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how to withdraw money from atm without debit card UPI based Cash Withdrawal from ATM Without Debit Card in hindi


how to withdraw money from atm without debit card (How to Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Debit Card, SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, PNB in ​​hindi)

AGS Technology has created a new app, which will run on both Android and Apple phones. Through which customers will be able to withdraw money through UPI without ATM. This entire process will be based on UPI 2.0 and QR code. till today we Withdraw money from ATM through card were but now UPI access How to withdraw money from bank account without atm card? The answer to this question is being given here today. Yes, you all understand that now money can be withdrawn from the account through mobile app without ATM.

Subject Withdraw money from ATM without debit card
Base UPI 2.0, App & QR Scan
Which platform will the app work on? Android and iOS
who made it AGS Technology
when will start 2019

How to withdraw money through UPI [प्रक्रिया] (Process or Cash Withdrawal Without ATM)

  1. First of all you have to go to an ATM machine, which can be of your bank or any other bank.
  2. The consumer has to go to the ATM and open his smartphone, after which a QR code will appear on the screen of the ATM machine, it will have to be scanned.
  3. The QR code will be scanned and submitted using the new app.
  4. As soon as the QR code is scanned and submitted, you will get the money. But if the ATM of the bank is not of your bank, then first money will be transferred from bank to bank then you will get it.
  5. All this process will be completed without the use of debit card.

how to withdraw money from atm without debit card

What will be the changes to be done in ATM to withdraw money through UPI 2.0?

This is a new process, in which debit card is not to be used. In such a situation, the question comes whether this process will be available in the present ATM machine itself or not?

Yes, this process will be present in the present ATM only, for this there is no need to change the machine, some small changes in it [इन्स्टालेशन] Only through this process will be started. Changes will be made to link bus ATMs with UPI 2.0.

Is it safe to withdraw money from ATM without debit card ?

UPI and ATM both run on the same platform, so if ATMs are secure then this process is also secure.

NPCI recently informed everyone about this process, by which it is possible to withdraw money from ATM without debit card and NPCI itself has done the work of making UPI.

AGS Transact technology has always worked for ATMs, which are linked to the bank and this company has introduced new QR code system And similarly it is believed that now in 2019, the process of cardless cash payment will start, which will be made keeping in mind the convenience of the consumer.

Till now there has been the era of card payment, but maybe now it will not even be needed. This work will also be done through smart phone. day to day smart mobile phone utility It is increasing, in such a situation it is also necessary to use it properly. Although all the techniques related to money transaction are very safe, in the same way, withdrawing money from ATM without debit card will also be safe.

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