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Biography of Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral


Biography of Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral IK Gujral biography in hindi

i. K. Gujral was a well-known politician. He was the 12th Prime Minister of India. From 21 April 1997 to 19 March 1998, he took charge of India as the Prime Minister of India. Indra Kumar Gujral was the third Prime Minister to be nominated by the Rajya Sabha. Before that the first lady of India Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi And Shri HD Deve Gowda He became the Prime Minister after being nominated from the Rajya Sabha. He was the Prime Minister for one year in 1997. Prior to this, Shri HD Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister. Mr. Gujral A great freedom fighter were also. He fought in many movements against the British rule. During the Quit India Movement in 1942, he also had to go to jail, but he never took his step back.

Biography of Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral biography in hindi

life introduction point gujral biography
Full Name Inder Kumar Gujral
Birth 4 December 1919
birth place Jhelum, Punjab (now in Pakistan)
Parents Pushpa Gujral, Avtar Narayan
death 30 November 2012 Gurgaon, Haryana
Wife Sheela Gujral
political party Janata Dal (1988-98)

Independent (since 1998)

family Identification :

I. K. Gujral was born in a decent and educated family. Before the partition of India, the Jhelum province of India (which is now in Pakistan) took place on 4 December 1919 at the house of Shri Avtar Narayan and Smt. Pushpa Gujral. His two sisters Uma Nanda and Sunita were judges. His brother’s name was Shri Satish Gujral. Mr. Gujral’s brother’s daughter Medha is married to the famous bhajan singer Mr. Anoop Jalota. I.K. Gujral’s wife’s name was Sheela Gujral. They had 2 sons Naresh and Rahul. Their elder king was also interested in politics and he was the leader of Shiromani Akadli Dal in Rajya Sabha. His wife Smt. Sheela Gujral was a poet. He died on 11 July 2011 due to illness.

Education :

Shri Gujral was of sharp intellect since childhood. His education was also high. He D.A.V. The college, which is now famous as Government Islamin College, completed his studies from Hailey College of Commerce and Former Christian College Lahore.

Gujral was an art lover and a man of art. He was fond of writing poetry. As well as he knew Hindi, he also spoke and understood Urdu equally well. He also held the post of chancellor at Maulana Azad University, where he was praised for his love of language even after his death. Mr. Gujral wrote “Matters of Discretion: An Autobiography”, in which he has portrayed his political journey from his birth to the Partition of India and his coming to India.

Politics :

Gujral had natural political qualities. Mr. Gujral had political and leadership potential from the very beginning. It was during his student life that he took to politics and took his step, leading the college as the President of the Students’ Union during the academic session in Lahore. After this he also became the secretary of the Punjab Students Council.

ik gujral

While taking his step forward in politics, Shri Gujral first became the Vice President of New Delhi Municipal Committee in 1958. He was close to the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He joined the Indian National Congress Party (INC) in 1964 with the support of Mrs Gandhi. From here his political life gained momentum. On being a member of INC, he entered the Upper House of India (Rajya Sabha) as an Indian MP. Here he served in the country till 1976 while working on many posts.

He held several roles at the cabinet level during Indira Gandhi’s government. Shri Gujral was able to act with discretion in every situation. In 1975, Mr. Gujral was the Minister of Information and Telecommunications during Mrs. Gandhi’s government. On the declaration of emergency state by the government, Gujral was instructed to stop the editorial information, but Mr. Gujral did not accept it and issued all the status bulletins and social information. Due to this he also had to resign from his post. After this, in 1976, he was made the ambassador of the Soviet Union. In this post, he took command of Devash till 1980 with his acumen and skill. they are in this position Shri Morarji Desai And Mr. Charan Singh lasted for his term.

public team In Entry:

Making a change in the field of politics in 1980, Mr. Gujral left the INC and joined hands with the Janata Dal. Gujral was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1989 itself. He was elected from Jalandhar in Punjab during the 1989 elections and was then Prime Minister V.P. Lion He was the External Affairs Minister in the Government of India, where he served till 1990. He also had to face many criticisms during politics. He had to face many charges for hugging Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. On this, his close friends said that in view of the safety of Indians living in Pakistan, Mr. Gujral took this step, so that the Pakistani government’s trust in India remains and the calls to Indians living there should not be harmed. After this, he contested from Bihar, Patna in 1992 instead of Punjab, from where he won, but the election was canceled due to allegations of irregularities.

Prime minister to become :

In 1992, he again entered the Rajya Sabha with the help of Lalu Prasad. When the Janata Dal government came to the center in 1996, Mr. Gujral was again appointed as the External Affairs Minister. He remained in this post till 1997. After the 1996 elections, Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party, DMK, TDP, AGP, INC, Left Party (4 Party), Tamil Nadu Congress and Maharashtra Gomantak Party formed the United Front (UF). UF was a combination of 13 parties. During this, Shri HD Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister. In April 1997, the Deve Gowda government failed to secure a trust vote in the Lok Sabha with 158 votes. After this, Mr. IK Gujral was entrusted with the responsibility of the government. Then when the Congress government came, he first took oath as the Prime Minister on 21 April 1997.

But in November 1997, in April 1997, the INC withdrew its support from the United Front, due to which Gujral ji had to resign from his post. But still, till March 1998, till the formation of the new government, he handled the country, showing a successful leader. During his short tenure, he introduced the Gujral Doctrine policy, which strengthened India’s relations with neighboring countries.

death :

Mr. Gujral died due to lung infection. On 19 November 2012, he had to be admitted to Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana due to lung problem. After this, he also complained about the closure of the excretory system for a long time, due to which his health worsened. After 27 November 2012, she also complained of dialysis for 3 days. He breathed his last on 30 November 2012 at the age of 92. It was 5 days before his birthday. The information of his death was made public by the then Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar and after that both the houses were adjourned. After hearing this news, a wave of passion ran in the whole country.

India had lost a great leader. In his honor and tribute, the Government of India declared a 7-day hobby and all programs were postponed till 6 December. His mortal remains were kept at his official residence, 5 Janpath, till the afternoon of 1 December. He was cremated on 1 December at Shamata Sthal. Many veterans, including Lal Krishna Advani, Salman Khurshid, Ambassador of Bangladesh, etc. attended his funeral.

On the death of Gujral President Pranab Mukherjee , Sonia Gandhi, etc. Many leaders expressed their condolences saying that India has lost a leader with a very great personality. Along with India, King Pervez Ashraf of Pakistan also praised Gujral, who played an important role in strengthening India-Pakistan relations.

Gujral’s cooperation in the politics of India will always be remembered. He was a great patriot, visionary leader and freedom fighter. The whole of India respects such a leader from the heart and salutes his services to the country. all of india List of Prime Ministers and their details Read to know.


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