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Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie review


Kisan Kanya first color film (Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie In Hindi)

Kisan Kanya first color film Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie Review in Hindi Read about India’s first color film. What was the period when films were the only means of entertainment and black and white films were also watched with fervor, after which Kisan Kanya first Colored Film came in cinema houses.

What is the importance of colors in life, only those who do not have colors or have the right to use them can know it. If you want to know the importance of colours, then ask a widow, ask a blind man who has never known what color is like. Colors are also very important in films. In 1913, when Dada saheb phalke ji made the first feature film Raja Harish chandra, it was a black and white film. It used to be very strange at that time to watch a film without colors. Ardeshir Irani ji came in 1937 and he did a wonder by adding color to this lifeless Indian film.

Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie Review in Hindi

Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie Basic Details in Hindi

The film Kisan Kanya produced by Ardeshir Irani and directed by Moti B. Gidvani came in 1937. The idea of ​​adding color to the film came in the mind of Ardeshir Irani. He was the same person who made the first talking film Alam Ara(1931). Ardeshir Irani ji’s idea of ​​adding color to the film got hit and since then the colorless world of the film got lost somewhere and the colors that comfort the heart took its place. ‘Sairandhri’ produced by V. Shantaram in 1933 was a Marathi film in which color was used but its prints were made in Germany. Kisan Kanya was the first Indian color movie which was made in India itself.

serial number Point farmer girl information
1 release date 1937
2 director Ardeshir Irani
4 duration 2 hours 17 minutes
5 writer Saadat Hasan Manto
6 music Ram Gopal Pandey
7 cast Padmadevi, Jillow, Ghulam Mohammed, Nisarsyed Ahmed, Ghani

Story Of Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie In Hindi

Kisan Kanya is remembered only because of the first color movie. Its story is based on the novel written by Saadat Hasan Manto. The story mainly tells about a poor farmer. In the film, farmer Ram (Nisar) is very poor, Ghani, the owner of his house and the farm where he works, commits atrocities on him. Ghani gets blood and all the villagers think that Ram has killed him. The film was of 137 minutes in which the main characters were Padmadevi, Jillo, Ghulam Mohammed, Nissar, Syed Ahmed, and Gani. The film was average at the box office.

Music Of Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie In Hindi

The music in Kisan Kanya was given by Ram Gopal Pandey. Kisan Kanya had total 10 songs which were released by Gramophone. The film was colored using the Cine color process.

Kisan Kanya First Colored Movie Review in Hindi This was the first color film made in India. After this many films were made but the memories of the first film are always different.

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