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Instead of benevolence, benevolence is the only true faith.


motivational incident Which tells you about a great philanthropist. By reading this, you will also realize that what is true worship, true faith.If we all can understand the meaning in the true sense, then perhaps the form of society will change.

motivational incident

Instead of benevolence, benevolence is the only true faith.

He was a great scholar who was considered for his compassion and benevolence. He was a professor of a well-known college and was always ready to donate education. They also used to help students with money for education when they needed it. Time has run out He taught many students. Sitting on a big post. Many remember him. Many forget Many come to visit Many would come to know him only in thoughts.

prerak prasang

One day, a person came to him. They could not recognize him. He said – Master! You must have forgotten me because there were many like me in your life but maybe only you for my like. Hearing this, Master smiled. He hugged her and made her sit near him. Then that disciple said to the master – whatever I have come to say and do, please happily allow me to do that and saying this he stood with folded hands. Then Master ji asked to speak his mind openly. Then that disciple took out a bundle of some rupees and placed it in the hand of the master and said – you will not remember but because of you I completed my BA LLB. If you were not there, I too would have killed or sold brooms at the station like my father. But due to your benevolence, today I have been appointed as the barrister of this city.

Then the master called him near and sat down and said – son! You are turning the great work I have done into a cooperative. If you want to do something, carry on this tradition. I helped you, you do someone else’s taxes and teach him the same. Hearing this, the barrister fell at his feet and said – Master! Even after reading so much, the knowledge that I did not get, I got it from you today. I will definitely carry on this tradition and make the future of others like me.

Moral Of The Prerak Prasang

To belittle the favor of a true philanthropist is equal to denigrating his benevolence. But instead of taking lessons from him and increasing this tradition is a true faith. If this tradition continues, then the picture of the country and the world will change. And increase the virtuous and benevolent in the world.

In today’s time such imaginations are meaningless but such incidents give right direction to life. It’s not that there aren’t philanthropists. If such an education is given to the disciples by a guru, then this imagination will become a reality.

This motivational incident I had heard from my grandfather, who sat somewhere in my heart and ever since I always try to follow this path. | But it was this inspiring incident which I felt that if I could tell it to all of you and if any one of you could implement it in my life, then perhaps this would be my true devotion to my grandfather.

How did you like this inspiring episode? Do write it and tell it to your friends and relatives as well.

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