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In the Cutthroat Competition for Being the Top OTT Platform, Here’s Who’s Ahead


In the Cutthroat Competition for Being the Top OTT Platform, Here's Who's Ahead Before the pandemic which absolutely shook the entire world, OTT platforms were a kind of luxury to have, since there were no restrictions on theatres and new movies used to increase regularly and to be honest many people used to watch stuff from torrents. But due to Coronavirus pandemic the theatres got shut and their were restrictions in going out. Now the story platforms started releasing multiple films which were slated for theatrical release.

And thus there has been a surge in the market of OTT as many people have started taking the services of these platforms. Why? Because with the new movies of their favorite stars, they are also getting the database of these platforms which is filled with numerous amount of television shows and movies from all over the world. So to find out which streaming platform has made the biggest profit out of this situation a survey was conducted by FLYX where 500 people from all over India with the age group of 18-24 where asked to tell about their OTT preferences. And here is what the results came out.

Over 50% of the people admitted that they have renewed their subscription to these platforms multiple times during the pandemic. They also said that their viewing time has also increased in this lockdown. So this means that the viewing hours have gone upto 16-20 hours weekly which is a lot from pre pandemic era. The results also stated that it is Amazon Prime Video that has gained more subscribers than anyone else with Netflix being the close second and Hotstar being the third.

This is not surprising as Amazon Prime India‘s content is on a hit streak and honestly far more superior than Netflix or Hotstar. Plus they offer prime delivery meaning one day delivery on Amazon Products. But despite being the top subscribed platform it was Netflix who triumphed when asked on which app is more popular with the people with over 60% of people answering Netflix.

Another questions which were answered in the surveys are

1. How did they discovered the apt content for their viewing ?

They answered that mostly people who watch the shows and movies regularly generally try it based on recommendation from either friends or family members. This answer was in the majority of 53%. While the second one was with 21% where they answered that they tried stuff that the app itself recommended.

2. Which Genre they preferred most to watch?

Now since there are vast variety of stuff to watch in an OTT platform like Movies, Web series, TV Shows, Documentaries, Cooking, Sports, it was Movies and TV shows which are the picks of common people. And with that they mostly pick light genres such as Comedy or Drama. Since there is a need for entertainment in these times, these two genres are more than capable of providing it.

So what can be made of this? Well to be frank the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for the OTT platforms as they are the ones that have been truly benefited by this. With new movies arriving on the platform and already a big library of stuff to watch at the price of single movie ticket, the common people are also happy that they are getting there money’s worth and this might be a things to stick.

But what came as a surprise is that 62% of people also are ready to go back to theatres once the pandemic resides and they can enjoy without fear.

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