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How to create a Flipkart affiliate account and earn money

How to create a Flipkart affiliate account and earn money
How to create a Flipkart affiliate account and earn money

How to create a Flipkart affiliate account and earn money from it? ( How to Create Flipkart Affiliate Account and Earn Money from it)

Flipkart is one of the fastest-growing and successful e-commerce companies in India. The credit for its success goes to India’s growing number of online shoppers. It offers a wide variety of products ranging from clothing to electronic items. By ordering which you can buy it online sitting at home. But do you know that apart from spending money on this, you can also earn? There are many ways to earn from Flipkart, here one of them is given complete information about the Flipkart Affiliate Program, through which it is very easy to earn money.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program? 

Flipkart Affiliate means that when you help Flipkart in promoting the products of Flipkart, then in return Flipkart gives you some % of its profits as your commission. This is called Flipkart Affiliate Program. This is a great way for you to earn money, in this you only have to help Flipkart to find more and more buyers. You promote by placing a banner or link of any Flipkart website product on your website or Facebook/Twitter page, whenever a user from your website or Facebook/Twitter page clicks on the Flipkart website banner or link and makes a purchase from there. If so, then you get a commission for that by the company. The more users click on the banner or link of the Flipkart website from your website Facebook / Twitter page, the more commission you will be able to earn money. in today’s time

How to create Flipkart Affiliate Account ?

To create your Flipkart Affiliate Account, you read the steps given below –

  • To create an account on it, you can start it by clicking on the link of Flipkart Affiliate . If you are already registered in it, then you can login directly. And if you are new to this, then you have to click on ‘Join Now for Free’.
  • Then to register you have to enter some necessary information like email address, password etc. And some term and condition options will be given, you will also have to fill it. After that you click on register button.
  • You can check your email account to verify whether you are successfully registered or not. where you will get mail. When it is verified, you can now login to it.
  • Then after login in it, you click on account details, here you have to give some information for your account, like name, mobile number, address, email address, city, pin code etc. Then you click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  • Similarly, by clicking on the website detail, here you will have to enter some information related to your website like URL of your website, website type and monthly visits etc.
  • After this, you click on the payment details, where you will have to tell how you will receive the money. Here you have to give your country and city name, affiliate type i.e. whether you are alone or working with a company, payee name, payment mode and your PAN number etc.
  • Then you click on Account Settings. From here you can change your password, or if you want to delete the account, you can do that too.

In this way, by creating an affiliate account on Flipkart, you can give your website and other information in it.

Category selection 

Once your Flipkart affiliate account has been created, after that you should do a little research about it. For this, you decide whether you want to promote all categories of Flipkart or you want to focus on some of them. Apart from this, you can also research about the category, in which category of which product you will get more benefit. To make sure of all this, take a look at the following suggestions –

  • Your interests can help determine which products you will promote. If you are interested in a particular category, you should work with their products, as you will have more knowledge and experience about them. And you will also be able to promote it well. For example, if you have an interest in fashion, then you work with clothing, accessories and similar categories.
  • Your skill is one such indicator which will help you to decide which category of products you should choose. Some people want to work with all categories, while we should focus on some category, which is more beneficial for us.
  • Your experience in the category you choose will influence your success. For example, if you choose the category of electronic gadgets, then you should have technical expertise. So that you can understand more which product is better than others and how can help buyers. This will enable you to convince more buyers to buy the product.

In this way, you can decide the category with which you want to work and from here the process of earning your money starts.

How to generate affiliate link for a product in Flipkart ?

Once your affiliate account has been created, after that you have to generate the link for the product you want to promote, follow these steps for this –

  • First of all you have to log in to Flipkart Affiliate. After login you will reach the dashboard. Here you will see some options on the left hand side, from there you have to click on Affiliate Tools.
  • Then you will have some more options like Product Links and Banners, Promotional Banners and Widgets, Search Tools and API’s etc. You have to click on the product link and banner first from here.
  • After clicking here, you will be asked about the product and category you want to sell, enter it and click on the search button. Then that product will appear on your screen and below that you will see link button click it.
  • Then some multiple button options will be given here, you can choose a button of your choice. Then you click on the OK button, which will give you a code. And in this way, from here you will be provided with the affiliate code for that product, which you will use on your website. The affiliate code will be different for each product you are selecting.
  • Apart from this, if you promote through links of new offers or banners in your website, then it can be even better for you, because people like to see offers. For this you can go to Affiliate Tools and click on Promotional Banner.
  • Here you will see some banners in front of you, among them you can select any banner. There you will see the Generate Code button, by clicking on it you will be able to generate the code for that banner. And you can promote it by copying it in your website too.

How to earn money from Flipkart Affiliate?

To earn money from Flipkart Affiliate, it is necessary that you have a website or Facebook / Twitter page. Through which you can reach maximum buyers and also increase your sales and earning potential. 

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