that the world’s oldest sport is running because the first written evidence of this was found in Lascaux Caves in France, which was about 15 thousand years old, and it was included in the first Olympics held in 776 BC. After this, the sport of running started becoming popular all over the world and it changed over time.

With the development of man in the world, man had started running, often at the time of hunting or to reach somewhere early, humans used to resort to running, so if running is considered the first game of the world, then there should be no doubt about it. Even though running is a very old sport, but even today it is very popular among the youth, today running is involved in most of the sports events.

The advanced running sport we see today has several variants such as short, middle and long distance. Runners are made to run 100, 200, 300 and 400 meters in the short distance, in the middle distance, 800, 1500 and 3000 meters are run while in the long distance race the distance is covered up to 3, 5 and 10 kilometers. Is.

To make the race even more interesting, many more things have been added to it like Hurdles, in a way, obstacles are created at a certain distance between the races, the runner has to complete the race by jumping these obstacles. Relays, another type of race, involve four players from a team and all four have to complete a 4×100 race one by one.

So now you know that which is the oldest sport in the world As we told you that people still have different views because some people consider wrestling to be old game but the conclusion is that running is the first game that man discovered along with his development. After this, sports like wrestling were born, whenever the name of the race game is taken, the first thought in the mind comes in the name of Jamaican country runner Usain Bolt because he is the fastest runner in the world, he has made many world records in the running game. Huh.

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