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How to choose the right Plant container or pot

How to choose the right Plant container or pot
How to choose the right Plant container or pot

In this post, we will discuss how to choose the right container or pot for your garden. Also, be prepared to shop around for the right container or utensil. Containers can be expensive, but container gardening has grown in popularity over the years, so there are plenty of options for taking containers.

When choosing a style and material, consider where the container is being taken, a wooden container can look great in a natural setting, while a concrete container may be more suitable for formal gardens. Synthetic containers (resins, plastics, fiberglass, polymers) go a long way in imitating materials like stones but can be pricey.

In addition to material, size is also important – size does matter when it comes to container gardens. In most cases, the larger the container, the better – not only to create a good scale but also to give the plants plenty of room for their roots to spread out and grow. But shopping for large, good-quality utensils can be a challenge.

These are some tips that will help you pick the right container or pot for your garden. 

  1. First, find out where the container will be located, so you can buy the right size, shape, style, and material. Large containers can create a focal point in a garden. Choose a color that will complement the plants, keeping in mind that while the landscape can be gray and barren, choose what the pot looks like in winter and choose a style—traditional or contemporary—that enhances its surroundings, be it a casual cottage. The garden should be a formal boxwood forest or desert rock garden.
  2. Define how it will be used: a water park full of annual containers, a shrub or tree, a garden? In most cases, adjust the root balls and growth to favor the wider side.
  3. Make sure the container has a drainage hole – or it is capable of drilling in one. It may sound like a non-conformist, but when caught up in the aesthetic, it’s easy to overlook. Avoid the saucer, unless you are concerned about water overflowing to the surface, as standing water attracts mosquitoes.
  4. Choose a potting mix that is light-loose when planting; don’t have heavy potting soil that is too heavy. Can hold more moisture. And don’t feel compelled to fill a large, deep pot only with soil. For plants such as annuals and shallow-rooted perennials, filling the top two-thirds with pine bark, leaves or other mulch and one-third of the potting mix, making it easier to mount the applicable container.

If we forgot to mention something or you have any doubt or any suggestion for us, don’t hesitate to write in the comment box. Thank you for reading our post and thank you for sharing our post with others too.

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