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Illegal HD Movies Download – Its Time to Boost Business Online

by Sudhir kumar

In this article, we will discuss another piracy increasing movie website Extramovies that has been working from the past few years to provide pirated movies to its users and have been operating illegally.

The malicious practices of piracy movie sites have been increasing at a high rate even after strict laws and actions. Similar such site is Extramovies 2020 that also provides pirated movies to its users, which ultimately imposes a threat to filmmakers and actors. These movie websites, like the Extamovies, affects the box office collection and possess a considerable loss of the film.

Hence, one should avoid using such sites as they not only ignore to value people’s skills but also are a threat to people for different reasons. Moreover, anyone who is caught using, downloading, or promoting movies through such sites can face legal issues. Thus, one should always stay aloof from such practices.


As mentioned above, Extramovies is mainly a piracy promoting website which provides different movies and TV Series for people to watch and download online illegally. One can find a wide variety of movies from Bollywood to Hollywood and can access the films without any hidden or additional costs. Other than the main trademarked movies, they also have some film regarding Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu language movies. People can even download different TV Series and video movie songs through the portal of Extramovies.


People can find different types of movies in the portal of Extramovies and can easily find different movies of their choice effortlessly. This saves up time for people to find the perfect film of their choice and genre. Some of the prominent categories are mentioned below.

  • Hollywood dubbed movies
  • Marathi movies
  • South Indian movies
  • Tamil & Telugu movies
  • HD movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed movies

As they have been a pirated movie website, Extramovies have been providing different videos to users for free. Whether it is an old movie or the latest movie, Extamovies download the film for users from time to time. Some of the films are released on to their portal even before their release on the theaters. Some of the famous leaks by the Extramovies are mentioned below.

One can always find the movies of their interest on the portal of Extramovies from time to time.

Several websites function similar to the portal of Extramovies. While some of the Alternatives to the entrance are illegal, some sites have legal and copyrighted movies to produce to people for downloads. Some of the both legal and unlawful video downloading websites are mentioned below to binge-watch whenever they want to.

Some illegal alternatives

Some of the legal alternatives, which do not face any piracy issue, are mentioned below.

  • Netflix(1)
  • Amazon Prime(2)
  • Hotstar(3)
  • MX Player
  • Sony Liv

One should always choose the legal alternatives to the movie rather than the illegal options to keep themselves safe and aloof from legal issues against them.

The portal of Extramovies has been used in different countries even after a strict ban. According to the sources, the portal of Extramovies secures a rank of 11,004 based on traffic data. Almost 8.28 pages are browsed by people daily on an average and spend almost 3:51 minutes on the portal of Extramovies.

As this portal has a vast number of audiences all around the year, the operation of its website is unknown. The estimated worth of $2,303,200 is generated yearly through the portal of Extramovies. It makes a substantial revenue of $502,200 with estimated 33,499,080 visits to their portal per year, with almost 167,451,120 pages visited per year.


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