How to recover deleted website pages

recover deleted website pages: Do you have a web page that you accidentally deleted and need to get back? Perhaps you are building a new website and would like to refer back to the pages of your old website to get some ideas for your new one. Whatever the reason, you have a great chance of getting your web page back.

How to recover deleted web page

Phase 1
Gather all the information related to your website, such as your domain name, as well as information for the administrative contact person who is more than the administration of the website

stage 2
Contact the company that is hosting your website. Provide it with your domain name and administrative contact information.

step 3
Advise the company that you have deleted a web page and would like to recover the deleted file. Most web hosting companies backup all their website pages. The company will be able to view the file you deleted on the backup server and restore it to your file directory. After removing the web page, it is best to contact your web hosting company as soon as possible, so that the likelihood of the page being restored is increased.

step 4
If you do not want to go through your web hosting company then use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view your deleted web page. By going to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can type in the domain name for your website. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine will then pull out all the website pages associated with the website, no matter how old they are. This is great if you want to see a web page that was removed many years or months ago.

Wayback Machine’s Wayback is probably the best tool to recover any deleted webpage. It is a part of the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization that tries to duplicate all content on the Internet. It has saved over 435 billion Web pages, which probably isn’t all the content on the Internet, but is still impressive. 

Step 5
Click on the page of your website that you want to retrieve through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Click the “View” option from the menu bar of your Internet browser. Choose the “Page Source” option. Copy all the HTML coding associated with your deleted web page from the page source.

Paste the HTML code copied from the page source into the HTML editor of your website. Save your work Now you should be able to see your web page. Some graphics may no longer be in place, but all textual aspects of a web page must still be in tact. You must upload new graphics.

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