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How to play tv on mobile in 2021?


In your house, your TV Must be using So it comes that How to watch tv on mobile TV is a very good entertainment source. The country makes you aware of all the news of the world while sitting at home. But these TVs are all stationery or static devices. This means that they have to be installed in one place to see it.

It takes a lot of trouble to get them from one place to another again and again. This is its biggest concern. Being a TV buff, I have a lot of trouble because if I want to watch it in my room then I cannot do it. Rather I have to come to the TV location.

In such a situation, if some such solution is left out that I can watch TV wherever I want. Yes, friends, this is absolutely possible in the present times.

If you too like to watch TV like me then you will like this article very much how to watch TV in mobile because in this you will find some such people Best Free Android Live TV Apps I will tell you about which you can watch TV comfortably from your mobile.

Here in this article, I will tell you about two ways how Internet How can we watch TV using mobile and without using the internet?

This is why today I thought that why I will provide you with information about how to watch free TV on Android Mobile so that you can fulfill your hobby anywhere and anytime like me.

Then without delay, let’s start, how to watch TV on mobile for free.

How to watch TV from mobile?

If you want to watch TV on your mobile then you must have an Android SmartPhone, a good internet connection in it, and also a free Android TV application which you Google Playstore You can also download it from

Well by the internet I mean to say that the 3G or 4G Is necessary. The better you have the speed, the better quality you can enjoy the TV.

By the way, there are many apps that show TV in good quality even in slow internet speed. For this, all you need to do Google PlayStore Have to download from, install it, and finally Internet One has to watch TV by turning on it.

In these free apps, you will often find yourself a Free account We also have to make it, to use it. After which you can watch TV for free. Some Mobile TV Apps are subscription-based, meaning you have to pay money to watch channels.

At the same time, some are absolutely free. In this article, I am going to tell you about some such apps that you can use to watch TV on your mobile for free.

What are the requirements to watch TV from mobile?

If you want to use your mobile and watch TV on it, then for this you should have some such things so that you can do this work easily. By the way, all these things are available for free.

1. Mobile phone. (SmartPhone which should have the latest version of Android Os)

2. Internet (Good internet speed means 3G or 4G)

3. Watch tv Android Application (These are free applications)

Best Live TV Apps 2021

Information about how to watch TV in Mobile, Top Best Free Android Live TV Apps.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar Is the best app for watching TV. You can download it for free from Google Playstore. These are absolutely free apps. In this, you can watch the channel of your choice and you can also watch movies.

2. YuppTV

When it comes to watching TV on mobile, how can we forget the YuppTV App? The best quality of this app is that you can see it even in slow internet. In this too, you can also watch favorite movies with your favorite shows. You can also download it from the play store just like Hotstar.

3. Jio TV

In recent times, Jio has offered free TV to users. You get more than 350 channels on Jio TV, apart from this you also get more than 15 languages. This is its biggest feature. Due to the popularity of this Jio TV, it is being well-liked by the people. You can download it from Play Store or My Jio App.

4. ZEE5

ZEE5 – Movies, TV Shows, LIVE TV & Originals The app is also quite popular in this category. In this, you will get to see a lot of movies and series to entertain people.

For your information, I am told that more than 10 crore people have downloaded this app so far. And has taken advantage of its facilities. If you too are in search of entertainment in life then ZEE5 App is very good for you.

5. Ditto TV

Ditto TV App Is also the very best App to watch free TV. To watch channels in this app, you have to do some Channel Subscribe, but the subscription charge is very cheap. You can download it from Google Play Store.

6. nexGTv

nexGTv App Also offers to watch TV online. Here you can watch your favorite channels, movies, for free. With this, its quality is also very good. This is also a free app. Also, you can download it for free from Google Playstore.

You can play TV on your mobile phone by using these apps.

How to play TV on mobile without the internet?

With the use of the Internet, we can watch TV from our mobile is very easy. But if the internet of your mobile ends, then how can you watch TV on mobile.

In a long time data, The speed of the video is reduced due to which the videos stop and stop. I say that now you can watch TV on your mobile without the internet.

Yes guys you can TV the Tuner Dongle With the use of And you can use your Android Mobile Offline Can be used as a TV.

What is required to watch TV channels without the internet?

1. Your Smartphone for this OTG USB Support should do.

2. Also you should have a TV Tuner Dongle. To watch mobile according to offline TV.

3. To watch TV without the Internet with it, you should have TV-On-Go Doordarshan India App.

Buy OTG Cable

Where can I buy a TV Tuner Dongle?

If you want to buy TV Tuner Dongle for yourself then you Online You can buy from Amazon or any other Flipkart sites. it worths 800 to 1000 There are money.

Buy TV Tuner

How to connect mobile to TV Tuner T2 Dongle?

If you have to connect your mobile to TV Tuner Dongle then you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you Tv-on-go Download and install Doordarshan India App on your Android Mobile.

2. Now install Tv Tuner T2 Dongle in your mobile.

3. then finally Tv-on-go Connect the app with the TV Tuner Dongle.
By following these steps, you can play TV on your mobile for free without the internet.

What did you learn today?

I hope I got you How to play tv on mobile Gave full information about it and I hope you people have understood how to watch TV on mobile free.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. With these ideas you will be able to learn and improve.

If you liked my article or if you got something to learn from it, then to show your happiness and eagerness please post this post like social networks Facebook Share on Twitter, etc.


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