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History of Rani Padmini (Padmavati)

History of Rani Padmini Padmavati Rani Padmavati Padmini History


History of Rani Padmini (Padmavati) (Padmavat) | Padmavat ki Rani Padmini ( or Padmavati) biography history in hindi

The history of the forts of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan is very interesting. The forts here are not only known for the bravery of the Rajputs here, but it is known for the beautiful queen Padmavati or Padmini here. The life story of Rani Padmavati shows valor, sacrifice, tragedy, honor and deceit. Rani Padmini was famous all over India for her beauty. However, there is no historical evidence that Rani Padmini actually existed or not. Padmavat was a poem, written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540, in which written documents about Padmavati were found for the first time, which was written about 240 years after that event.

History of Rani Padmini (Padmavat) ( Rani Padmavati biography history in hindi )

The lives of Padmavati, Rawal Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji all come together at one point. Some people consider Padmavati only a character in the story. The historians of Alauddin put the Muslim ruler’s victory in Rajputana in their pages, so that they could prove that the Sultan had won the Rajputana kingdom. By the way, Rajput and Hindu clans consider this story to be a story and do not believe in it at all.

Rani Padmavati Family

serial number life introduction point padmavati biography
1. Full Name Rani Padmini
2. birth place Singhala
3. Mother’s name Champavati
4. father’s name Gandharbhasena
5. husband’s name Raja Rawal Ratan Singh
6. death 1303 (Chittor)

Rani Padmavati was the daughter of King Gandharva and Queen Champavati. Which used to live in Singhal clan. Padmavati also had a talking parrot ‘Hiramani’, who was very close to her. Padmavati was a very beautiful princess, whose beauty was discussed far and wide. In the poem Padmavat, the poet has presented her beauty very well. According to him, Padmavati had a beautiful body, if she even drank water, water could be seen from inside her throat, if she ate betel, the red color of betel would be seen in her throat.

rani padmini

For Padmavati, her father organized a swayamvara, in which invitations were sent to all the Hindu kings, Rajputs of the country. Malkan Singh, who was the king of a small kingdom, first asked for the hand of Princess Padmavati. of Chittor Raja Rawal Ratan Singh He also went to this swayamvara, but he had 13 queens from the first. Rawal Ratan Singh defeated Malkan Singh in this swayamvara and married Rani Padmavati. He came to Chittor with his wife Padmavati.

Rani Padmavati story

During the 12th and 13th centuries, Chittor was ruled by the Rajput king ‘Raval Ratan Singh’, who belonged to the Sisodia dynasty. He was a brave and great warrior. Rawal Ratan used to love his wife Padmavati very much, before that he had 13 marriages, but after Padmavati he did not do any marriage. The king was a very good ruler, who loved his subjects very much, apart from this, the king was very fond of art. The king used to welcome and honor all the artists, dancers, artisans, musicians, poets, singers etc. of the country. There was a very good singer ‘Raghav Chetak’ in his kingdom. But apart from singing, Raghav also knew black magic, which no one knew. Raghav wanted to use this talent against his own king, and he was caught red handed one day. When the king came to know about this, he blackened his face as a punishment and excommunicated him from his kingdom by making him sit in ganache. Due to this harsh and heinous punishment, the enemies of Raja Ratan Singh increased, Raghav Chetan revolted against the king.

Now Alauddin Khilji comes in this story. Raghav Chetak moved towards Delhi after this insult, so that he could join hands with the Sultan of Delhi, and attack Chittor. Raghav knew very well about Chetak Alauddin Khilji, he knew that Sultan comes daily for hunting in the forest near Delhi. Raghav used to play the flute every day sitting in the forest in the desire to meet Alauddin Khilji.

One day Raghav’s luck turned, he started playing the flute in a melodious voice as soon as Alauddin Khilji came to the forest. When the sound of such a beautiful flute fell in the ears of Alauddin Khilji and his soldiers, everyone was surprised. Alauddin Khilji sent his soldiers to find that person, the soldiers brought Raghav. Alauddin Khilji asked him to come to his court in Delhi. The cunning Raghav took advantage of this opportunity and told the Sultan that when he has such beautiful beautiful things, why is he inviting this simple musician to his kingdom. Sultan fell into thought and asked Raghav to explain his point clearly. Raghav then tells the sultan that he is a traitor, at the same time he describes the beauty of the queen Padmavati in such a way that Alauddin Khilji is filled with excitement after hearing her and contemplates an attack in Chittor. . Alauddin Khilji thinks that such a beautiful queen should enhance the beauty of her harem.

Alauddin Khilji’s ascent in Chittor

Hearing the beauty of Padmavati, Alauddin Khilji starts climbing in Chittor. Upon reaching there, Alauddin Khilji sees that the security system in Chittor is very tight, he gets disappointed. But his desire to see Padmavati was increasing, due to which he sends a message to Rawal Ratan Singh, and says that he wants to meet Rani Padmavati as a sister. Wanting to meet a woman, it is considered a matter of shame to speak to a Rajput, no one is allowed to see his queen without a screen. Alauddin Khilji was a very powerful ruler, in front of whom no one dared to say no. Desperate Ratan Singh agrees to this in order to escape the wrath of the Sultan and maintain his kingdom. Biography of Alauddin Khilji Read to know.

Queen Padmavati obeys her king. But they have one condition, that the Sultan cannot see them directly, rather they can see their reflection in the mirror. Alauddin Khilji agrees to this point of his. A decision is made for both of them, for which special preparations are made. Khilji goes to the fort with his most powerful soldiers, who also secretly look after the fort. Alauddin Khilji gets dazed seeing Padmavati in the mirror, and decides that he will continue to find her. While returning to his camp, Ratan Singh accompanies him. Khilji takes advantage of this opportunity and kidnaps Ratan Singh, he demands Padmavati and Rani Padmavati instead of the king from his kingdom.

Sangara Chauhan Rajput generals Gora and Badal decided to fight with the Sultan to save their king. Together with Padmavati, the two commanders make a plan. Under this plan, he sends a message to Khilji that Rani Padmavati is ready to come to him. Next morning 150 palanquins flee towards Khilji’s camp. The palanquin stops before the place where Raja Ratan Singh was kept. When all the soldiers of Khilji and Ratan Singh see that the palanquin is coming from Chittor, they feel that they have brought Rani Padmavati with them. After which everyone humiliates Raja Ratan Singh a lot. To everyone’s surprise, not the queen or her maidservant, but the soldiers of Ratan Singh’s army emerge from these palanquins, who quickly rescue Ratan Singh and run towards Chittor in Khilji’s horses. Gora fights valiantly in the battle, but is martyred, while Badal manages to bring the king back to the fort safely.

After his defeat, Khilji gets angry and asks his army to march to Chittor. Alauddin Khilji’s army tries hard to break Ratan Singh’s fort, but it is not successful. After which Alauddin tells his army to surround the fort. A large and powerful army was raised for the siege. For several consecutive days, they stood under siege, due to which gradually there was a shortage of food and drink inside the fort. In the end Ratan Singh ordered his army that the door of the fort should be opened and the enemies should be fought till death. After this decision of Ratan Singh, the queen is disappointed, she feels that her king will be defeated in front of Khilji’s huge army, and she will have to go with the victorious army Khilji. So Padmavati decides that she will commit Jauhar. Jauhar means suicide, in which all the women of the fort along with the queen jump into the fire.

Death of Rani Padmavati (Rani Padmavati Death

On 26 August 1303, Padmavati also agrees to Jauhar and jumps into the fire and gives proof of her piety. After the women of the fort die, the men there have no reason to fight. They have two ways or they give up in front of the enemies, or keep fighting till their death. Alauddin Khilji is victorious, he enters the fort of Chittor, but he finds only dead bodies, ashes and bones there.

Rani Padmavati Movie

There was no love story between Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati, but still this story is very popular. On this, a serial has also come on Sony TV 6-7 years ago. Now the great director of Bollywood Sanjay Leela Bhansali is making a film on this subject. Sanjay had been thinking about this film for a long time, now his dream seems to be coming true. Deepika Padukone is the finalist in the lead role of Padmavati, while Shahid Kapoor is named for Raja Rawal Ratan Singh. Ranveer Singh was considered final for the role of Alauddin Khilji, who is also Sanjay’s favorite artist. The film will release on 1 December 2017.

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