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How to prepare for board exam How to do board exam preparation in hindi


How to prepare for board exam ( How to do board exam preparation or Kaise Kare Board Exam Ki Taiyari in hindi)

This is a big question, which can be answered only by those who have cleared the board exam. But we have given its answer in this blog of ours. If together you will prepare for an exam by supporting each other, then both its fun and result will be very good and you will be able to reduce the burden of your child. Board exam results are very important, only these results make the way forward. Good 10th and 12th result is very important for first job. Along with these the result of your graduation also matters. If all these are good, then there is no problem in your job.

Kaise Kare Board Exam Ki Taiyari

Board exams are such an exam, in which everyone panics, but it is not a big deal. The pattern of the exam is not so difficult that you get scared like this. The way you prepare for the local exam, the board exam is also the same. If you will do your work properly with confidence and read according to the tips given below, then you will not have any problem.

Some important points have been given, through which you can improve your board results.

  • Be alert from the beginning:

Be alert from the very beginning in the board exam. Do not burden the mind together. Make a routine, work according to it from the beginning. By doing this you will have enough time in the end. In which you will be able to revise and give time for extra preparation.

  • Make a time table and study:

Make a time table from the beginning of the year and study accordingly. In the beginning, all you have to do is to think about how much time you have to study and at that time make a habit of reading by being focused. Gradually break that time according to the subjects. And increase the time. In the beginning, repeat the syllabus taught in school daily at home. With this, you will understand at the same time, how much you have understood the topic taught and you can ask it to any other friend or teacher at the same time. Clear your doubts well in time, because in the short term it increases anxiety and decreases in confidence. If you keep holding on to the difficult topic from the beginning, then there will be no problem in the last.

  • Preparation according to syllabus:

Prepare for what is going to be taught in school and go from home. Not much, just look at the book according to the syllabus and read the headlines. With this, when you will be taught these topics, then your mind will feel easily in it. After that when that chapter is completed, read the syllabus again and revise accordingly, as well as prepare important questions.

  • Revise:

Revise the topics once studied in a few days or else you will forget them and all your hard work will be wasted.

  • Improve the way you write questions:

Sometimes you know the answers of all the questions and you solve them very well but still you get less marks, the only reason for this is your way of writing. First of all change the way you write.

  • Keep hand writing good.
  • Write clearly.
  • Write down the answer to the question. Heading in it, all headings should be there.
  • Have bullet points.
  • Must have a diagram.
  • Have a table

Writing in this way the checker will never deduct your marks and even if you do not know the exact answer to the question and you do not want to leave that question, then solving them in this way will give you half or more marks. This method is always beneficial. Solve important questions according to the points mentioned above and write them in your note book. So that you get used to this pattern.

  • Prepare for every exam:

Prepare well for the first quarter and six months exam before the annual exam. At the same time prepare important questions. This will reduce your burden. After this, prepare all the important questions keeping in mind the complete syllabus in the preboard exam.

  • board exam (Board Exam Preparation:

Read the complete syllabus carefully before the board exam. According to that, first prepare the difficult text so that in case of inconvenience, you can solve it in time.

  • Solve Unsolved:

Read previous 10 year papers and solve them. Make separate note books of all the subjects and write all the unsolved questions together in them by solving them so that all the important questions can be found at one place at the time of examination.

  • Take care of sleep during the exam:

We do not sleep properly during the exam days and whenever we sit to study, we feel lethargic, to avoid this, take 6 to 7 hours of sleep properly every day. If you can’t sleep and worry, then some remedies have been given, do them: sleep remedies Take at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep even on the night of the exam.

  • What to do if you fall asleep while studying?

This happens with everyone. Whenever I pick up the book, I feel so sleepy as if I have not slept for many nights. For such a situation, we have read many remedies you wrote in a blog.

  • What to do if the mind is not focused:

10 minutes daily pay attention. If you worship, then close your eyes for some time in the temple of the house and do not think anything, it is not possible for a person to think for 24 hours, but while meditating, the pronunciation of Om calms your mind. If you study with concentration, So your studies will be completed in a few hours, but if you do not feel like it, then even if you study for the whole day, your studies will not be completed. This will bring positivity in you.

  • Take care of food:

Eat properly but do not eat very heavy fried food. This will make you sluggish and you will not feel like it. Take light food and keep some light homemade snacks with you and read them while eating. This will keep your mind engaged.

  • Eat curd sugar or basil leaves on the day of exam:

Don’t be surprised to read this. It is not done for any kind of omen. Eating curd sugar does not cause sleep and keeps freshness, so it is customary to feed curd sugar before the exam. Also, Tulsi leaves do not cause sleep as well as oxygen level is also fine.

Some important things to keep in mind on the day of exam:

Do your studies in 2 hours before the exam and sit calmly and think about what to do after the exam, this will calm you down and there will be no panic.

serial number important point
1 Keep all the documents with you. Before leaving the house, check your ID must be kept.
2 Check your box at home. In it, observe all of the pen, pencil, rubber, scale etc. before the exam.
3 Reach the exam center 30 minutes before.
4 Automatically check your bags, wallets and purses. Somewhere there should not be any slip in it by mistake.
5 In the exam room, sit on your roll number 10 minutes before.
6 Take out your pens and pencils from the box and keep them.
7 After getting the question paper, read it carefully. And whichever comes to you, solve those questions first.
8 Keep the length of the answer according to the number of questions asked.

Remember the things given in the table on the day of the exam. If you give your exam keeping this in mind, then your marks will be better. Prepare from the beginning for the board exam. If you make your routine from the beginning of the year through the points mentioned above, then you will not feel the burden at the end.

The better the results of board exams, lesser are the problems. Due to good results, one gets admission in a good college and later this result is useful in the first job. The first division of your 10th – 12th and graduation results is seen for the job.

All these tips are like a Ram arrow for all types of exams or boards. If you study accordingly, then your result will always be good. It is not necessary to always get good results in the last days of studies. So inculcate the habit of sticking to a routine in your children from the beginning.

Nowadays exams are not only for children. Parents are also there, so they should also support the child by reading such blogs so that he feel confident and reduce their weight. Parents can make time table of their child from their own experience. You can help them by talking to them on their difficult topics. Also, you can take the help of internet for any kind of information. You will find the answer to all your questions on the internet. Information on any subject is present on the Internet. Be a friend of your children and support them in this board exam. This will make them feel better. Also, their results will be good and they will not consider themselves alone.

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