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Important Rules of Indian Railway | Indian Railway rules and regulation in hindi


Important rules of Indian Railways and option plan of Indian Railways | Indian Railway (train) important rules and regulation, Vikalp Scheme of Indian railway in hindi

Indian Railways helps many people to reach their destination every day. The network of railways is spread all over India. which led 29 states of India are interconnected. Almost every person in India has traveled by railway, because through railway you can easily go to any city or corner of India. At the same time, many people do not have much information about the travel tickets and the rules made related to travel by the Indian Railways. Due to lack of information, they also have to face many problems. Wherein today we are going to tell you about some important rules made by Indian Railways in this article. So that whenever you travel by Indian Railways next time, you do not have to face any problem by following any rules.

History of Indian Railways (H)story of Indian railways)

If we look at the history of Indian Railways, then India’s first train was started in the year 1853. On this date, for the first time on Indian soil, a train was run between Mumbai and Thane. After which, gradually, the railway was started all over India and in today’s time railway facility has reached in every state of India.

Indian Railway Rules

what is pnr (What is PNR)

We all are familiar with PNR like we are familiar with Indian Railways. The full name of PNR is Passenger Name Record, and it is a 10 digit number automatically generated by the system after your ticket is booked. This is on classic railway tickets booked from railway stations, it can be found on the top left corner of the booked railway ticket. Railway system is known as CRS which is called Central Reservation System i.e. Central Reservation System. Its database contains the record of the passenger.

what is sl (What is SL)

SL means sleeper class in railways. This sleeper class is the most common coach on Indian Railways. Usually 10 or more coaches of sleeper class can be attached to the train rake. These are regular sleeping coaches, having 3 berths. In broad gauge, 72 passengers can be carried per coach. This coach does not have air conditioning facility.

what is ac (What is AC)

For the convenience of passengers, railways also have some air-conditioning coaches, whose ticket is generally slightly higher than that of a normal sleeper coach. But there are also many classes in this which are as follows –

  • first class ac :- This is the most expensive class where the fares are equal to the airlines. This includes the bed with the rent. This coach is available only on popular routes between metropolitan cities. ICF coaches can accommodate up to 18 passengers, while LHB coaches, which are present in some Rajdhanis, Durontos and AC Express, can accommodate 24 passengers. It has accommodations for sleeping as well as privacy features like a personal coupe.
  • 2 Tire AC :- This air conditioned coach has sleeping berths, ample leg room, curtains and individual reading lamps. There is no separate rent to be paid for taking a bed in this. In a broad gauge ICF coach, 46 passengers can be accommodated, while 52 passengers can be accommodated in the new LHB coach.
  • 3 Tire AC :- This coach has sleeping berths with air condition. The berths are usually arranged in 2a. The fee in this is slightly less than other AC coaches. No reading lamps are provided in this, but recently this coach is also being presented in a better way. This is also included with the bed rental. In this, 64 passengers can be taken in ICF coach and 72 passengers in new LHB coach.

what is RAC (What is RAC)

The full name of RAC is Reservation Against Cancellation. If a user has been issued a RAC ticket, his ticket will probably get confirmed at the time of preparation of the chart ticket, and he will get a berth. If the ticket remains RAC even after chart preparation, half the berth is allotted to the user. That is, two persons with RAC ticket status are allotted a lower berth on one side. After chart preparation to these RAC passengers, TTE is asked to allot the canceled berths.

what is wl (What is WL)

WL which is called waiting list. If the status of passengers is marked with WL when a person has booked a ticket, it means that the passenger is in the waitlisted status. This ticket can be confirmed only if a passenger has booked a confirmed ticket before you and wants to cancel it. Instead your waiting list will be cleared. For example, if your status is showing WL 5 then it means that your number will come after the ticket of your first 5 passengers is confirmed. There are also many types of waiting list such as General Waiting List, Remote Waiting List, Pooled Quota Waiting List, Remote Location General Waiting List, Request Waiting List and Tatkal Waiting List etc.

Important Indian Railway rules and regulation in hindi (TIll July 2018)

The list of rules of Indian Railways is very long and extended. In this list, the rules for traveling in railways to booking tickets have been told. At the same time, we have mentioned some important rules from these rules below, which are as follows.

How to book railway ticket (How to book train ticket online or offline)

To travel in the railway, you can book your ticket by going to the railway station. Apart from this, with the help of computer you can also book tickets online can.

Rules for cancellation of train tickets (Important rules of Indian railway ticket cancellation)

There are some rules of the Railways regarding cancellation of train tickets and according to those rules, if the ticket is confirmed by a person, that ticket is canceled before the departure of the train. So some money will be deducted from your ticket. These rules are described below.

Amount deducted for cancellation of ticket 48 hours in advance (train ticket cancellation charges latest)

  • AC class or executive class (executive class ac train ticket cancellation charges)

According to the rules of the railway, if a train ticket is canceled 48 hours before the departure of the train by a person, then Rs 240 will be deducted from the ticket amount of that person and the remaining money will be refunded to him. will meet.

  • AC 2 tier or first class (first class ac train ticket cancellation charges)

On the other hand, if a person has booked AC 2 tier or first class ticket and for some reason if that person cancels the ticket of this train, then the amount of Rs 200 will be deducted from that person’s ticket.

  • AC 3/tyreAC Chair Car /AC 3 Economy (economy class ticket cancellation)

If you cancel the ticket of this class within the time limit mentioned above, then Rs 180 will be deducted from your ticket amount and you will get the remaining amount.

  • Sleeper Class and Second Class (second class and sleeper class ticket cancellation)

If a person cancels his sleeper class and second class ticket, then he will have to pay a charge of Rs 120 in case of cancellation of sleeper class ticket. At the same time, this amount has been fixed at Rs 60 for the second class.

  • Rule of cancellation before 48 to 12 hours (time limit for cancellation of railway ticket)

At the same time, according to the rule, if a person cancels his confirmed ticket 48 to 12 hours before the departure of the train, then 25% of his ticket will be deducted. On the other hand, if you do this between the time limit of 12 to 4 hours, then half of your ticket amount will be deducted.

Rules for cancellation of train latelate train ticket cancellation charges)

If due to any reason the train is more than three hours late from its scheduled time and if you cancel your ticket in this situation, then you will get your full amount. That is, you will not be charged any kind of fee for canceling the ticket. Apart from this, if the waiting list ticket is canceled 30 minutes before the departure of the train, you will be given full money.

Rules for canceling booked tickets online (how to cancel online train ticket in hindi)

According to railway rules, e-tickets booked through online have to be canceled through online only. On the other hand, on cancellation of the ticket, your amount is sent to the same account from which this ticket is booked.

Rules related to Tatkal ticket booking (important rules of indian railways tatkal booking)

If you have not been able to book a train ticket for any reason or you have a plan to go to some place at once. So you can get a ticket in such a situation with the help of Tatkal facility. At the same time, the rules related to Tatkal booking have been told below.

  • Rules for booking Tatkal tickets (R)ule to book tatkal ticket or )

You can get your travel ticket through this facility 1 day before the day on which you have to travel. On the other hand, according to the rules, if a person wants to travel through AC class, then the booking of this class starts from 10 am. For those traveling without AC class, this facility is started at eleven in the morning.

  • tatkal ticket cancellation rule (tatkal ticket cancellation refund new rules)

If a ticket is received through Tatkal facility and the ticket is confirmed, then not even a single rupee will be refunded on cancellation of the ticket. So book Tatkal tickets only when your departure is absolutely certain. On the other hand, if the Tatkal train arrives three hours late from its scheduled time and you cancel your ticket, then you will get the full amount of your ticket.

Rules while traveling in railway (Indian railway rules and regulation for passenger )

  • train middle seat rule (sleeping time in Indian train)

If you are traveling in reserved coaches, then you should know that you can sleep only from 10 pm to 6 am. Such a rule has been made because if a person gets the middle seat, then he can open that seat only from 10 pm to 6 pm. By doing this, the people boarding the train get a place to sit and they do not face any kind of problem.

  • Train missed rules– (what to do if you miss your train)

If for some reason you could not catch your train on time then there is no need to panic. Because according to the rules of the railway, if a person reaches his station late and misses his own train, then that person can go to the next station and catch that train. At the same time, TT can also give that person’s seat to another passenger only after the passage of two stations. That is, if you fail to catch your train till the arrival of the third station, then your seat will be given to another passenger.

  • Rules related to the loss of tickets (train ticket lost rules)

If you lose your ticket. So in such a situation, by going to the station from where you are going to catch the train, you will have to give an application form to get a new ticket. After which you will be given a fake ticket. On the other hand, remember that for fake tickets, you will have to give the application form up to 24 hours before the departure of the train.

Indian Railways Vikalp Scheme (Vikalp Scheme of Indian Railways)

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced various facilities from time to time for the train passengers to make their journey pleasant. One of these is the “Vikalp Yojana”, which is meant to provide confirmed berths in alternate trains for waitlisted passengers. But there are many of us who are not aware of this Vikalp scheme launched by IRCTC, which is implemented to look after the passengers who are on the waiting list. But this scheme has already been implemented in some trains.

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