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How to Optimize Images in the blog for SEO

How to Optimize Images in the blog for SEO
How to Optimize Images in the blog for SEO

How to optimize image, image optimization for website: Have you heard about Image SEO? Do you know what is Image SEO? Do you want your webpage to rank at the top in Google’s search engine? If yes, then Image SEO is going to be very helpful for you. Through Image SEO, you can make your webpage more interesting so that your users will get a good experience from your web page. The most important thing in Image SEO is that the image has to be optimized, without optimizing the image, your webpage will not rank quickly on Google’s search engine. 

Today in this article we will understand what is Image SEO? And how do you do it? As well as the 11 easiest ways of Image SEO, which will make it easier for you to understand Image SEO. 

This article is going to be very interesting so don’t miss any point of it. So let’s start what is Image SEO?

What is Image SEO?

Friends Image SEO is such a technique through which optimize your image for Google bots. Your image gets a good ranking in the Google image section due to the improvement in your images made by you like its readability, indexability, crawling. Due to this, the traffic of your website increases by 3 to 4 times. It is also worth noting that by optimizing SEO properly, your website’s watch time and reader experience increases, due to which your website gets a good ranking in standard search results. 

In 2017, Google added Image search to its search results pages, on which if a user clicked, it would be redirected directly to that webpage. This was the early stage of image search, after which Google made a lot of changes to it.

In February 2018, Google came out with a new update in which it made a lot of changes in Google Image Search and removed the image view bottom from it. Which had so much impact that the traffic of some websites has increased by more than 37%.

When you optimize the images added to your website to convince Google’s bots and rank them in the search engine, then this process is called Image SEO. This is an important part of SEO that you have to do while doing On-Page SEO.

Image SEO comes with a lot of factors like alt text, filename, compress, path structure etc. which are very important for Image SEO. About which we will discuss today, but now let us first understand why Image SEO is important.

Why Image SEO is Important

Do you want to get your website ranked on Google and do you want to bring more and more traffic to your website? So you have to focus on Image SEO in your website. If the images you add to your website are ranked in the Google Images section, then the traffic of your website increases by 10 -20 times. 

Do you also want to increase the traffic of your website? Do you also want to rank your website top in Google search result pages? If yes, then you have to do SEO of the added image in your website well. 


Do you know how to do image seo of your website? No, that’s why I have told 11 important points for you to image. Due to which your website will also grow quickly. 

How to do Image SEO: 11 Important Tips

Now you understand what is Image SEO? So now it comes to how to do Image Seo?

If you run a website, then it is very important for you to do SEO of the image of your website, which greatly increases your chances of ranking. Because almost all websites do Image SEO so that they can rank in the Google Image section.

So let’s understand those 11 important points that  how to do Image SEO?  Do you want to learn it then fall below.

1. Keep the format of the image correct

Before adding images to your site, make sure that which is the best filetype for your image? Although there are many image formats available, out of which PNG and JPEG formats are the most common. If the format of your image is correct then your visitors will find your images quite attractive.

  • PNG:  PNG creates images of good quality but the size of the file is large. 
  • JPEG:  The quality of the image is slightly reduced in JPEG, but the quality level can be adjusted and the size of the file is also correct. 
  • WebP:  This is a new image format which is added through code, due to which the size of the image is reduced by 34%. 

2. Add one image or the other

Do you know that to rank any blog post on top in Google, you have to add one or the other image to the blog post. It has a huge impact on the search ranking of your website, not directly but indirectly. Due to which the ranking of your website can be up or down. In short, Image SEO is an essential part of the user experience.

So that the user can understand the content of your website well. And you must have known that user experience is Google’s No. The 1st priority is whichever website fulfills it, it can rank in Google. That’s why I would recommend that you also add images to your blog post. 

3. Compress Image

Compressing the image is very important. According to HTTP Archive, about 21% of the weight of your entire website is of the images used in it. That’s why I would recommend that you compress images before uploading them on your website. You can compress the image through tools like Photoshop or TinyPNG. TinyPNG is a WordPress Plugin also available on WordPress which can be very useful for you.

By the way, you can also use WP Smush instead of WordPress Plugin, it reduces the size of the image file without reducing the quality of the image. Keep in mind, when you use any image plugin that compresses the image on your server, not on your website server, otherwise the load speed of your website goes down. 

4. Add Unique Image Only

Do you want the images of your web page to look like Common Images? If you do not want this, then you should add Unique Image only, in fact Unique Image adds life to your web page. For example, like your website gives a review of a food product but there is no such image on your page that can make your web page look unique, then your visitors will not enjoy reading your article so much.

To create a unique image, you have to select an image from Stock Images, then you will have to design it in your own way. You do not have to take such an image which is available on the Internet. The more unique your image is, the sooner it will rank in the Google Images section. You can design the image in Canva or there are many other apps for Image Design, you can design in them too. 

5. Rename the File Name of the Image

One thing should always be kept in mind that the file name of the image must be renamed because when it comes to SEO, it is always considered very important to write the descriptive keywords for the file name. 

Descriptive keywords tell Google and other search engines what you have written about your image. Most of the file names are written “IMG_7230149” or something similar. Written in this way, Google does not know any help in reaching your website, so in order for the search engine to understand your image and improve the SEO value, rename the file name from the default itself. It depends on how extensive your media library is. 

6. Add Keyword to Image Alt Tag

The full name of Alt Tag is Alternative Tag. Alt tag is very important in image SEO because it is very important to alt tag images to convince Google’s bots that they cannot understand the image.

The most important keyword of the content should be named the image and the title of the image should also be written. 

So that if the image is not able to load due to any problem, then when the visitors move the mouse cursor to the image, then a pop up show occurs. On which the visitors understand about that image by seeing the title of the image. 

According to a research, if websites which alt tag images, if those images rank high in the Google Image section, then traffic increases by 10 to 20% on their website. Therefore it is very important to Alt Tag the Images. 

7. Image File Structure को Optimize करें

When you do image seo, you should also keep in mind the structure of the image file. Optimizing its structure is very important.

So that when the image is ranked, users can visit your website with the help of the image, which increases the traffic on the website. In this, the path of the image file and the name of the file have to be properly optimized. 

By doing this, you can get the images used in your content ranked in the Google Image section because if a user searches the image name, then Google reads the name of your image and shows it in the search result. 

When the user visits your website through the path of that image, in this way the traffic on your website increases by 20% to 30%. In this way, you can rank your website on Google by optimizing the structure of the image file. 

8. Set the Height or Width of the Image

Everyone adds images to their content because the use of images makes it easy for visitors to understand about the content.

But if the image you are adding to your content, if its size, height, width is less, then it is very important for you to resize it. 

Because if the size of the image is not correct, then it makes the look of the content useless and also has a bad effect on the visitors, so the height and width of the images added to the content should also be set.

You can use Paint and Photoshop to resize these images, and you also get many online tools on the Internet, with the help of which you can adjust their size.

9. Make Image Mobile Friendly  

You must know about Mobile Friendly, just as you make your content Mobile Friendly by using Plugins, in the same way it is very important to make Image Mobile Friendly in Image SEO. 

Because when you make Images Mobile Friendly, then Automatic Adjustment starts on both the Images Desktop and Phone. Due to which it has a good effect on the visitors. 

To make these images mobile friendly, there are many plugins available on the Internet that you can use.

If you know Coding, then you can make Images Mobile Friendly through Coding. You can do coding like this;

<img srcset=”elva-fairy-480w.jpg 480w,

elva-fairy-800w.jpg 800w”

sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 480px,



alt=”Elva dressed as a fairy”>

10. Create Sitemap of Images 

Creating a Sitemap of Images is a very important factor in Image SEO. In this, a list of images has to be made and submitted to Google Console.

This sitemap helps Google’s bots to understand the images of your website so that they crawl and show these images in the Image section of Google. Due to which the traffic on the website increases. 

It is very important to make a sitemap of images, all websites make a sitemap of their images, so that the information of regular updates and important links is also known to the bots of Google.  

11. Caption Your Images

Giving captions to images is also a very important task in Image SEO. When you optimize images, you write Alt Tag, Title Name, and Image Name, along with that you should also give captions to your images.

So that Google’s bots can easily understand these images and show them in the Google Image section. That’s why you must write captions below your images.

In the caption of the image, you should use Focus and Related Keywords which are related to the image or which can be read and known about that image. 

As you know in this article what is Image SEO? If Image SEO is defined in a simple way, then it can be said that Image SEO makes the image of any website readable as well as improves the index ability and quality of the image. So that users have a good experience and the image can rank better in Google’s search engine. 

Image does many things for WebPage, such as it becomes helpful in describing more Complicated Topics well, there is a lot of work for Ecommerce too.  

Simultaneously, you learned how to do Image SEO properly? Like by keeping the format of the image right, adding one image to it, compressing the image, applying a unique image, renaming the filename of the image, adding keywords to the image alt tag, optimizing the image file structure, image’s height or By setting the width, making the image mobile-friendly, creating a sitemap of images, giving captions to your images, you can do Image SEO well, if you did all this in a proper way, then definitely in your post website. will rank  


Q: Does Google Crawl and Index Images?

Ans:  Yes, Google crawls and indexes images. If you know what is Image SEO? So you must have known about the Alt Tag, Title Name, Image Name and Caption of Image of the image, Google’s bots crawl and index the images with their help and only then the images are ranked in the Google Image section. 

Q: Do all the images rank on Google have metadata?

Ans:  Yes, Rank on Google is the metadata of all the images. Because whenever you add an image to your content, then you have to write many details for it so that the image can be identified as to what it is related to. like; Image Name, Title Name, Alt Tag, and Caption Apart from this, many other details are given in this, these details are the metadata of the image. Because of which the images rank in the Image section of Google.

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