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Hindi shayari poem on rain| Rain Barish Hindi Shayari Kavita


Rain Barish Hindi Shayari Enjoy Hindi poetry on rain, the season of rain is very pleasant, it has a different fun and a mild feeling

Our country is very pleasant, as many different types of people are here, there are as many pleasant weather as there are special festivals, like Shravan’s showers are in the rain, in the same way Hindi poetry on many rains has been written in our blog, which can be read by reading You will get lost more in this rainy season

hindi shayari on rain

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Lover

These raindrops dripping from the swirls
Fragrances of sweetened soil from your body
You have the lightning of thundering clouds
You have the image of a dancing peacock in every rain

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Lover

Rain Barish Sad Hindi Shayari For Friends

This rain only plays together
hide my flowing tears
Gives the feeling of running of beats
The music of the past is tampered with

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Memory

When love blossoms, this rain looks like a love
When there is a feeling of separation, then these rains feel sympathetic

How many feelings are hidden with these rain drops
Sometimes love, sometimes infidelity, sometimes it seems like an old childhood companion.

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Memory

Earlier it used to rain by splash
The rain used to bathe without an umbrella
Now looking out the office window
Laughing at me, the rain teases loudly

Rain Rain Hindi Shayari For Kids

tip tip rain
Pinky wants to take a bath
Mommy will stop
When Pinky will bathe in the mud

Still the rain tempting everyone
rain to sow the fields
Without rain all is deserted brother
Always say Krishna Kanhaiya
amazing story of rain
If it doesn’t come, it’s dry, if it comes a lot, then a tsunami

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Whatsapp

Papa making hot bhajiyas
Papa drinking hot tea
different view of rain
green light all around

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Him

sometimes happy sometimes sad
sometimes whiskey sometimes rum
This is the gamut of modern rain

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari For Girlfriend

Thundering clouds remind you
My heart was so broken when you left me
Every rain swears by hum teri sanam
Will not remember now those old sorrows


Rain Barish Shayari For Girlfriend In Hindi

whenever lightning strikes
my rom rom miss you
how did you cling to me
when the clouds burst loudly


Rain Rain Hindi Shayari For Facebook

Every shower of Sawan looks pleasant
because he touched your lips
Today we are looking for those drops
who once fell on your lips

Rain Rain Hindi Shayari For Facebook

Tip Tip Drops Mein Bheegu Tere Sang I have seen such a dream
I have seen such a dream that I should be silent by putting it on my chest
I have seen such a dream to swing in the swings of sawan
Just oh rain, give this message to those who are angry and angry today.

Rain Barish Hindi Shayari How did you like the Hindi poetry on rain? If you want to share your poetry with us, then do comment. If you liked this Shayari on rain, then definitely share it with your friends. You can share this on face book twitter.

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