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Binged Rating5.25/10

BOTTOM LINE: Fails To Deliver The Thrills After Promising Setup

Rating: 5.25/10

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Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar Genre: Thriller

What Is the Story About?

The story takes off from where it ended at the end of season one. The many questions related to Prithvi Singh (Ronit Roy), Handa (Dalip Tahil) and the mysterious organization making killer moves get unaware here. 

The primary setting, however, involves a hostage situation in an old forbidden bungalow. Prithvi and his wife are unexpected stuck there. The whole building is surrounded by the police and army with no clue on who is inside. How Prithvi tackles the situation finds a way out is the primary plot of the second season of Hostages. 



Ronit Roy is terrific, as usual, playing the lead role of Prithvi Singh. The intensity and rough charm that he brings to the part is what makes it likeable and instantly connect to the viewers. 

Ronit goes about his ways firing on all the cylinders as and when required. His presence and performance is the primary reason for one to be watching the show. 



Sudheer Mishra returns as the creative director of the series. He shares the direction credits with Shankar Singh Damn. Both have a simple yet difficult task to adapt a successful foreign series in an Indian setting. The end result is middling. 

As is with the first season, it is the screenplay filled with twists that are the mainstay of the show. They come are regular intervals and manage to keep one at the edge of the seat. It is felt clearly at the end of every episode. 

Those who have seen the previous season will instantly get sucked into the narrative in the first couple of episodes. The confusions are cleared and a new deadlock situation is perfectly created. One is hooked and is hopes for a thrilling narrative. 

Unfortunately, the makers fail in providing a gripping account of the tale after a superb setup of the premise. The problem is heightened and felt throughout when we see that it has all the markers and pointers set well to deliver an engaging narrative. 

The directors fail despite the screenplay consisting of all the necessary elements. It sets in predictability in place of thrill. The pacing is the issue. After a brilliant opening one feels as if the whole thing has paused. 

The main problem is the subplots that don’t have enough currency on their own. They are boring, bring predictability and irritation. The one’s involving Dino Morea and Swetha Basu Prasad are what we are talking about. They all tie up in the end, but the journey to that is not up to the mark. 

The entire midsection in addition to the content suffers from a weak direction. It is again towards the end that some momentum is generated. It is more due to the story than the execution. As the various threads are coming to a conclusion there is a sense of excitement and fulfilment. The latter is again a disappointment, though.

After a neat built up, the final moments are wrapped up hurriedly. It feels rushed and unsatisfactory. It is clear that there would be another season (depends on how the makers perceive the reception). 

Overall, after an excellent start, Hostages 2 hits a long pause. It resumes the action towards the end to again end up on an unsatisfied note. It ends up being weaker than the first season. Still, for the lovers of the thriller genre, the performances and twists make it a passable one time watch. 

Other Artists?

Te recurring cast has been little underutilized compared to the first season. At times, one even forget that they exist. But, it is alright as some of the new addition do a good job. 

Kanwaljit Singh, Divya Dutt, and Aashim Gulati are those actors. They all are given enough moments to stand out and leave some mark. The veteran Kanwaljit easily stands out with his act. It is filled with immense charm. Divya Dutt starts off well, but her role never reaches a high. It seems underwritten and leaves us with an underwhelming feeling. 

Dino Morea hardly feels menacing and Shweta Basu Prasad overacts and is irritating. The rest are alright. 

Music and Other Departments?

The background score is hardly noticeable. The understated usage here makes it easily forgettable as there no recall value or impact. The cinematography is alright. The limitations are well managed. The editing could have been better. The writing is a letdown. It gives a generic feeling with no uniqueness. 


Opening Episodes 


Casting Of Main Players 



Lethargic Execution 


Entire Episodes of Midportion 

Missing Thrill 

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?

With reservations

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