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Home remedies to avoid heat and stomach problems in summer. Garmi Me loo and Pet se judi Samsya Bachane Gharelu Upay in hindi

Home remedies to avoid heat and stomach problems in summer


Home remedies to avoid heat and stomach problems in summer Garmi 5Me loo and Pet se judi Samsya Bachane Gharelu Upay in hindi

As soon as the month of March comes, quilts have been kept inside the houses and coolers and ACs have started. The Sun God has started showing his sharp attitude. Now it has become difficult to get out of the house. Everyone has started tying clothes on their faces to go out. In this article, home remedies are being shown to you to avoid summer problems.

The problems of summer have started with the heat, its most adverse effects are on the skin. If you want, you can keep your skin safe by taking some precautions. Here are some easy surefire remedies.

Garmi Se Bachane Ke Gharelu Upay

Ways to avoid many problems in summer

Home Remedies for Skin Problems in Summer

  • The best way to deal with the heat is to use clean water, if you splash water on your face every once in a while, you feel refreshed.
  • Natural things like cucumber, sandalwood, basil, rose water etc. benefit the skin in summer. Applying all these things gives coolness to the face. Benefits of rose water and how to make Read here.
  • Applying a face pack of Multani mitti or sandalwood powder after coming from the sun is also beneficial, by applying it, the skin burnt in the sun also gets corrected.
  • If you want, you can also keep a face pack made of cucumber, multani mitti and glycerin in summer, and if you use it daily, your skin benefits.
  • If you have got prickly heat in summer, then grinding neem and basil and applying it cures it.
  • Insect bites are very high in the summer time, in such a situation, there can be problems like itching and burning in the skin due to insect bites. In such a situation, you make a paste of sandalwood with rose water and it will give you relief. For itching, mix banking soda with water and apply it on the affected skin. itchy skin benefits of baking soda reaches.
  • In summer, excessive sweating comes out due to which body odor also spreads. For this you should take bath regularly. Use anti fungal powder after bath. Use scented deodorant.

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain Problem in Summer

In summer, there are many problems related to the stomach, if you want, you can deal with these problems by taking a little care of your food. Given below are some remedies that you can follow to deal with the heat.

  • First of all, keep in mind that in the summer, fried spicy food should not be eaten.
  • In summer, water and such things should be consumed as much as possible, in which the amount of water is high, due to which the person does not lack water.
  • In summer, as much as possible, foods containing vitamin A and vitamin C should be eaten. Vitamin A like black grapes, green leafy vegetables benefit the body. And substances containing vitamin C like citrus fruits like lemon also benefit the body.
  • In the summer season, juice of curd, fruits like grapes, papaya, orange, mosambi etc. also benefits the body and keeps it cool from inside.
  • Bael fruit is also very useful in summer. If you want, you can keep it by making sherbet or murabba.
  • Eating raw mangoes in the summer season is also very beneficial.
  • Lemon shikanji also benefits in the summer season, it can be easily made at home too.
  • Mint is also beneficial in the summer season, it contains peppermint which relieves burning gas etc. in the stomach.
  • Jaljeera is very beneficial in the case of stomach problems in the summer season.
  • In the summer season, add black salt, black pepper, cumin in buttermilk and consume it, it is also very beneficial.

Home Remedies for Loo in Summer

In the summer season, although everyone avoids going out in the sun, but if it is very important to go out, then it cannot be avoided. In such a situation, the most feared of going out in the sun is the heat. If someone’s body is hot and ears are cold, then it is said that he is suffering from heatstroke. If a person wants, he can avoid it by taking a little care. Some easy ways to avoid the heat are given below.

  • It is said that onion is very useful in summer. It is beneficial to eat it, but it is said that if someone keeps it with him while going in the sun, then he does not feel heatstroke. Therefore, if possible, keep a small onion with you.
  • It is said in grandmother’s prescriptions that even after coming out of the house after drinking buttermilk, sattu does not cause heatstroke. So you can also use it.
  • Eating raw mango also prevents heatstroke in the summer season.
  • If someone gets heat stroke, then by applying its juice by grinding onions on the soles of his hands and feet, the heat also goes away. This Home remedies to get rid of burning sensation in the soles of feet Is.
  • It is said that if someone gets a heat stroke, then the person’s heat is removed with a wet cloth.

All these problems take a severe form in summer. Therefore, by adopting some home remedies, distance from them can be kept.

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