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Information related to Kiosk Banking

by Sudhir kumar


Information related to Kiosk banking Kiosk banking meaning, services, information in hindi

Banking is a field that has taken a very wide form. With the changing technologies, changes keep happening in the field of banking. Even today, in many places in India, in small villages, people have to go to the bank and its related works. In I, many problems have to be faced. Banking tasks, which are not easy for the less educated or the people of the village, to make it easier, Kiosk banking was started and for the convenience of the people, the place- Kiosk centers were opened instead.

Information about Kiosk Banking

Kiosk banking meaning, services, information in hindi

Kiosk (KIOSK) Banking A term that is not known to everyone. In general terms, if you understand it, it is called a booth, stand, stall, or counter. It is also used in exactly the same way as it means. Kiosk is a There is an online center where, the main tasks related to banking are done very easily, in a very short time. We will make you aware of some important facts of Kiosk Banking in this article.

Important Points of Kiosk Banking

  • General Introduction to Kiosk Banking
  • Uses of Kiosk Banking
  • Kiosk Banking Facilities
  • Key Facts of Kiosk Banking
  • Resources Related to Opening a Kiosk Center

What is meant by Kiosk Banking? (Kiosk Banking Meaning )

First of all, on hearing the name, what comes to mind is Kiosk Banking? Kiosk banking is such a changed form of counter banking, which has revolutionized the field of banking through its functions and facilities. Such a booth is provided by the Reserve Bank of India, in the financial sector, a facility which is less At a cost, or very cheaply, to such people, especially for those who fall in the category of low income or weaker section. Its main purpose is where there is no bank or its facilities, it is there. Small online centers have been opened from place to place, where all the work is done on normal charges.

kiosk banking

Kiosk Banking Use

Kiosk banking is very useful. Every place where the bank cannot be reached, small centers or booths have been opened, so that any person can easily use it. This is every bank whether it is government or private. Kiosk centers have been opened, through which you can withdraw and deposit cash. Apart from this, you can open bank account, make online payment, fill challan. All types of booking or whether it is railway or hotel. Apart from this, many facilities have been provided to their customers through kiosk banking. Only about ten thousand rupees can be deposited in a day.

Kiosk Banking Services

In India, the Reserve Bank of India first introduced the facility of Kiosk Banking in 2006, through State Bank of India, which was very successful. After this, Kiosk Banking was started by Bank of India. Banking provides the following facilities to its customers.

  • account opening facility
  • cash deposit facility
  • cash withdrawal facility
  • RD account opening facility
  • money transfer facility

Key Facts of Kiosk Banking (Kiosk Banking Information)

Before starting any new thing, there are some conditions or some important facts related to it. Similarly, there are some facts regarding banking and kiosk banking which are as follows.

  • At present in India, about 30 crore Savings Account Despite this, even today in India, about 80% of the holders do not have a savings account.
  • In which the maximum number of branches are of State Bank of India. According to an estimate, there are more than fifteen thousand branches of State Bank. While Bank of India has more than five thousand branches.
  • KYC has to be used to open the account through Kiosk Banking.

Resources Related to Opening Kiosk Center (Kiosk Center Details)

  • There should be an area of ​​at least 100 to 150 square feet.
  • Whoever is seeing that booth, he must be above 18 years of age and of sound mind.
  • The person who is running that center should be at least twelfth pass, having sufficient knowledge of computer and English.
  • Wherever the center is located, there should be full facility of computer, internet printer, and UPS.

How to apply for SBI Kiosk Banking in SBI

With the passage of time, there are changes in Kiosk Banking as well. The process of opening an account in this is exactly the same, which we have given on our website. To open an account in SBI Bank given for.

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