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How to Start Virtual Wedding Planner Business in Lockdown 2021

How to Start Virtual Wedding Planner Business in Lockdown 2021
How to Start Virtual Wedding Planner Business in Lockdown 2021

Start Virtual Wedding Planner Business, How To Plan Wedding In Lockdown, Virtual Wedding (Lockdown Virtual Wedding Business) (Meaning Ideas, Planner, Invitation, Card, in India)

Recently, due to Coronavirus, there is such a situation that people are not able to attend the wedding party of their close people due to maintaining social distance and closure of flights, trains, and buses. A similar situation has happened to the caterers and wedding planners doing the business of organizing a wedding party that their business is going into loss at the time when it is their season time. In such a situation, people are giving a lot of priority to virtual weddings. This is such a business idea that profits in the business of both wedding planners and caterers and people also attend the wedding and party of their relatives and friends. So today in this article we are going to give you information about what is a virtual wedding is and some great ideas related to it.

Start a Virtual Wedding Planner Business

If the virtual wedding is understood in easy language, then it is online marriage. In which all the close relatives and friends are involved online in all the rituals of marriage being done by the bride and groom. In this, online e-invitation is given to all friends and relatives in a virtual way, in which they are informed about a certain day and time. And all the people have to get ready according to the function on the same day and time and join the party online. It is going on in a lot of trends these days due to Coronavirus.

Lockdown Virtual Wedding Planner Business Demand (Business Opportunity)

Many times it happens that due to some reason you are not able to attend the wedding of any of your close relatives or friends or any party organized by them. Recently, due to Coronavirus, this situation has remained everywhere in the country or abroad. Because of this, people have even made up their minds to postpone their marriage and party. Something similar has happened to those doing business with wedding planners and caterers, they are suffering the most even though it is the wedding season, due to which they have decided to close their business.

But let us tell you that some people have taken out new ideas for this. Like now people have started adopting the trending virtual wedding ideas. And now people are thinking of joining it and starting their own business too. These wedding ideas are very popular abroad, but now it is slowly coming into practice in our country as well. Therefore, in the coming time, there is going to be a lot of demand for this business because money does not have to be spent on it and people enjoy it a lot. Therefore, this business can provide you a lot of profit in the coming time.   

Virtual Wedding Planner Business Planning

If you are thinking of starting a virtual wedding business, then first of all you have to make a great plan that how and how you can do this business. And after that, you can start this business. We are giving you information about the idea of ​​doing some planning for it –

Platform selection:

In doing virtual wedding planning, you have to first select a web platform, through which you will be able to involve people in the virtual weddings. These platforms are Zoom Application, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Google Duo, Face Time, and Houseparty, etc. Out of which you can start this business by choosing any one platform.

Prepare setup :-

After you have selected your platform, then you have to set up how you can work in it. How can people gather through this, and connect with the function of marriage etc.

Preparation for giving e-invitation :-

You should also keep searching for different types of attractive e-invitation card designs in this business. So that your customers can select it to invite their relatives and friends.

Virtual Photographer :-

If you are working as a virtual wedding planner, then you may also have to arrange for a virtual photographer. For this, you contact people who specialize in virtual photography and you can add them to your business and give them a salary.

Other Planning :-

You will also need to do some other small planning in this business like you will have to arrange online Pandit Ji, music, DJ and gift, etc.

After doing all planning, you are ready to start this business.

Choosing a Virtual Wedding Planner Business Name (Choose Name)

When you have decided to start a virtual wedding planner business, and at the same time you have done all the planning how you want to start this business. So after this, it is your turn to give a name to this business of yours. In India, many such virtual wedding planning companies have started in Mumbai whose names are ‘Partystarters’ and ‘My Event’ etc. These companies have started this year only and have earned a lot of profit so far. You can also give a name to your virtual wedding planner business by choosing such an attractive name.

You can also give a name to your virtual wedding planner business by choosing such an attractive name.

Virtual Wedding Planner Business Legal License

When you work as a wedding planner, it is mandatory for you to get a legal license for your business so that it can be proved that you are not doing any illegal work. Similarly, you will also have to complete all the legal proceedings required for your virtual wedding planner business and only then start your own business.

Virtual Wedding Planner Business Manual Preparation

Create a manual for your virtual wedding planner business by designing an online website and creating an app. In which you give information about some great ideas which are very attractive and innovative and people like it too. After this, they can also contact you through your website and app, you can also give such facility to them. When they contact you and like your ideas, then you can also take orders from them through this.

How to Plan Virtual Wedding

After you have taken the order from your customers, then it is your turn how you will organize their function or wedding. So for this follow the following steps –

List all programs :-

First of all, you have to make a list of all their programs by contacting your customers. In which ritual do they want to include how many guests. And you will also have to take complete information about contacting them.

Set the day and time of the programs:-

After this, after talking to your customers, you will also have to determine the day and time of the program. So that you can gather people virtually at the same time.

Set dress code :-

You can also ask the customers to set the dress code according to all the rituals, so that they tell their relatives and friends about that dress code and ask them to follow it so that this virtual wedding looks more attractive.

Invite guests by selecting e-invitation card :-

Once everything is settled, invite guests through the e-invitation card chosen by your customer. They can do this in an innovative way like by making attractive videos etc.

Book Virtual Photographer :-

You should also contact your virtual photographer and explain all these things to him so that he can do better virtual photography according to him.

Venue arrangement :-

You will also have to ask your customers to book a venue. Where this event can be held. You don’t need to book a huge space for the venue. You can also book a hall where 50 people can gather because in our country more than 50 people are not allowed for marriage and party. But you have to choose a venue where the big screen can be set up.  

Large screen arrangement:

The guests of your customers will gather together on the same platform, so you will also have to arrange for a large screen for this. So that all the guests can see the wedding in a proper way and your customers can also take good blessings of all their guests.

Connect all together :-

After all this preparation, you will have to ask all your guests to come in the same platform, you can also give this information in the e-invitation card, through which platform you are collecting all the guests online. So that your guests can also connect with you using that platform.

Arrangement of Pandit ji or Qazi Sahib :-

Apart from collecting the guests of customers in the online platform, you will also have to add Panditji through this platform. Because without Pandit Ji there can be no marriage in our Hindu society. And if you are doing nikah then you will have to add Qazi Sahab.

Other arrangements :-

Apart from all this, you have to prepare a stage for the function of the music in which a host is required. You can ask your customers to ask their guests to create a one-on-one dance performance to the music. After this, the music day can program music in a virtual way. If you also arrange a DJ for this, then the fun of music will be doubled.

In this way, you can execute it by planning a virtual wedding.

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