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How to make children cultured


How to instill good manners in children? How to make them cultured, 10 good values. (How to Explain Culture to a Child in Hindi)

In today’s hectic life, we leave behind many important things to do. The most important task among them is, how to give the right values ​​to your children? If the child has good values ​​from the beginning, then in the future he can achieve his identity and his success only on the basis of his good values. As much as education is necessary in today’s era, it is equally important to have good values ​​in children. People’s personality shines only through good manners. Today, through this article, how can we inculcate good values ​​in your children? Will tell about it. It may be that in today’s digital age this article will be of great use to you.

baccho ko sanskari kaise banaye hindi

Some important things for parents to keep in mind?

If you are concerned about the upbringing of your children and the good values ​​in them, then you must first take care of some important things from the childhood of the children till the youth of the children. Which are as follows.

Keep these things in mind from newborn till the age of 5 years?

  • Before giving good values, children should also take special care of good diet and nutritious food in the newborn age.
  • At this age, the type of food habits that will remain in the child, it will not be left for the rest of his life, so take special care of them.
  • Food should be provided to your children after the age of 5 years, because thinking and thoughts are formed only by food and drink.
  • Your children should be made to refrain from consuming some food items from childhood such as: – Non-vegetarian, fast food, stale and oily spiced food.

From the age of 6 to 10 years, keep these things in mind?

  • At this age, it is important to explain to your children the difference between good and bad habits.
  • At this age, it is necessary to explain a little bit about their religion, God and behavior to the children.
  • For children at this age, the home environment should be pure and sattvik because, at this age, children start following the habits of elders.
  • The important thing to keep in mind is that the family members of the house should also keep their behavior and conduct good, so that the children can learn something.
  • What is right for your kids at this age? What is wrong ? Be sure to provide information about this because children are innocent by nature. They do not have knowledge of all these things, that is why it becomes our responsibility.

children’s What are the things to be kept in mind from the age of 11 to 15 years?

  • At this age, it is necessary to make children comfortable about their education. What is the importance of education in today’s era? Be sure to explain this to your children.
  • Tell your children about their education subject, career and success at this age and keep encouraging them.
  • At this age, children must be explained and taught a little bit about religious mantras and yoga asanas etc. So that the mind of the children is always pure and healthy.
  • Children should never put any kind of pressure related to education, let them choose the subject according to their wish, so that the child can prove himself better.

What are the things to keep in mind for children from 17 years to 21 years of age?

  • During adolescence, major chemical changes take place inside children. Children must be made aware about all these things, whether it is a boy or a girl.
  • It is necessary to take special care of children at this age, because at this age the values ​​are revealed in the children.
  • Make children realize their responsibilities in adolescence and also help them to take up their responsibilities.
  • At this age, it is necessary to pay special attention to the routine of children and their company. They should be explained, with whom you should support and with whom you should live.
  • At this age, also advise children to sit with slightly older elders, so that they can get some experience of their coming life from them. Apart from this, children should also be taught to believe in some festivals.

Best ways to instill good values ​​in children ?
All parents want their children to be of cultured nature. Children learn to respect elders, give them respect. Develop good habits in children. Apart from this, children should learn to behave politely and fully. Apart from this, there are many things, which should be inside the children. Let us now know how to impart good values ​​to our children. How to inculcate good values ​​in them? e.t.c.
1. Have faith in God-

Faith in God should be inculcated in the children. They should be told that one should have faith in God, because having faith in God gives motivation to do the right thing. Children should be told that God sees all things, and that is why it is necessary to do good deeds.
2 . Respecting elders
In your children, respecting elders, obeying elders, how to talk to elders, etc., should be taught to your children from childhood. Some qualities should be taught in children towards some elders, such as: – Touching feet, pressing their feet and taking care of elders, etc., should be developed in children. Ask children to spend some time with elders When elders tell stories related to their lives, tell them about the past in their lives, then children get useful information for their life. Due to which they get the courage to face the situation.
3. wake up in the morning

Teach children the habit of getting up early in the morning. Children should be told, what are the benefits of getting up early in the morning? Tell children what are the disadvantages of sleeping for a long time? Sleeping for a long time to children will make them lazy and their brain will not work properly. Teach all these important things to your children as a daily routine. It is one of the most useful things among the sanskars in children.
4. To inculcate the spirit of cooperation in the children

From childhood, the spirit of cooperation towards the needy people should be inculcated in the children. Tell the children that by providing any kind of help to the needy people, they get blessings from God. No matter how difficult the task is, if there is cooperation from each other then that work can be done easily. You must also teach these things to the children. To inculcate the spirit of cooperation in the children, give them the opportunity to cooperate in small tasks. Give the responsibility of doing small tasks to the children and make them aware of their responsibility and also help them.
5. Teach the behavior of friendship

Tell your children that you should make friends with good people. Explain the importance of friendship to the children and also tell the meaning of friendship. As parents of children, children should make friends with good people. The feeling of friendship should be inculcated in the children.
6. Explain the value of time

Tell children that time has an important place in life. If we do not do any work on time, then we have to pay the damages for it. Teach children that the work done on time always proves beneficial for you. That is why he told the children that they must respect the time, otherwise they will not be able to do their important work if the time gets out of hand. Teach children to use time wisely and tell them at what time they have to study? when to play when to eat It is necessary to do all these things on time, also tell this.
7. Teach how to talk to people

How do children have to talk to older people from childhood? How to talk to people younger than you? It is necessary to teach things etc. Tell the children that if you talk to others with love, you will also get love from them. Tell the children that if you are talking to people older than you, which words should be used while talking. Tell the children that while talking to the elders, words like thank you, please, sorry, excuse me etc. should be used.
8. Must be taught to respect parents

Children should be taught that parents should be respected, because parents will be their guide. Tell the children that before doing any work, they must consult their parents once. Children must be told about their real situation. If the child is aware of your real situation, then he will appreciate your feelings. Tell your children the stories of ideal and brave men. Must tell stories like Shravan Kumar to your children
9. Teach Honesty

Always speak the truth in front of your children and tell them that in any situation, you should always support the truth. Tell the children to always act honestly. Any kind of honest work will always give you the right results. Told the children that one should walk on the path of truth and honesty, tell the children that truth and honesty are always strong. Tell the children that later people will try to deviate you from the path of truth and honesty. But you have to always support the truth, for this you can also tell the story of King Harishchandra to your children.
10. Teach children a sense of duty

You must inculcate a sense of duty in your children. Tell the children that there are different duties towards your family, towards your country, towards your teacher, towards your school, towards your elders and towards your younger ones. They must do it.
11. feeling of love

Teach children how to live lovingly with everyone. Tell the children that on the strength of mutual love and brotherhood, they can improve their image in their family, school and society. Tell them that people will like you only on the strength of love and they will also be able to rule the hearts. Teach children the feeling of sympathy and compassion towards needy people like:- poor destitute, orphans and handicapped people. Tell them that by serving such needy people, God always supports them in their bad times.

12. Show a sense of love and respect for the country

Teach your children their feeling and respect for their country. Tell us that the country should be respected because, their country is their support in every situation. Tell the children that you are required to perform all the necessary duties towards the country. Teach the spirit of devotion towards the country in the children. Tell the children that to have good times with your country, even if there are bad times, you should always stand together. Tell the story of Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Udham Singh and other brave men to your children and tell them about their sacrifices.

13. Awaken the stamina power in the children –

The spirit of stamina should be inculcated in the children and its importance should also be told. But there is a great lack of stamina among the children of today. Children of today do not show tolerance to achieve anything. Must tell the children that any work should be done with patience because, the work done with tolerance is always in your interest. Tell the children that you should always have qualities like tolerance because it is one of the essential qualities for their future life. Tell the children that they should not show aggression in doing small tasks and they should always have a positive attitude towards their life. Because only difficult tasks can be done easily with positive thoughts.

14. Teach to maintain good character

Tell your children that you should always keep your character clean towards women. They should always be respected. Apart from this, teach children to inculcate in themselves a sense of being comfortable with their character. Tell the children that once a character is broken, it cannot be right again. Tell the children that today’s environment is full of deceit and betrayal. That is why always be careful and alert from the people around them and fake friends.

Every parent wishes their children to have a bright future always. Every parent wants that their child should have good qualities in him and he should be full of good values, so that his name is in the society. Your children will have good qualities and values ​​only when good qualities and good values ​​are present in you. You should always present yourself in an ideal form in front of children, so that your child can learn something from you too. Friends, how did you like this article by us, please do tell us. We have presented this article in front of you with full dedication.

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