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Kartik month importance, fast story and worship method 2021 Karthik maah mahatva in Hindi


Kartik Maas or Month Significance, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Katha In Hindi

In India, special festivals go on in all the religions for four months of the year. The purpose of all these festivals is to inculcate a sense of faith and love, unity in God. Characteristic of the four months of Chaumasa or Chaturmas It is told and maintained separately in all the provinces, Hindi calendar The last month is of Kartik. Big festivals are celebrated in Kartik itself, which is one of the major festivals of India. Although there is a lot of festivals throughout the year in India, but four months of festivals are considered important from the point of view of penance and worship. .

Kartik Month

When does Kartik month start in 2021? (Kartik Month Date)

Beginning of Kartik month in this year 2021 November It is happening from 2021, and this month will end on 15 December 2021. After this the month of Aggan will begin. Every year the same month comes, Hindu calendar months names and their importance By reading you can get complete information about it.

Kartika Month Significance

Kartik is the eighth month of the Hindi calendar, Lord Damodar is worshiped in the month of Kartik. This month starts from Sharad Purnima and continues till Kartik Purnima, in between which many special festivals are celebrated. Sharad Purnima Significance Story Worship Method and Poetry Read to know.

  • In this month, bathing in holy rivers in Brahmamuhurta has a lot of importance. The women of the house wake up early in the morning and take bath, this bath is best for both virgin and married.
  • Ekadashi of this month Prabodhini Ekadashi or Dev Uthani Ekadashi It is said that it has the most importance, on this day Lord Vishnu wakes up after four months of sleep, after which auspicious works are started.
  • In this month, fasting is important for penance and worship, as a result of which glory is attained in life. In this month, salvation is attained as a result of austerity. By following this month with reverence, the oppressed are saved, the importance of which Vishnu himself had told Brahma ji. Freedom from luxuries.

Deepdaan in Kartik month

The importance of donating a lamp in the month of Kartik is important. On this day, lamps are donated in holy rivers, in temples. Along with this, lamps are also left in the sky. This work starts from Sharad Purnima and continues till Kartik Purnima. The essence behind lamp donation is that it brings wealth to the house. In Kartik, a lamp is lit for Lakshmi ji and it is indicated that now the darkness in life should be removed and please give light. The importance of lighting lamps in the temple of the house, Vrindavan, river banks and bedrooms in Kartik comes out in the Puranas.

Significance of Tulsi from the month of Kartik ((Kartika Maah Tulsi Mahatv)

Tulsi is worshiped in Kartik and Tulsi leaves are eaten. This makes the body healthy. After getting up in Brahma Muhurta, water is offered to Sun God and Tulsi plant. Tulsi plant is donated in Kartik. Many properties and benefits of Tulsi Read to know.

Donations in the month of Kartik:

Donation also has a special significance in the month of Kartik. In this entire month, donations are given to poor and Brahmins. In these days, the importance of Tulsi donation, food donation, cow donation and Amla plant donation is said to be most important. Feeding green fodder to animals is also important in Kartik.

Bhajans in Kartika:

In the month of Kartik, devotees worship in temples. They also do bhajans in their homes. Nowadays these works are done by Bhajan Mandali. These days Ramayana text, Bhagwat Geeta text etc. have great importance. These days especially Vishnu and Krishna are worshipped. That is why in Gujarat there is more glory in the month of Kartik.

Kartika Puja Vidhi Rules (Kartika Maas Puja Vidhi):

Many types of rules are followed in the month of Kartik, due to which the feelings of renunciation and Saiyam arise in the life of a person.

  1. For the whole month, the addiction of meat, liquor etc. is given up. Many people also consider the consumption of onion, garlic, brinjal etc. to be prohibited.
  2. These days it is considered appropriate to sleep on the floor, it is said that due to this the nature of man becomes soft, the sense of ego inherent in it ends.
  3. Bathing is done in the Brahma Muhurta in Kartik.
  4. Water is offered to Tulsi and Sun God.
  5. The idea of ​​lust is abandoned in this month. Brahmacharya is followed.

In this way the rules are followed throughout the month.

Kartika Katha:

At the time of Kartik, Lord Vishnu had liberated the deities from the Jalandhar demon, as well as protected the Vedas by taking the form of a fish. Thus there are many stories in Kartik. There are many special dates and stories in the month of Kartik which are as follows:

Kartika Festival

1 Karva Chauth: Krishna Paksha Chaturthi
2 Ahoi Ashtami and Kalashtami: Krishna Paksha Ashtami
3 Rama Ekadashi
4 Dhan Teras
5 hell fourteen
6 Diwali, Kamala Jayanti
7 govardhan puja annakoot
8 Bhai Dooj / Yama Dwitiya: Shukla Paksha II
9 Kartik Chhath Puja
10 gopashtami
11 Akshay Navami / Amla Navami, Jagaddattatri Puja
12 Dev Uthani Ekadashi / Prabodhini
13 Tulsi Vivah

All these are the major festivals coming in the month of Kartik. Many festivals are celebrated throughout the month. In the month of Kartik, it is important to listen to many types of lessons, Bhagavad Gita etc. In this whole month, human beings do devotion to God by being bound by the rules.

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